2008 Toyota Highlander: Cars.companion/ Seating

2008 Toyota Highlander:  Cars.companion/ Seating

I am Kelsey Mays for cars dot com and
we’re in Michigan testing out a year has redesigned highlander now for the third row seats you’ll
notice that there are some pretty substantial headrest here that need to
come down we like that there’s a strappy just have
to pull the lower the head restraints before you pull the strap to lower the
seat but still that’s two straps and be nice if both actions could be done with
one up in the second row down pretty easy
thanks to these two levers on the left side of the heart of opening his bone bone there goes the second row but the seats down maximum cargo volume:
hears about ninety five cubic feet but is roughly competitive with cars like
the Honda Pilot the mazda CX 9 the second row there’s plenty of space
I’m about six feet tall and front-row seat right now is moved
all the way back as you can see I play a leg and headroom secular seats are
adjustable forward and backward and they also recline with the backrest
going forward and back a few just with the second-row captain’s chair
set up like so there’s a center console between the
seats has a couple different storage areas and two extra cup holders its removable
and it’s pretty light durable plastic me just kinda ta said
after the side taylor also has its third seat the goes in the middle
and installs the same spot at the center console used
to be pushback may have a third seat in the
middle meanwhile the center console or the
third seed if it gets removed it snows undertake the front center
console it’s pretty slick and you can do it once
you get the hang a bit about 20 to 30 seconds I can get to the
third row one of two ways: if the air second row middle seat has
been removed there’s actually a past you I’m six feet
tall doesn’t really work for me but he could probably work for small children on nosso do the second row forward it’s
a pretty simple one-step function comin back like so the ordinarily third
rows are mostly for kids and in the Highlander it’s no exception
as you can see my head rooms pretty tight and his head rest but also put down
pretty thin and insubstantial the saving grace years at the second row
seats come forward a few inches and he him for five clicks forward
somebody like me could actually fit back here for short trips for additional
information on this car or any other got a car start com on our blog kicking

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