2009-2014 F150 Black Projector Headlights Review & Install

2009-2014 F150 Black Projector Headlights Review & Install

Hey, guys. Adam here with americantrucks.com. And today, we’re taking a quick look at and
installing the Black Projector Headlights, available for all ’09 to ’14 F-150s without
the Factory HIDs. Now if your truck did not come with HIDs from
the factory, you should be checking these out if you’re looking to ditch the factory
traditional, otherwise really boring and outdated headlights at the front end to pick something
up that’s a lot more modern, more attractive and honestly just something super impactful. The headlights here are a big change-up from
the factory design, getting rid of some of that more reflective chrome interior, switching
it up and getting that stealthy black interior look. Now because of that, you’re getting that matte
black look with a polycarbonate clear lens that puts all the light output out there into
the road for better visibility. It’s also got built-in high and end low beams
in the projector styling, which are also brighter and more attractive than your factory headlights. And then finally, you have that daytime running
light or DRL light bar, which adds that touch of modernization to the front end. Very similar to the newer gen F-150s that
you see with that factory headlight, now you can get on your older ’09 to ’14 gen. The good thing about this is it doesn’t compromise
quality. It’s got all OEM-quality materials and an
absolutely mint fitment here on your factory front end. Now it is a plug-and-play design, no splicing
required, no cutting, no wiring, all that good stuff is done for you right out of the
box. All you gotta do is plug it into the factory
location. You will be reusing your factory turn signal
bulb, you have a new amber reflector light on the side as well, and then finally, like
I said, the high and low beams are built-in. Now I’m gonna show you guys that in just a
little bit. Note that the pair does come driver and passenger
side for right around 375 bucks, which in my opinion is a worthwhile price to pay for
something that has such a huge impact on your exterior appearance specifically the front
end look. Now the install, I’m gonna give one out of
three wrenches on our difficulty meter. Literally anybody can tackle it in the driveway
at home with about 30 minutes from start to finish with very simple hand tools. All you need is a ratchet and a 10-millimeter
socket and you can get the job done. I’m gonna show you every step. Let’s get to it. Tools used in this install include an impact
gun or a ratchet and a 10-millimeter socket. First step, pop your hood, grab a 10-millimeter
socket. We’re gonna remove three bolts holding on
our passenger side headlight first. There’s two up top and one here on the side,
so get those guys out of the way and we can pull our headlight out. All right. From here, you’re just gonna grab your headlight,
pull straight back. Now before you pull too far away, you want
to disconnect your harnesses. Now there’s three you can see here, I’m just
gonna pinch and pull back. Same thing here. There you go. Now we can set our headlight aside. All right, so we got our factory headlight
off of the passenger side of our ’11 F-150 behind me, it’s on the table next to our black
projector headlight here and I want to take you through similarities and differences between
the two. Let’s start with some of the similarities. Now, overall fitment here is gonna be exactly
the same, these were designed using the original CAD data from Ford to make sure that it is
a direct bolt-on, same mounting brackets on the top as well as the side here that you
can see comparing them from factory to aftermarket. Now the durability of the lens is also gonna
be the same. You have an impact-resistant polycarbonate
lens just like your factory headlight and the overall housing construction is made of
the same ABS plastic, so altogether that’s what we’d expect from quality. Now as far as design, that’s where things
start to get switched up. Your factory housing here, clear lens, chrome
reflective interior, very traditional, in my opinion, very outdated. It could use a good update, it looks very
traditional. Moving over here, we have that clear polycarbonate
lens, so still similar but it is going to have a black interior housing, getting rid
of some of that chrome reflectivity that otherwise looks pretty tacky, at least in my opinion,
the black is gonna be a lot stealthier. The clear lens there means that every ounce
of your lighting output is getting through to make sure you have the best visibility
possible. Now inside of that you’re seeing an LED-wraparound
DRL design, the DRL being that daytime running light to give you just another accent piece
that is a lot more modern. A running light is something we see on those
newer gen F-150s sort of replicated here in your black projector headlight. The projector-style here, it gives you the
high and low beam separately in a much brighter bulb, giving you a more direct and focused
light beam output to make sure that the road visibility is gonna be a little bit better
than your factory headlights. On top of that, you have reflectors on your
side as well as your turn signal, you’ll be reusing some of those factory sockets here
and I’ll show you what that looks like in just a second. Finally, let’s flip this guy around just to
quickly give you an example of how the plug-and-play design makes the install a lot easier. You can see the wiring already on the back
of your high and low beams and then over here we’ll be transferring over the factory socket. So what do you say right now we twist out
those factory bulbs, swap them on over here and then we’ll get to the install. Now for the actual headlight bulb, we don’t
need to swap that over, that’s all built-in, the connector is gonna go right into your
factory harness. But down here what we’re gonna do is twist
this guy out of the place. And we’re gonna move that over, this is your
turn signal bolt. So let’s pop that guy into the new housing,
you’re really just twisting and locking it in place. From there, we are gonna twist out this bulb
on the side, smaller portion here. Now as you can see it has a bulb already in
that socket, we got to pop this bulb out because we’re gonna be swapping that with this connector
here. So put that bulb down. From here, we’re gonna pop this guy into that
socket. It’s more of a plug-and-play connector. And then from there, we can seat this guy
into the housing just by twisting and connecting. One thing to make note of here is the wiring
inside there has black and green. When we link this up to our vehicle harness
and we plug that guy and you just want to make sure the ground in the positive are meeting
together. So where the black side is on that wiring,
you want the black side on your factory harness to meet up and I’ll show you guys that in
just a second. Let’s toss this table off to the side and
get to the install. All right, so now we can start plugging things
in. We’re gonna take that brown connector from
the factory harness and plug it right the brown socket here. The plug-and-play harness from your new black
projector headlights will plug straight into the factory harness, you can see that here. And then finally, there’s that bulb here on
the corner that I mentioned lining up that wiring. So let’s take this guy out of the socket. I’m gonna quickly show you what I mean. Now the harness that we plugged in here has
a black and the green. Looking at your new harness, you’ll see there’s
a black and a yellow. Just make sure that the black and the black
are on the same side. So we see this here on the left, this here
on the left, they match up. That’s your ground matching your ground and
your power matching your power. So if they don’t match, unplug, flip it around
and make sure they match. Connect this guy and then drop it into place
in the new housing, twist to lock it into place. From here, let’s mount the headlight. All right, so from here we can take our headlight,
line this guy up, seat it down into place. Let’s grab our factory bolts and bolts her
down. So these top two guys I’m just gonna loosely
tighten by hand, grab my socket, tighten them down. All right, and then the last one here on the
side. Just want to make sure you’re taking it easy
on the plastic, you don’t want to over-tighten it and crack them, so just get them nice and
snug and then a quarter turn after that. Once you have that guy in place, test out
your lights, make sure everything works. If not, you might want to check your wiring,
make sure the black and the black wires on both sides match up. From there, repeat on the other side. That’s gonna wrap up my review and install
for the Black Projector Headlights, fitting all ’09 to ’14 F-150s without Factory HIDs. If you want to get these, you can do so right
here at americantrucks.com.

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  2. Probably a dumb question, but I've been wondering this for a while – why don't ANY aftermarket headlights fit if you have factory HIDs installed? These would be a nice addition to my front end, but they won't work because I have OEM HID headlights.

  3. For future reviews, put the new headlight up with a direct comparison to the old headlights. Otherwise, everything you've just done is pretty much useless and just your opinion.
    What is the color temperature of the new HID bulbs and more importantly, what is the beam pattern?

  4. Wow these look bad-ass. Definitely on my shopping list. I was worried they might look out of place with all of the chrome on that truck (just like mine), but I think they look great! Thanks for the info!

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