2009 Toyota Corolla/Quick Drive

2009 Toyota Corolla/Quick Drive

hi I’m Kelsey Mays for cars.com and if
you didn’t know this was a toyota corolla well I wouldn’t blame you the corolla has been redesigned for 2009
but the styling actually looks a lot like a mix between the outgoing model
and the current toyota camry now the new corolla is about the same size as the
outgoing model but toyota says there’s a little bit more room inside as well as
in the trunk and finish inside is generally good there do seem to be a few
more misaligned panels here and there then in the toyota matrix that we had
last week that’s also been redesigned for 2009 when we does look nice is the
contrasting trim pieces that kind of liven up the center portion of the
dashboard there’s fake wood trim and silver painted plastic but they’re
actually used sparingly enough they really kind of a little bit of color
here that’s generally nice the radio controls have simple black plastic the
dials feel pretty high quality and it’s integrated into the dashboard pretty
nicely one of annoying feature is that the clock here is actually integrated
into the instruments it cycles through with an outside temperature display a
few other things if you want to see what temperature it is outside you won’t know what time it is because
the radio doesn’t tell you the a/c controls are simple they fall kind of
easily to hand they’re awfully clunky though they don’t feel very precise at
all we actually like the controls in the previous corolla better and the controls
in the honda civic generally blows out of the water but the crow comes roaring
back in storage space and I can’t believe I just said corolla and war in
the same sentence anyhow it’s everywhere there’s upper and
lower club compartments each one’s pretty big as you can see there’s also a
little tiny pockets to either side of the center controls the center console
actually has two different compartments an upper one lower one lower is pretty
big and like in the honda civic the armrest moves forward and backward for
drivers of different sizes taller people will want to know how far back the
driver’s seat moves I’ve got it all the way back in its rear most position the
upholstery in the seats actually like pretty well couple of the cars that
commenters that it felt a little bit dated leather seats with heated front
seats are optional and back legroom and Headroom a little bit tight i have a
little bit better headroom actually then I have legroom notice there’s no center
armrest year the honda civic the mazda3 and even the hyundai elantra after one
cup holders are up here they kind of flip out right here is a lot of moving
parts small families kids are gonna shove their juicy juice boxes and sippy
cups in there there’s gonna be the first things to go like many of its
competitors the corolla has little release pins right here help lower the back seat opening itself is
pretty wide total cargo volume is about little over 12 cubic feet it’s on the low side for this segment
but it’s still relatively competitive and the crawl is abundant storage areas
and 35 miles per gallon on the highway is just the ticket for a lot of small
car shoppers are the safety features six airbags and anti-lock brakes are
standard and stability control and affordable 250 dollar option whether all
of that is enough to sway bars for a car that may not be as outwardly appealing
as a honda civic or mitsubishi lancer is still anybody’s guess for additional information on this car
or any other go to cars.com and our blog kicking tires

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. I think Toyota's are great cars my only problem is the value for the money you can get Hyundai Sonata for the same price after rebates, the Sonata has more safety equipment than Corolla like active head restraints and Electronic stability control, you add that to the Corolla you have to get at 2,000 in options to get ESC on the dealer lot. ESC is called VSC on toyota models it would take up to 6-10 weeks to get the single $250 option VSC.

  2. the interior quality of toyotas has always been somewhat bland in my opinion unless a butload of money is spent i think its something they have to work on

  3. I drove a new XRS today with an automatic, and it was really fun. The 2.4 is quite peppy in the corolla, but I'm 6'2"+ and found legroom and headroom to be lacking.

  4. Keeping it short:
    Had a EPS Power Steering Problem Customer support didn't help. The steering was jerking (pulling) when driving after 30 min. After 3 weeks in Toyota Service and just 1 month of ownership to cut my losses and got the same make and model 2009 Corrolla and paid $1300 since it was "used".

  5. everyone please don't buy this piece of junk !try yaris sedan if u want efficiency,buy Camry if u want comfort.This car doesn't have any sedan characteristic.Not fun to drive n not comfortable ! seats r also like MPv more than sedan.

  6. Well for middle income earners and practical they would prefer Corolla. Frankly, some people hate Corolla because it's not that youthful looking it/s mixed, so for those of you who hates corolla, so don''t buy nobody force you to 🙂

  7. He only referred to the Civic four times, and he did not only mention the Civic, he talked about other cars as well. Why single out the Civic? Also the comparisons he made are not decision makers (cup holders and center console, etc.), they're both similar minus the AC controls.

    You might not like the Civic, but your opinions on the car are not facts. I'm a '09 TSX owner but I still find the Civic fun to drive, quite comfortable and liking the new '09 aggressive look.

  8. You can't compare civics to corollas… First, civics are more for the ''sporty'' aspect of driving (V-Tech) but the corolla is more for comfort… Civics aren't comfy at all… corollas are… Civics are faster thought.

  9. i like the civic better because its interior is uncommon.not every cars has a digital spedometer and besides it looks cool at night,interior better looking than a corolla

  10. very well said my friend, how is the spedometer in the day time…my 92 prelude gave me trouble when the sunshined

  11. I move car for Hertz so I get to drive all models and makes and I'm here to tell you that the Focus is superior to the Civic and Corolla. The Focus is more comfortable, the dash is better designed, and it will out run the Civic and Corolla…been there done that!

    I wouldn't put my son or daughter in the Civic or Corolla, but I would in the Focus. The Focus just feels safer.

    I'm not biased, just impressed with the Focus. Ford did their homework on this one!

  12. um you must be like a really corolla fan so i respect that,but if u check the civic is allsow a 1.8 liters,and it has more power and it gets better mpg at the highway.yeah it might be a little bit expensive and thats why allot of people get stuck with a corolla and the civic is more fun to drive than a corolla…if u have any doubt that the corolla beats the civic watch the comparison videos

  13. We'll compare it with a new Malibu then, and let me tell you, the new Malibu leaves all other competition in the dust. Gas mileage, power, features, you can't beat it.

  14. DUDE! you comparing Malibu to Corolla…2 different classes…corolla vs cobalt, malibu vs camry.

    btw…how many old malibu's you see on the road?? streets around the world are filled with old corollas. this tells you quality of the car/.

  15. A lot of them actually. So by saying the Focus and Corolla weren't comparable, you meant that the Corolla was just that much better? I'd look at the new Focus if I were you. Trust me, I used to HATE them, but Ford actually did a good job with the new ones.

  16. I've always loved American cars, but I respect Euro and Asian cars as well. I'm not being biased here, just give the Focus a little more credit. I was never a fan, but it IS a nice car nowadays.

  17. I just got one of these as my first car! I love it, and the recall has been taken care of already! Dont let the recall scare you! i LOVE this car!!

  18. sorry but i ownd a newwest corolla and da rear seats r not comfy ( makes yer shoulder bent ),so,its a great driver car but not a great familycar

  19. @sammyvick123 DUDE ANY GUY WHO DRIVES A COROLLA IS A FAG!!!! They are ASS UGLY and are FOR GIRLS. YOU HAVE NO TASTE IN CARS IF YOU LIKE THESE PIECES OF SHIT! You are lucky you will never see me in person. It is people like you I wish to permantly erase from this planet. SO FUCK YOU!

  20. Here are the vehicles with the fewest problems, in order of ranking, according to the J.D. Power and Associates Vehicle Dependability Study. All vehicles are 2007 models.
    1. …Cadillac DTS
    2. …Mercury Montego
    3. …Buick LaCrosse
    4. …Lexus LS 460
    5. …Buick Lucerne
    6. …Ford Five Hundred
    7. …Mercury Milan
    8. …Lincoln MKZ
    9. …Lexus GX 470
    10. …Audi A6
    11. …Honda Accord
    12. …Toyota Prius

    Consumer Reports is bullshit

  21. @zayeba I see tons of old malibus that is including mine to. So why does every body pick on GM products, I never see anything about a Ford or Chrysler product.

  22. @SubwayAddictor What the fuck are you talking about. American trucks wipe their ass with peaces of shit Toyota. They did test on their almighty Toyota tundra. Not only did it come in last place on everything they test it on. It fell apart. It hit a few bump's and bent and twisted the frame right in half. The wheel's almost fell off and the truck was done. Nissan even kicked Toyota's ass. The professionals proved that Toyota is the worst vehicle to buy. Toyota saying: The One You Ought To Avoid.

  23. @4T5Scott Calm down. It's just My opinion. And I said CARS, NOT TRUCKS. It's true. American does beat Japanese in trucks, especially GMC. Toyota does need work on that. My parents did own a Mercury Tracer and Ford Escort. They worked fine, but they had a few problems from time to time. They now own 2 Toyota's, and it works fine. So chill, you might look at it another way. We all do.

  24. @SubwayAddictor Oh I'm not bothered by what you said. I respect what you say. Your right and I'm not really down falling your comment. Everyone has their right to their own opinion and how they look at things. I also know about American cars too. I will admit I have bought some American cars that really sucked lol and were worthless. Then I got a Mazda Protege that was before ford bought them out and that car was awesome. That car was the best ever.

  25. @4T5Scott Yeah.You might be right. My father's friend had a Honda with a transmission problem. And I like Mazda's alot, especially the RX-8, my favorite. Lol.
    I'm glad we can agree peacefully with this. XD

  26. @SubwayAddictor lol yep and I also am glad too =) Another thing is awesome. I'm glad to see we have at least some similarities 🙂

  27. @MrFuroius1972 You sure stand by your username, so furious. Something a kid would put on his license plate as well.

  28. This video proves that nobody has a taste in cars anymore. Sad.
    This car has to be one of the ugliest cars ever made.
    I don't understand why people are so worried about mpg but yet are still too stupid to learn to drive a stick. Manuals are overall less complex than autos and weight less. Also they say, if you shift properly you can save an extra 5 miles per gallon. That adds up fast. Probably 80% of cars today are automatic, pathetic.

  29. @MrFuroius1972 Is it really because people are too stupid? Why hate on automatics? All they do is make it easier to drive. Oh you're so manly because you can drive a stick. -Well, when you say nobody, you mean nobody, seeing that this is one of the most sold cars in the world.

  30. @TylerWallake Yeah I perfer only sticks. They give more control over the car, increase miles per gallon, and just more fun. I just don't understand why people are so worried about mpg but don't bother with a stick shift. You get the best of all worlds. I just think automatics are soooo boring. Well I hate Toyotas also but that is just me.

  31. The Corolla is the best selling car because people today have no taste in cars whatsoever. Also it seems like driving a stick shift is way outside anyones driving ability today. When do you see a corolla with a stick? Never.

  32. @MrFuroius1972 Well, I guess it's all what you prefer. I guess sticks keep you busy. I never understood why people hate on Toyota so much though. The whole sticky pedal thing is a load of bull. Honda and Toyota are the leaders in the automotive industry as of today. I guess a lot of people don't like the idea of foreign cars.

  33. @MogulMichael Oh, well if fun is what you're looking for than yeah lol. This car is not for you. This car is just reliable, affordable, dependable, low maintenance. Just an easy car.

  34. @whtswrngwthupeople I don't know if you saw any of my previous comments but you get the best of all worlds with a stick. Better MPG, more control of the car, more performance, and simply more fun in my opinion. Yeah it can be a pain in heavy traffic but I don't get that too often where I live. I am actually annoyed about how many automatics are on the road today especially when everyone is so worried about mpg. People are too dumb to learn I think, not because they "are tired of it".

  35. the 2006-present Toyota Corolla is assembled in
    Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
    Toyota City, Aichi, Japan
    Durban, South Africa
    Adapazarı, Turkey
    Tianjin, China
    Taipei, Taiwan
    Bidadi, India
    Shah Alam, Malaysia
    Karachi, Pakistan
    Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines
    Chachoengsao, Thailand
    Vĩnh Phúc, Vietnam
    Indaiatuba, Brazil
    Cumana, Venezuela
    Fremont, California, USA
    Susono, Shizuoka, Japan
    Higashi Fuji, Japan
    Zárate, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

  36. Terrible car. Its what my driving instructor's car was, and what I learned in, but its an utter crap car. It does what the average driver needs, but goddamn the steering and pedals are just so vague and numb. The entire interior is plastic, and you get heavily outdated drum brakes, but you can't expect much from a $15-16k new car. Hell, the stopping distance from 60-0 is on par with minivans! No person who actually likes cars will want or like a Corolla, not even as a daily driver.

  37. @Cosmo1093 probably because the car is being driven by students everyday. I drive an 07 and it has never given me problems.

  38. I drive an 07 Corolla, and the clock has its own place below the radio, and the numbers glow win bright green lights. The outside thermometer is located on teh same panel next to the oddometer. The only thing the oddometer can be changed to is Tripodmeter A and B. Gear shift is just the right height for shifting gears through traffic. Clutch goes in and out smoothly and the gear shift moves like butter.

  39. @doctorfeelucky I never said the Corolla has "problems" like breaking down or anything; reliability is the one and only thing Honda and Toyota got right. I have never driven a Corolla that does not have extremely vague and numb steering and pedals, and that includes a few rental cars with under 5,000 miles. It is the absolute polar opposite of a driver's car, though it is understandable given its target audience. It'll undoubtedly get me from point A to point B, but never in an enjoyable manner.

  40. I have a 2009 Toyota Corolla S. I absolutely love it and other than the gas pedal being harder to balance, everything about it feels great. Still not as great as the Camry, but it's the first car I've ever been able to call my own and I love it to death.

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