2009 Toyota Yaris Video Review

2009 Toyota Yaris Video Review

cars.com auto review hi I’m Joe wiesenfelder for cars.com i have here a toyota yaris for 2009 there’s now a four-door hatchback there had been
only two door hatchback and sedan all really cost you is another 11 hundred
dollars and one mile per gallon on the highway this one’s 29 35 which makes it one of
the best commuter cars you can get now for an entry-level subcompact the yaris is
remarkably roomy inside plenty of headroom I’m alright with legroom to do
I would actually like to have a seat height adjustment which it doesn’t have
and also the steering wheel tilts but it doesn’t telescope but I feel like I’m
sitting relatively high not too close to the ground and as inexpensive you know
seats go these are pretty comfortable the
materials are ok they’re not great but they look like they wear appropriately
well and in general the interior quality is decent and one of the defining
characteristics of the Yaris the center mounted speedometer and display most
people seem to hate this i have no problem i like to have the steering
wheel down low which often blocks the gauges so I know I’m the weirdo but also
you get interesting things like the glove compartment kinda right front of
you so what’s the driving experience like
it’s actually not bad the engine is not super powerful but it’s workable ride
quality surprisingly good I thought handles ok it’s not a sporty
car by any stretch of the imagination I have to say not bad in terms of the back
seat comfort the seats reasonably high there’s no lump in the middle of the
floor here my knees are just touching the backrest
with it all the way back when i was driving its soft so it’s not too
uncomfortable now bedroom again totally workable though the farther you get to
decide the tighter cats and even though there’s a center shoulder belt in the
ceiling and a full head restraints enter this is not a car for three people to
sit in the backseat this one slides forward and back which
doesn’t have that much application here when you’re sitting but it does for
cargo and you can adjust the backrest angle a couple notches but unfortunately
the only way to do is with this up high here thing that you can’t really reach
when you’re sitting on now as for cargo this is where you’re
really paying a bit of a price especially for the room in the back seat
is maybe trunks worth of cargo volume here maybe nine cubic feet not that
great I’m not too wild about the way this
works either but it’s good to be able to cover your goods that’s your cargo cover you can also
fold you can do two things can move the seat forward and back as i showed on the
inside what that does is it gives you more room here you might also notice
that it puts a big gap in the middle there but there’s a way out of that when
you tilt the seat forward all the way first notice the head restraints tuck in
tight you don’t have to remove them which is really nice move this carpet
and you can cover that gap with this bridge just kinda nice and it’s also
nice because it gives you a washable surface instead of the carpet if you
just want to lift these up now with the seats folded flat you get 26 cubic feet
of cargo volume that’s about half of what you get some of the competing
vehicles in this price class but for 13,300 dollars to start with four doors
a great mileage and remarkably usable interior it’s kind of amazing what they
can do with an entry-level car these days for more car related news go to cars.com
for our blog kicking tires . net

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. @uGLYbABY531 funny that Toyota lovers always pointed to it..and Consumer reports which is the worst BS slingshow you can find. I guess 113/100 must be a lot too. What the fucks your point?!

    Ya right, let dumb fucks buy dated death trap junk full of chinese components all they want….hell why send our kids to school too? Nobody should tell the truth about what utter crap Toyota offers…or how they do business. How am I stopping people from buying what they want tool?

  2. @isaillis

    your a moron who's obviously driven precious little. Seriously, the only reason I hate Toyota and ALWAYS have is because most of their stuff is overated, dated, cheaply made, junk and how they do business, aside from the UIA recalls. I've driven 100's of different vehicles because of my occupation and toyotas are always among the worst drives…but then again I'm a car enthusiast so I have plenty of company there. Toyotas are so unappealing & avg. in reliability at best.

  3. @creepynut pretty much. Yaris' is fucking torturous. I especially like how they smell when I unload them…seriously even toyota loving co workers make note of the interior smell and their hatred of it. That's because all the plastic is from china. the emissions that come off it when new are literally sickening like NO other car – not even close! Koreans included! What lovely toxic materials are in that plastic. It's just a 15 yr. old echo underneath. the ride and steering is awful.

  4. @alerte1234

    Toyota's still suck, and your a MORON for owning one. The Yaris is the WORST car I've ever driven. I cannot imagine why someone couldn't use their 14k more wisely. The sad thing is that Toyota is selling this ancient ,dated abortion for the money they charge for it. There are other choices if you must have a new car – apparently Yaris owners didn't shop around, or are numb and senseless. Not to mention their a lying, deceiving, malfeasant company to do business with.

  5. All car manufacturers are jokers! They try to earn yr hard earned money, Yaris , corollas are some of the cars produced that serve the purpose of commuting, with reasonable money.
    Here I also hv to mention Mazda 2, very good car. I owe a first generation Mazda 3 after 120000km still running strong minimal maintaince.
    With speed limit and radar zones and traffic jams in most civilised countries, the above cars are all U need. Sometimes even 40km at school zones!!

  6. I hv plenty of friends diving super machines, Zonda cinque, apollos, not to mention Ferraris. I enjoy watching them with their cars. But those are not my cup of tea.
    I hv now five cars and I take the public transport to wk daily. I dr my cars 6am daily purely for fun.
    When I retire in future I shall keep one classic and get myself a new yaris or corolla or maz 2
    I think when considering a good car one has to judge things like reliablity resell value spares and cost apart from the way it drive

  7. @guinmaan This is not a discussion. It is just you yelling and insulting everybody who does not share your exact opinion. Patients with borderline personalities with black and white thinking symtpoms commonly present this pattern. Have a nice day.

  8. Here's my experience, exactly 20yrs ago I was driving a 911 2.7, following Porsche club outings with my 4yr old son. In order just to keep the turbos in sight I am doing 120km+ while they are200+, suddenly a large patch of water appeared in front and I did a pigeon turn and end up 6" in front of the curb. Since then I sold the 911 as I do not want my son to meet god earlier than iI expect.
    I then change to a 2nd gen Mit Spacewagon….. ctn in next paragraph.

  9. Then my neighbour came up and said "oh U finally got yourself a real car!"
    My responce in my heart is "Fxxx"
    Now after so many yrs, his remarks somtimes come up in my head , and my response now is " U'er right mate, sure is!!"
    Cars can be defined as things to move U from A to B with least cost , troubles hassles, can be used as long as possible etc etc.
    Yaris did just that!
    Good choice AVVESOME which colour did U pick?

  10. @uGLYbABY531 Even the Chinese and Indians are buying fiestas instead of yaris'. I guess you all know better. I've driven more yaris' than you all put together but then I get to drive many different makes, segments and models of vehicles. Plus I have talent and senses. Toyota is crap. Only the senseless and retarded would buy a Toyota today. Hmmm. toxic chinese plastic! It's a scary dated POS. The platform is about 13 yrs. old. Don't believe,,,, me drive the competition.

  11. @TheAVVES0ME May god go with you. Make sure you air out the interior for a month or two before you actually spend time in it. The gruesome toxic smell of chines plastic interior is like no car I've EVER driven. Kinda matches the driving experience as well. Do yourself a favour and drive the competition…then see how much you like the dated overpriced Yaris.

  12. @uGLYbABY531 so whats 113 out of 100 then. JD powers is more reliable than Consumer Reports as long as Honda dealers aren't filling out questionairres (honda dealers were caught by JD Powers filling them out) Fact is that the long term JD study is the most telling but personally I've NEVER put stock in any of them. Not verified service records rather opinion based answers from owners. More about perception than reality which is why toyota previously ranked high. Not too mention bribery

  13. @uGLYbABY531 …but it's so easy to be a shepherd to the sheeple like you! Your all so fucking dumb you barely know where the keys and the gas goes! Ever think that some texting bitch in an SUV might inadvertently make you a part of her grill? You fucking morons haven't a clue how important crash structure of substance is and how it can save your life because you all would rather fucking save 20 bucks a week on gas….fucking pathetic and STUPID!

  14. @alerte1234 …great, maybe you'll wake the fuck up from your slumber of conscious stupor that you all live in and do some research, & comparison. Plus in my books ANYBODY that would take to the road regularily in a Yaris or ANY sub compact or smaller is more than a few bricks short of a load! What does that make you then?….the MORON who is risking his/her life driving a death trap to save 20 bucks a week on gas!.

  15. @TheAVVES0ME When a topic interests me I gather info like a sponge. In this case I have a lot of experience with Yaris'….it is a blight against humanity…seriously torturous and abominable. The WORST car I have EVER driven. For the record I have not driven a Smart or a really old yugo or fiat…the tiniest margin of a glimmer of hope if your a glass 1/2 fuller…..the Yaris is that bad.

  16. @uGLYbABY531 …don't worry about me, rather…worry about your Toyota killing you! or that texting bitch in the SUV!

  17. @uGLYbABY531 you should all be happy that I love you all enough to enlighten you with the truth…seriously, what could there POSSIBLY be to mildly like about a fucking Yaris!?

  18. @guinmaan oh, so i have to "wake up" to reach your level of consciousness (about a car!). And if i do not, i am a "moron". How intelligent ! You must be one of the "chosen" then ! So that if people are "risking their lives" by drinving a Yaris, the only place to "learn" about it, is to read angry youtube users….

  19. WHY oh WHY cant they make COOL environment-friendly cars!!!

    My government is encouraging people to buy this car for its ecologicalism by not asking ANY tax on this car. You just buy it for € 7000 or so, and there are no extra costs next to the little fuel you use. maybe insurance, but there are NO constant costs next to those.
    If they could just give it a cooler, sport look it would so much awesomer, it doesnt even have to have sportcar performance

  20. The display being in the center is the stupidest design i have ever seen in a car. I would never buy this car just for that reason

  21. this car is too expensive for what you get with it
    my dad bought a dodge caravan for 13 grand
    it might me old but better than this piece of junk
    by the way it is good for everyday comuters
    3/5 rating

  22. I got around 40 MPG in my Yaris going down I-90 in Ohio at 75-85 MPH. REALLY FUN TO DRIVE.

    I get about 50-55 MPG going 55-60 MPH BUT THATS NO FUN! LOL

  23. U guys in USA have totally different view on things:]. Like for example: Yaris with automatic gearbox… cmon that`s silly. But I gotta admit that i like that even a basic version has over 100 horsepower – that`s nice:]. Also when i hear that trunk has 9 cubic feet it doesnt give me a slightest idea of how big that is :P. Imperial system seems exotic to me..:]

  24. @omega24tron funny but for me this is the reason to buy….such smart that finnaly i Can see the display that usially is behind st. wheel.

  25. I ve a 2010 yaris sedan. Its roomy. Have large enough trank space. And best part less trip to gas station. When i see people left pump after paying $70 to fill up their suvs and i pay $30 and it goes for 350 to 380 mile in highway. I smile. I use it for my work. Already drove 47000 in 17 months. No prob. Nice traction control. Only noisy interior. Engine noises a bit. Small engine. Cant help. Otherwise a great small sedan. Looks great too. Sedan is little expensive than coup. But spaces are mor

  26. The attention I get driving my near new 73 240Z around town is beyond anyone's imagination. My open top MGB roadster that shows what motoring is all about just said the same.
    Now my dream car is a new Yaris. Believe it or not!
    For those that want trouble free motoring and the purpose of going from A to B, that's all one need.

  27. @superamerica1981 I have a Jeep as well, it unreliable and gets about 13.5 mpg. I never once before would image driving or consider a car like the this, but considering the way gas prices are and the fact I don't have the best financial means I too am highly considering trading my jeep for a Yaris as well.

  28. Yeah after mucking around cars all my life, yaris is all one need. My friends with all their supermachines… Zondas appolo grumpet,lambo LP640,KTM X-bow etc I enjoy their company but have no wish to owe.
    After driving my 80+ yr old mun's echo sedan, I find no better car to replace, she knows very little about cars, yet she made the best decision!

  29. I am like you when I was young , but you'll change when you get mature, and I guess few of you will have seat in a Zonda or Grumpet appolo!!
    BTW a lot of rich Americans are driving BMW PORSCHES not American Muscles!!

  30. The 2012 Toyota Yaris is a car for smart people who knows that all you need in a car is for it to take you from Point A to Point B. The Yaris can achieve 35 mpg. Thats Honda Civic Territory. All for just $12,995.

  31. The 2012 Toyota Yaris is a car for smart people who knows that all you need in a car is for it to take you here and there. The Yaris can achieve 35 mpg. Thats Honda Civic Territory. All for just $12,995.

  32. @iENJOIskating209 thats Galactic mileage , you should contact Toyota and tell them this they love to hear these stories. I heard of a guy that did 900k miles in a Saab 900 Turbo he contacted Saab they took out his old engine and replaced with a new one i guess they wanted to put the old engine in their hall of fame. You must be maintaining that car to a high standard for that mileage.

  33. @heybiglinus You sound like you hang around with men to much most of the time you certainly talk like one, Curious why would you bother to click on to this video in the first place based on your previous comments. You go on looks to much because this is a fun car to drive, and to be honest that what driving is about for me i have owned big cars with powerful engines and they dont come close to the fun you get driving one of these Babies. You ought to try it before you bad mouth it .

  34. @heybiglinus thats was such a rock n roll thing to say or was it you must get into alot of car wreck or expect to have them. This car has a five star safety rating i guess the experts didnt know what they were doing when they slammed it against a concrete wall and the internal compartment stayed intact. Again why did you watch a video about a car you had already decided in your head was crap. I think you secretly want one but you just cannot bring yourself to make that leap quite funny.

  35. i love how the interior is a piece of crap, if chevy came out with this car people would bitch and moan, but noooooo its toyota so its all good, its bullshit

  36. Its an ugly car and all but I am impressed by how convenient and well-built this car is for a sub-compact car.

  37. I've got this car, love it, perfect in every way and it really moves. I love the instrument panel, the handling is FAR Superior to the GM cars I used to drive. Fabulous car for the money. Great winter car too – never gets stuck in terrible Canadian winters. Holds its own on the highway. I'd never buy a US car again, love my Toyota.

  38. Why do people like this car! when chevy came out with the aveo everyone said ew its ugly, when even the aveo looks way better than this, this piece of crap

  39. $17094? in my country malaysia, this car is sold at around $32 044 ….. wtf? (currency converted of course)

  40. @CrashJSTest Aveo is $2000 cheaper buddy and as for reliable , toyota is just as bad as any other bad car company because they buy the cheapest parts

  41. You to much Uhm uhm uhm uhm, chill out man, prepare for your reviews. You did it very good, you admit that its not a car for 3 people to sit in the back even if its a 4 passanger car. I admit it and i have the same 2008.

  42. chevy aveo is all korean made and u ppl wonder why its not dependable. buy honda or toyota for a car, maybe chevy for a truck!

  43. @CrashJSTest But if you buy american then all that happens, PLUS the profits are corporate taxed… oh and you get more respect. me and my friends laugh at broken down foreign cars and yell out the window shouldve bout american!

  44. the 2005-2010 2005-2011 (export) Toyota Yaris/ Toyota Vitz was assembled in
    China: Guangzhou
    France: Valenciennes
    Indonesia: Karawang
    Japan: Kanegasaki, Iwate; Ōbu, Aichi
    Taiwan: Zhongli
    Thailand: Chachoengsao

  45. Who ever designed this car obviously doesn't drive much themselves… wtf is the glove compartment doing in front of the driver, wouldn't it make more sense to replace it with ummm the speedometer, temp, fuel etc gauges.

  46. this is some of the biggest piece of shit made. it is this car and all the other Toyota cars are gayest shit ever made !!! thumb up if you would rather have a Audi or a BMW 😀

  47. @Vergecurtis a toyota would last longer, i hav a bmw coup to look cool sometimes haha
    but i drive my toyota mostly cuz theye much more reliable

  48. I got one.The only dislike I have is the car isn't as fun to drive at the Mazda 2 and Fiesta. Also it looks retarded. Dunno what Toyota was thinking when they designed it.But overall it's not a bad car.It is reliable and good on fuel.It's a good car not great.

  49. @DanW900 Yeah but the owner of the Yaris will have more money in his pocket after filling up his tank , then he can use the money to take his girlfriend out for a goodtime. If I had an Old man's V6 Accord i would sell it, I don't like wasting money on fuel and making the Oil companies richer than they are at my expense. Its a NO Brainer.

  50. @heybiglinus Hey I have two of these cars, I am 6ft 3 play Rugby , I don't wear specks or have black hair. A car to me is a means of getting from A to B quickly and cheaply. I have had bigger cars and they are a bitch to park in a hurry. My last car was an Audi Avant biggest piece of over engineered rubbish I have owned. When it was stolen I needed a car fast I walked into the Toyota dealership tested the Yaris and it was just what i needed. Don't generalise about cars and their owners it dumb.

  51. @DanW900 Jeez 26mpg Mines gets close to 58mpg . 1.4D4D manual gearbox bags of Torque so very little gear changing, Your getting robbed my son.

  52. All Japanese cars are alike, old cars hv more personality and chrisma.The most important issues are reliability ease of maintainace and cheap spares parts. Considering the cost of labour these days. Do not trust top gear n the rest saying this has more accessories that beats this in splinting by fraction of a sec, when most people buy this cars they want one word from A to B without hassles, troublefree as long as possible.
    Toyota yaris just did that! Not Ford not VW not Renault!!!

  53. As I mentioned in previous pages, I am going to owe one in future, I did just that today, getting myself a 2010 5 door hatch. 12000 km on the clock. The closiest I can get to a new yaris. Cannot get the new yaris as the stupid toyota here decide not to sell the new yaris. They focus on the Ractis with 1.5 l engine, they do not want to crash with the 1.5 l yaris. Stupid!!
    I am going to treat it like I did to my 1973 AS new (restored) Datsun 240Z !!!!

  54. This car is not made for basketball players,
    This the wrong person for the review
    I rented the 4 door sedan and it was amazing how it saved me gas, if you drive it easy not hard, but you will burn gas fast if you drive it like a car and that any car you drive, I tried that too. it's roomy and fun to drive.ive had it up to 80mph crusing speed.
    It's also fairly quite. Only engine get loud when I wanted to take off hard but if you go easy on the gas it goes quietly.
    Hope this helps anybody

  55. After one week with the yaris, no complaints, good from A to B good in traffic jams, adequate power for city driving. It's quite well built too, provided you do not deliberately tear things apart. If you are a responsible driver, meaning keep to the speed limits, do not squeeze yourself form one lane to another, this car will last for ages.
    If you have to floor the accelerator all the time get another car!

  56. We rented a Toyota Yaris when we were down in Panama. It handled muddy country roads, tight city streets, and mountain climbs with ease. What a fun little car!

  57. At the front window there is a blind point which may couse accedent easily,think this twice before you buy,otherwise great car,fun to drive…

  58. Meh. It's 2012, and the Yaris with an automatic (what 95% of people buy) is overpriced for what a poor performing & spartan car it is. The golden era of Toyota – like Honda – was the 90's.

  59. Believe it or not, I've had sex in this car. Definitely not roomy, but it'll get the job done. I recommend the car… and sex.

  60. I have the 2010 2 rd/hatch. Great commuter, 36 MPG steady. No rattles. Simple to work on, can change your oil in under 10 minutes. Not sexy but simple.

  61. This guy is mistaken about not being sporty…the five speed MOVES and it's fun as hell to drive. You will be pleasantly surprised tooling around in this Toyota Yaris. I live in San Francisco and it will charge up any hill this town can deliver. If you have cruise control, it doesn't matter about the center speedometer. The 1.5 Liter engine is perfectly tuned, what you would expect from Toyota. The sedan is a foot longer than the hatchback and gives you a lot more room for passengers. The rear seats fold down so the cargo capacity is great.

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