2009 Volkswagen New Beetle Convertible

2009 Volkswagen New Beetle Convertible

cars.com auto review Hi i’m Joe Bruzek from cars.com we’re here with the 2009 volkswagen beetle convertible and today we’re going
to take a look at some of the features that make this retro style drop-top fun
in the Sun one of the things you’ll immediately notice is that it doesn’t
look a whole lot different than the regular beetle some convertibles you
sacrifice a lot of styling of the hardtop any g37 but this one remains
very true to the regular version the beetle is the most masculine car out
there something my buddies reminded me every time I showed up over the weekend
but volkswagen has made some silent advancements over the years that make it
a little more books including cutting this vendor here it’s a little bit more
trim little bit more masculine also because these wheels these are optional
but the very attractive wheels and they’ve also added some different design
headlights and taillights while the two defenders and the nice wheels do their
part still a flower holder inside this thing so to remedy that tire pressure
gauge wheat flour older even though most would rather drive with the top down at
the top is still a really enjoyable experience because there’s not a lot of
wind noise was not a lot of road noise and the top is a very high-quality
material that’s very seamless inside putting the top down is pretty easy just
follow the way over here push up and hold button now the top the tracks right
here sits on top of the back of the car are some advantages and disadvantages to
that one of the advantages it doesn’t take up any space now disadvantage is
pretty unsightly and it’s a big place pond when you’re driving to address this unsightly lump on the
back of the car multi gives you the option of a boot which is three hundred
dollars it’s pretty easy to put on and really clean up your parents of this
another accessory but a bit more functional than the boot is this window
deflector now the wind deflector fits in the backseat it takes up the two back
seats but it does make wind noise a little less noticeable now while this
piece does get the job done it also creates a pretty nasty blind
spot that isn’t helped by the rear top at all so the benefit of this really
isn’t worth having it up now while the beetle has its quirks like the awkward
top of the blind spots and the tiny trunk one of its best features is that
it’s still very unique email has been on the road since 1998 relatively unchanged there’s still nothing like it on the
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  1. Anyone can drive that car. If you are THAT scared people will think you're gay for driving a certain type of CAR you have problems. I think it looks cool, and I'm not a woman or gay.

  2. and, 34r0n, as you seem to be a true expert in these matters, would you kindly allow me to ride this car as a gay woman?

  3. First off, flowers aren't gay. You have really narrow views on life and I feel sorry for you. Just because you like a certain car, or flowers, or any of the things you call "gay" doesn't mean you are gay.

  4. Mr friends dad drives an Aston Martin DB while his mom drives a Beetle. Their driveway looks histerical..

  5. yeah?what do you know about VW cars?did you hear about Audi,Lamborghini,Buggati,Bentley?
    did you hear about VW Pheaton?

    you are an ignorant.
    he he he

  6. oh wow look at that trunk space, VW should put the engine in the back, and the front makes a larger trunk?

  7. itz funny, all the people who talk shyt about my beetle either have an ugly busted up car, or have no car at all

  8. I'm 19, I'm a guy, I'm gay, and I drive an '08 red beetle convertible with beige interior/top .. I don't really care if other people think I look gay in my car because I am, and I don't really care if people don't like it .. all that matters is that I love it, it was my first car, and I'm never gonna get rid of it. So there.

  9. Im a guy! I just turned 20 and I got a 2000 new beetle! my friends all have badass ridesl ike camaros, big trucks and they still wanna ride my car! i love this car! sometimes when im out, people look at me and im like 'that's right, keep looking'…..XD

  10. I have a 04 Convertible and I wouldn't trade it for anything, I love my Beetle Convertible. There is just something about the Beetle. VW knows how to make a car fun to drive.

  11. Wow… it has 150 HP and the sticker price is $28,339. For less than that you can get the 2011 Mustang convertible with 305 HP. No-brainer.

  12. My da is in his 40's and would beat the crap outta people for calling his car a womens car… and its a silver beetle 😀

  13. This has been my dream car since 8 years old when my dad bought me a Barbie toy version, a salsa red beetle. I'm 18 now and cannot wait to buy a beetle.

  14. the 1997-present Volkswagen New Beetle is assembled in
    1997 – 1999: Wolfsburg, Germany
    1998 – 2010: Puebla, Mexico
    2010 – present: Hai Phong, Vietnam

  15. This asshole reviewer is such a square.
    His take on what his friends say concerning the "masculinity" of this machine is laughable.
    Later for him.
    The VW New Beetle convertible is da bomb, and NOT boring as some other poster related here.
    I will get one for my self.
    I don't give a fuck what peeps may say.
    A certified pre owned '09, and yes I am a male and not gay if that matters.

  16. .. new bee's my dream too but it's not easy to buy one in my country soo…. btw i like red or black <3

  17. the 1997-2010 present in Vietnam Volkswagen New Beetle was/is assembled in
    1997–1999: Wolfsburg, Germany
    1998–2010: Puebla, Mexico
    2010–present: Hai Phong, Vietnam

  18. the engine on the 1997-2010 Volkswagen New Beetle/ Volkswagen Beetle (Mexico)/
    Volkswagen Bjalla (Iceland)
    petrol engines:
    1.4L I4 16 valve
    1.6L I4
    1.8L I4 Turbocharged
    2.0L I4
    2.3L VR5 20 valve
    2.5L I5 20 valve
    3.2L VR6 24 valve (RSI)
    diesel engines:
    1.9L I4 TDI

  19. Lol at the weak efforts to "man it up" about this car…"uhm, this uhm, line here, more masculine..uhm, these wheels, more masculine…" even he doesn´t buy that crap, lol…

  20. Did they buy you one? These cars are awesome. I have two of them a 2006 convertible and 2008 triple white. So much fun to drive.

  21. They have used 2006 convertible bugs that look like this model and they are cheap now. I paid $9000 for my 2006 convertible bug. Had 80,000 miles on it. Check out cars.com or auto trader to see what you find.

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