2010 Corolla How-To: Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) | Toyota

2010 Corolla How-To: Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) | Toyota

Tire Pressure Monitor System The tire pressure monitor system is designed to alert the driver when one or more the four regular tires is significantly under-inflated. If the pressure in any monitored tire drops too low a warning icon appears in the combination meter. If the pressure drops further the icon begins to flash to urge immediate attention. Reinflate the low tire to the proper pressure and the light will go off after a few minutes. The light will stay on when using the compact spare tire and will go off a few minutes after the original tire is properly inflated and reinstalled. the system needs to be reinitialized whenever new wheels or tires are installed. See your owner’s manual or your Toyota dealer for details.

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  1. 2009 Corolla owner here; bought 4 brand new tires, and now my TPMS blinks when I first turn the car on and then stays on. All tires are fine. How do I reset this system myself?

  2. i have a brand new 2017 and their is no tire indicator at all. I had a slow leak in one tire and nothing ever popped up to warn me that it was low. i would fill it up (not knowing it is a slow leak) and find it flat a couple days later weather dependent. this went on for like 2 weeks until i realized what was going on and replaced the tire, only to find my rim was almost destroyed and tire had rim marks all in it and was done for. it really would have helped if i knew my tire was deflating while driving!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 2010 corolla owner. No reset button on 2010. Light stays on all the time. Going to my local tire shop for replacement sensors!

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