2010 Nissan Maxima

2010 Nissan Maxima

cars.com auto review hi I’m Dave Thomas of cars.com and this
is a 2010 nissan maxima which remained virtually unchanged for 2011 now it’s a
few years removed from a complete redesign but we want to see how it holds
up against new competition like the redesign for tourists and toyota avalon
styling is definitely a strong point of the maximum balls some lines from
Nissan’s premium brand infinity especially around back but up front you
have this flat nose grille and some really huge vendors that kind of roll
over onto the hood and give it a really sharp look your cross shopping these big
city and a lean towards the maxima because of performance as a 290
horsepower v6 standard which is a lot more the tourists and avalon also
handles a lot better than either of those cars the interior of the maximum
is just as far as the next year it’s all black and this nice glossy black insert
in the center console which reminds me a lot of what the for tourists does
actually now this is what’s called an SV package it’s a few thousand more than
the base which starts at 30,000 so for 33,000 you get leather seats you get a
moonroof and a bose stereo system one of the worst things about buying a new car
scene expensive options add up on the bill and the nice thing about the
maximum is its options are pretty affordable one of the most useful ones
is the center monitor package which has an LCD screen so it displays all your
air conditioning and ipod information only seven hundred dollar option to
definitely go with that with any of the Maximus if you live in a cold weather
state there’s a cold weather package that’s only four hundred dollars not
only doesn’t have the heated leather seats in the front also get heated
steering wheel one of the reasons you get a big sedan if you want a really big
backseat the maximas got one that does have a few inches less legroom in the
ford taurus I tell you what it’s still big back here and the driver’s seat
exactly where I had it when I was driving i’m 5 10 and you can just see
there’s tons of new room between my knees and the seat my feet aren’t scrunched at all actually
what I’ve been in the back of a Ford Taurus and it’s not that comfortable you
get all this space despite the fact that the maximum is a foot shorter than the
tourists and where you lose out those in the trunk or the maximum is six cubic
feet smaller than the four tours maximum really stacks up well against the
competition especially when you take into consideration how much performance
its back it’s also not giving up much an interior
comfort either just check out that trunk and make sure it’s big enough for you for more car related news go to come for our blog kicking tires . net

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  1. The car looks good and all but when I went to the dealership to check it out, for the price the base model had mediocre features. The same features you can get for a fraction of the price. Once you start adding the things that a 30K car should already have, the car came up to close to 40K. Plus it's over $1,000 more than the Acura TSX. The TSX has way more features. I ended up getting that instead.

  2. @rocketballa4life …Well, yeah, basically and the Acura TSX is a luxury model, you get more for your money and it costs less.

  3. this is a much nicer design than the previous model, it looks agresive on the road kind of like a big 370 Z, as much as i like the new taurus i'd go with this one because of the sport and quality alone.

  4. @PlzDuntBanMe
    lol…how much do those cost?

    I'd take a fully loaded Maxima still. I don't care about German cars. I'd get the Infiniti before I would get those.

  5. @Karnage542 dude, you win the Gold Medal for that comment. But as is the case in the Special Olympics, at the end of the day you are still retarded

  6. @davewhodavedunn I found the CVT really well matched with this much power. Nissan does a good job with them. The CVT I have in my Outback isn't as smooth. For folks looking for this type of car I think it is beyond acceptable. If you're buying a 370Z no.

  7. @Karnage542 we say the height because otherwise a viewer would have no concept of how much room was in the back. If you're 5'6 and I fit fine at 5 10 you'll be fine with this car. If you're 6 ft tall you can see you'll likely have plenty of room. Someone much taller of course is hard to account for. Often when I say I'm 5 10 and I barely fit that would tell a 6 footer they'll definitely have issues.

  8. @Carscom This is marketed as a sports sedan unlike your outback. For people who like driving NO ONE likes a loud luzzy endless revving CVT…

  9. @davewhodavedunn but it's for people buying a sporty BIG sedan. These things are way too large to be considered sports cars. If you like driving I'd suggest you test drive one and then a Toyota Avalon and tell me which one is sportier. The Taurus SHO version (which is more expensive) obviously has chops, but with its size it has a lot of lean when taking corners and I preferred the Maxima's steering and brakes. I was really surprised at how much I liked the Maxima actually.

  10. To all the people complaining about the CVT trans, dont blame Nissan, blame your average consumer. Nearly every recent Maxima sold was an auto, Nissan is just catering consumer demand. Which sucks.

  11. @tHeWasTeDYouTh at least they got rid of that annoying guy named Kelsey Mays. he's an expert on ruining reviews with his corny jokes and outdated references.

  12. Interior, meh… center screen GOOD GOD, how many small buttons can you cram into that place. Not to mention your blocking the screen when your trying to use it. Why not put the controls lower? I never got why Infinitive/ Nissan keeps sticking with that design. Looks horrible in the G37, or else a nice looking car.

  13. i have a taurus and a maxima
    the taurus has better handling but the maxima has better acceleration and speed
    the taurus has better a/c stereo system and more comfortable seats
    overall i would prefer the taurus and fyi the back seats of the taurus is MUCH MUCH more comfortable than the maxiam im sorry but u are stupid to say that

  14. Why are so many people bitching about the CVT transmission? I driven an 05 Altima w/ the CVT & it works fine. I don't see or feel a difference between a regular transmission or the CVT. If u don't like it, buy a manual & shift the car yourself!

  15. I am having a hard time understanding your models of comparison to this Maxima. The Taurus I can kinda see that, but Avalon??? I see the Maxima as a luxury/sports car wanabee in a way so I would put it against a Lacrosse CXS or ES350 plus a Passat for good measure. I do think it was a good review just who really is going to look at a 4DSC and then say lets check the Avalon next? Thats about as likely as them checking out a Buick Lucerne in the process.

  16. The Nissan 350Z felt heavy to me. Suspension wasn't s pleasant as I thought (Nissan/Infiniti). Very powerful and fast however. A performance car. The 2010 Nissan Maxima is a good looking car. Interior is simple yet rich. There's a luxury feel to it. Near perfect. Overall highly recommended.

  17. Looks are about the same but i'll give the edge to the Maxima. However Acura is a Luxury Brand. Though the Nissan Maxima has the same features.

  18. That's an interesting point you brought forth. I didn't know Acura's tend to use lots of buttons for their audio and navigation center stacks (consoles).

  19. For all the idiots talking shit about the CVT, after i owned this car i've learned that all CVT's aren't created equal, this is actually a smooth and responsive transmission, do i wish it was a manual? sometimes but not always, do i wish it was an 8 speed auto? so far no, and believe me, i used to hate CVT's, so if you are going to talk shit, at least drive one first, it does handle very good for a mid/big size sedan, and the engine is superb.

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