2010 Nissan Sentra

2010 Nissan Sentra

cars.com auto review I’m Mike Haley with
cars.com and this is the nissan sentra is Nissan’s compact car and it’s not
always top of mind when talking about $OPERAND miles in the segment but i
think it deserves to be because its fuel efficient offers a refined four-cylinder
powertrain and has a lot of features for the money if you’re looking at a compact
car fuel economy is probably high on your priority list in the center
delivered to get 26 miles per gallon in the city and 34 on the highway with the
automatic transmission which is comparable to what you’re going to find
in a competing honda civic or controller with an automatic but it delivers its
power in a refined way to it’s very smooth off the line and has good power
there and that’s partly because it uses a continuously variable automatic
transmission which is unique in this class the centrist cabin materials have
aged pretty well but there are couple things I take issue with the cabin first
one is there’s no telescoping steering wheel which if you’re taller driver
you’re going to want one when driving this car second is the digital readout for the
fuel and engine temperature is very bright and very orange and you can’t
lower the intensity without turning on the headlights that said the cabin does
offer upscale features for relatively little money there’s a leather package
which our car has which is seven hundred dollars and a built-in navigation system
which is just four hundred dollars a little more than you’re going to have to
spend on a portable system so it’s the right way to go to compete with that
type of technology like a lot of other small cars if you’re going to be caring
adults in the front back of the sentra it may be a tight squeeze but what
separates this model from others in this class is its unique folding design and
what it gives you in cargo versatility it requires an extra step and that’s
flipping up the seat cushion before folding the backrest but once you’ve
done that you have a really large pass through from the trunk to the interior
of the car for carrying pretty large items the center isn’t as big of a
seller is the civic corolla but this model here offers a lot of value and
when you factor in that’s average reliability and good crash test
performance it’s definitely a model you need to have on your shopping list if
you’re looking for a small card for more car related news go to cars.com
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  1. Nissan's other cars are exciting, why can't they make their Versa, Sentra and Altima Sedan (Coupe is muy sexito) more exciting? They are so… blah! The ONLY thing I like about the Sentra, is the fact that you can get leather in it.

  2. the reason why this doesnt sell well is because of its boring looks, and the fact the previous model looked so much better. They ruined this.

  3. The only 2010 Sentra I would touch is the SE-R Spec V..

    I have a 2006 Spec V and I think that the new Sentra needs a new design….lower, lighter, lower roof line…and maybe a stock turbo.

  4. this is a good car, except its ugly.

    i dont know if anyone else agrees with me, but nissan steering wheels in pretty much every car they have are simply ugly. especially their suv steering wheels

  5. @MrGSNfan The Sentra comes standard with a 5 speed, The SE-R has a 6 speed. The CVT is an option on all but the SE-R Spec V. The one in this video is an upper level model with all the options.

  6. @vipermoon64
    meh, i wouldn't have a problem driving around in a nissan, but i'll admit, most look terrible. i don't like the Skyline, GTR, Altima, Sentra or any of em. would i hate driving them, not really i could deal with it an be pretty happy, but its a tough sale to convince me to buy one.

    although, i love the 300 series like ZX and 350Z etc etc, and imo i think the Nissan Maxima looks really nice, n i think Nissan Leaf is cool too.

    so i mean 1-10, 10 being best, i'd give it a good 6.

  7. I think the Sentra is a competent car but it needs improvement by Nissan. It lacks an independent rear suspension and the rear visibility is poor. But it is still a solid car.

  8. ill take a honda civic over this any day. Sentra is dated and the funny this is, it looks and feels older than the current civic and the civic is actually a year older in design.

  9. Being probably one of the only people here that actually owns and drives a Sentra of this generation on a daily basis, I can say that I love driving the car and I love how it is designed (I actually get compliments on its looks). It's very peppy (which comes in real handy on the freeway), it has a standard no-name audio system with great sound, and the seats fold flat, contributing to an already large trunk. Don't bash a car you haven't experienced. I'd take the Sentra over the Civic any day.

  10. @cstrikeplaya

    have you tried driving the new civic? Both interior and exterior exceeds the sentra's. the sentra has a little more to offer but not really needed.

  11. I just bought a 2010 Nissan Sentra SR. Blue. Ground effects, spoiler, sporty grill. It def turns some heads! and it will GO!

  12. @justsumcracka13

    Sales numbers don't lie, Nissan doesn't sell very many Sentra's compared to Civic's. They are a forgettable small car paired with a crappy CVT transmission too.

  13. @justsumcracka13

    The Civic has also been around for much longer than a Sentra. Its got more brand loyalty but its also a great small car to back up the name. Don't get me wrong, I'd buy a Sentra (6MT) before a 2011 Corolla but I'd also rather drive a Cruze, Focus, or 2011 Elantra before the Sentra as well.

  14. @justsumcracka13 Shut the fuck up you stupid crackhead, your a little whiny bitch who has had commented on this video more than anybody else, one more time, SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  15. Hey dude, I own a 2010 Sentra, I love the thing, 2.0l Inline-4 with the CVT Tranny.
    Thing's pretty quick, I've had it to 115 on a 1/2 Mile stretch of road without flooring it.
    The Audio is crazy for being unnamed, It hit's hard on song's with Bass.

    The video says that you can't lower the intensity of the Dash Color, You can, Just turn the button that switches between MPG, Miles, AVG MPG, And Miles.

  16. my grandfathers giving me his in 2 years when i get my lisence he doesnt like it so he doesnt care which is y hes giving it to me i wouldnt mind this being my first car but tbh the older sentras look nicer the 2000 ones the ones before that were kinda…err didnt look great but it seems reliable for highschool and college 😛

  17. I think this car is underrated and underlooked in the segment. The only things I'm not fond of is the bubble-like shape. It beats a Corolla all the way.

  18. the 2007-present Nissan Sentra/ Nissan Sentra 200 is assembled in
    Aguascalientes, Mexico
    Santa Rosa City, Laguna, Philippines

  19. This is probably the only nissan that i hate. its ridicoulis that it has the same headlight as the altima. sentra copying from altima makes me sick. i have a 96 civic ek hatchback with turbo in it its alot better than this piece of crap

  20. taking the sentra over civic huh? let me tell you something. i have a 96 civic ek hatchback and its alot cooler than this crap. so come to my house and see. because it has a turbo on it. ive never seen sentras customized. r u gonna take back what u said or not

  21. actually i didnt customize it. i had a 2002 gmc sierra for 2 years than i was looking for a civic. on sunday i went to austin and traded the car. when i got it it already had a turbo on it. to bad there was no ac. i dont race buddy,i only just drive how any other people would do it

  22. I think there is no reason to be a hater! Fuel economy is way cheaper, the vehicle is big enough to fit a full sized family of 5. It is very cheap (budget-wise) the vehicle I heard has a very great safety shell. Mine goes faster than my other car which is a 2011 Dodge Charger! I actually had the opportunity to race my to cars on a track my Sentra won BY FAR. I have to admit I was SUPER shocked! The suspension in the vehicle rocks perfectly and feels very comfortable. Radio is AWESOME! The sound is incredible! I think you haters out the should go kiss a light pole! You guys  who are hating on the Sentra probably don't even own one so stop judging by looks! My opinion Nissan did an outstanding job creating the Sentra! Thanks, Barlow. 🙂

  23. This a great car! Sporty looking, handles nice, very roomy and Peppy around town my only complaint is when you take it out on to the highway the 140 hp is gonna leave you wanting more power

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