2010 Prius How-To: Smart Key System – Overview | Toyota

2010 Prius How-To: Smart Key System – Overview | Toyota

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  1. There is a dock for the fob inside the car. You don't need it for higher models though. It senses the presence of the key and you don't have to insert it.

  2. Toyota sucks. Customer support is horrible and the company does not live by their known reputation! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!

  3. what does a parking assist program have to do with you being fat?
    It's a convenience feature. You don't bitch about other automated things in your life, do you?

  4. I drive nothing but Toyotas. They are the best car around–and my father is a retired Chrysler engineer. I really don't know how good their customer support is because I never needed it and I drove my last Toyota (Paseo) for 17 years. I have 2010 Prius now and I love it.

  5. I don't feel the slightest bit guilty for driving Toyotas and I don't pity the Big 3, A lot of good workers got screwed by their own bosses and so who is to blame for that?

  6. If you're so much into buying American, you should tell American car companies to produce better cars, cars as good as the Prius. That's American capitalism, isn't it? Or is "Buy American" the slogan of the supposed "capitalist" protecting their industries like communists do? Learn to compete in the marketplace or perish, that is the American way.

  7. I read about that case in lexus es350. official report says that it was due to wrong size floormat. so it's not a mechanical problem. their cars have been reliable for decades. one or a few bad incident don't mean much in a larger context.

  8. well said. I'm all for buying American made cars but I'm not going to lie or pretend that they're better than Japanese cars. it's the other way around. American cars are getting better thankfully. but they're still playing catch up.

  9. Toyota will come back bigger, better and bolder…………these are relativly minor issues, Ford Fusion is on a recall too for brake problems.

  10. FYI, Toyotas are more American than most so called American cars are…..Toyotas are made in USA and of US parts (thats the problem( while GM Ford, Chrysler are made of asian parts and assembled mostly in Mexico and Canada……….so which is more American, Toyota, or GM and Ford?

  11. Most Toyo's are made in Japan you ill-informed brainwashed fanboy. Not to mention the quality has dropped behind Chrysler. Look at the numbers.

    BTW Ford is upgrading brakes that work perfectly fine. I wouldn't exactly call it a faulty brake like your POS Japanese car.

  12. I love my Camry! It was involved in the recall and I got it fixed up no problem. The last car I had was a Chrysler Cirrus and I poured more money into the piece of crap car then I did putting a down payment on my Camry! I have always thought foreign cars ran better. I don't think that makes me "un-American" but you all can think and say what you like… That part of what makes this country great!

  13. The parts in the recalled vehicles were made by american companies!!!!!! Cars of the same model in japan have no recall because the parts are made in japan!!!THIS IS THE U.S.A's fault !!!!!

  14. @MrBEB123 Why are you even on this video clip? You searched "Toyota" on youtube just so you could bash Toyota drivers? Surely you must have better things to do.

  15. wow a lot of one sides people who post comments… no wonder people around the world hate Americans.. all you do is talk about yourself and how good you are. What you are too stupid to realize every American was once a foreigner..

  16. Ac button is for the remote air conditioning. While outside the car you can activate it and the prius will operate it's air conditioning to pre set temperature settings using only the solar panel on it's roof. The engine or hybrid system will not need to turn on. Neat feature

  17. "mrbeb123" u need get out from yo mommas basement. U need to stop trolling around like a loser and and enter a debate with a base and foundation of argument. All u have for this toyota argument is an ignorant, moronic, biased OPINION.

  18. @xvrhernandez349 the a/c button is for the air con. You can press this button before you get into the car and the Prius with start the air con and cool the car down so you don't get into a hot vechale. Useful in the middle of summer.

  19. hey, guys, does anyone know if every smart key has to have a mechanical key inside? i recently purchased a SH toyota corrola with the smart key system, and received two smart key fobs, but only one of them has a mechanical hey inside. have i been jipped?

  20. no regular key? thats interesting. but dont that mean if someone breaks into your car, anyone can just start your car and drive away?

  21. I dont trust a car with all electronic controls, when I step on brakes I want BRAKES NOW not a computer with fuel economy to decide how much brakes I might need or not.

  22. does all the option only available selectively? my smart key has only a lock button & an unlock button, does that mean i can't customise the unlock 1-door/all-door option?

  23. It seems that it would have been much simpler if the key settings can be programmed from a computer. maybe a key with a USB that comes out and plugs into a computer and allows the user to program that key… or maybe it can be programmed through the car LCD screen…
    my 2 cents…

  24. Nope, it's shifting the money from big oil to auto manufacturers who want to give you better mileage. This sets up industry. Why would you want to give oil companies a bigger profit anyway?

  25. That's just lazy. If it's that cold out, bundle up, you will need to when you leave the car anyway. Why would you want to drive in shorts in the winter? Seriously, you defeated the purpose of having a green car if you just idle it like that.

  26. Yeah, but they don't tell you, that in case you lose the key, you'll pay about $500 for a copy. I lost mine today.
    And Mechanical key works ONLY for opening the doors. You won't be able to drive with it. The copy is $150.

  27. They put the battery that controls the locks on the same circuit as the cabin lights. So you leave the lights on and the battery drains and suddenly you can't open the doors. To top it off they put the battery INSIDE the car. So you have to be able to unlock the car to get at it. And then they give you this fob that's supposed to have a mechanical key inside of it, only the button you have to press to open it gets stuck and you can't get the key out. So leave the lights on and the next thing you know, you have to pay a locksmith and buy a new battery. This car: don't buy it.

  28. my 2007 the key Lock and unlock normal. But when I get in the car like normal, i push the brake, push start button to turn it on, it wont start nothing Only the red light key on dash. Does not show anything on the board no radio nothing. only red key light. someone help me.

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