2010 Prius How-To: Starting Procedure | Toyota

2010 Prius How-To: Starting Procedure | Toyota

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  1. Wow complicated. I LIKE:P. Gone are the days when you had a conventional metal key that you twist away from you to start a car.

  2. It's amazing that some find that start procedure complicated. How did they managed it to start their PC and find this video on YT? And are they able to "drive" a lift?

  3. @tinithomas usually it will show in the multi-info display that the battery is almost drained. you can usually buy batteries at your local store.

  4. what if u forget to turn off the power button? It's so quiet , u can't tell if the car is on or off. I'll drive a Prius when it's actually cool and not for old farts or yuppies.

  5. I don't like these power buttons that manufacturers have been using lately. If your key runs out of batteries then you can't start your car. Seriously…? What the hell are you supposed to do if you have your spare "key" at home as a backup? This to me just sounds stupid, instead of focusing time and money on building a new key, they should be making other features of the car more convenient.

  6. @creepynut That trick only works if the battery is low. Once it is dead, than even that trick will no longer work. The reason being that even if the battery is low it still emits a very weak signal (which is why you put it closer to the start button.) But once it is completely dead than no signal is emitted and therefore you can not start the car.

  7. @dagrome – I don't know about the 3rd gen (shown here) but my 2nd Gen prius has a slot under the steering wheel you can physically insert the key-fob in case of a complete battery failure. I've tried it even with the battery removed from the FOB and it works. I guess I should ask somebody with a 3rd Gen prius if this will also work.

  8. @creepynut you're completely right. i own a 3rd gen prius and i've actually taken the battery out of the key to test this. all you do is hold the key to the button (as the video shows), remove it, and press the button. fires right up. the advantage of having a battery is so that you don't have to pull it out of your pocket so the vehicle will just detect it on you.

  9. Serious question for toyota i need answered. Are you suppose to hear one beep or or 4 beeps when you start the car? I used to have 4 beeps now i only hear one after taking my car to the toyota dealership to check my hybrid system. I bought the car used and all i ever heard was 4 or 5 beeps at startup until now which is only one beep. I dont know what the service tech did but i need to know what is expected and what is normal.

  10. I have never hated anyone more than the people that designed the startup procedure in a prius. It was a rental. First time, no problem. Second time a nightmare. I kept pressing the brake then pushing the power button, over and over and over. It works about every 100 tries. These people should be in jail. I'm trying to get to a meeting and all I'm doing is sitting in a hot car sweating. Sheesh.

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