2010 Toyota Camry iPod

2010 Toyota Camry iPod

cars.com auto review maybe a new
feature for 2010 is USB input it’s optional a Camry
but it’s not a common in this class this one is good just
tripods and there’s a few things about it and
make a quirky and not the easiest to use 1i biggest pet peeves with this system is shuffling through your socks you can change from the steering wheel control
or from Sarah itself but when you hit the button its delayed it
takes a long time to switch songs and when you want to scroll through songs fast they won’t let you not only that
but it keeps playing the song so if you’re
on a song hit the track button psychics playing for two
seconds and two seconds is very telling when you
have an embarrassing song playing fair stereo K keep K for people who casually listen to the
iPod through the camera’s USB port or don’t have a very extensive music
library the feature likely be much easier to live with while I used an 80
gig video iPod when he gone test drives be sure to
bring your iPod along with to see if it’s a deal breaker for more car-related new Skoda cars dot
com or block kicking the tires dot net

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  1. Dunno if it's b/c it's a HD-based iPod, or if it's the Camry's slow interface/software, or both. But it'd be reallll annoying after the first 4 songs.

  2. yeah i hate that when your in a car with friends you have an Ipod you like this specific song but they think wow are you serious? it is quite embarrassing

  3. I do dearly hate ricers, and too many a good S2K and civic have been lost to their douchey ways. They pretty much ruined the Civic's reputation as a car…
    I've seen a few riced mustangs and cavs, but that's to be expected. Riced BMWs too.

  4. It's the truth, I hate listening to my Ipod with friends in the car, because it plays the music I listen to in my own time and not with other people in the car. I try to turn it and it takes a while to switch, it's so embarrassing. LOL

  5. I personally think its just your Ipod. You said 80 Gigs and Even the Shuffle on any Portable mp3 player is of course to expect lag…..mine does it just with head phones . So it also stands to reason that if your ipod is cram full of music shuffling throuh 30,000 mp3 files is a "big" task

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