2010 Toyota Camry Review

2010 Toyota Camry Review

cars.com auto review Hi this is Joe Bruzek with cars.com we’re here with the toyota camry which you may or may not be
surprised to hear that it’s a top spot in our american-made index for
2009 now we’re here with the 2010 which has been restyled and also gains a new
engine which is more powerful but also more fuel-efficient this is the sporty
or SE and what you get with the sec is this blacked out grill these black down
headlights and also a sporty-er front styling side rear spoiler and rear
styling I was a new base four-cylinder engine in the camry there’s two versions
up in the the base version and then the version that’s in the $YEAR s ii which
has more horsepower the both ready at the same gas mileage the manual
transmission gets 22 23 miles prion city highway mileage and the automatic which
is what most people by its 22 32 miles per gallon part of the SE package is a
sport rear suspension and it rides on the firmer side and if you think the
idea of a sporty camera is a little off there with you if your camera loyalists
and you want a little sporty ride then this would be a good fit but if you’re
looking for a sports sedan in a midsize car you’re better off looking at
something like the 2009-2010 big car and that room shows in the backseat as well
the a passenger seat is all the way back and i still get plenty of leg room with
it forward it’s more than comfortable interior
quality is about average for this segment the accord still our favorite
the material qualities feel good but there’s still some finish issues I’m
know kelsey mays but this probably isn’t very good now that’s just a cool feature all for
windows are one touchdown one touch up most cars only include the driver side
and passenger side one touch up and down but the camera gives you all for now
even with the new additions for 2010 the camry is still about middle of the pack
in the mid-size segment if you’re looking for more exciting driving
experience or better multimedia integration there are more where the
options for more car related news go to cars.com
for our block kicking tires . net

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. I don't know about this 2010 but the old 1990's Camrys were just unkillable and probably the most popular car in the 200k mile club. Toyota quality has fallen ever since which is something I thought I'd never hear.

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  34. Toyota, in my honest opinion, has declined in terms of quality in the part few years. They wanted to be #1, well…here it is, but for how long can they keep it up?

    If you go to Southern California, the roads are filled with Toyota's and I'm not talking about old Toyota's, I'm talking about 2007 and up. I guess that's what marketing really does to consumers…like what GM did back then when they used to be #1.

    The point is, people should do more research in regards to buying their cars.

  35. Lovely CAMRY…
    The best choices:
    1.- Toyota Camry or Subaru Legacy
    2.- Honda Accord
    3.- Mazda 6
    4.- Ford Fusion
    5.- Nissan Altima
    — — — — — — —

    The worst choices:
    1.- Hyundai Sonata (the first car with serious problems and defects since the begining)
    2.- Chevrolet Malibu (these cars are the reason of the declive of GM)

  36. haha toyota fail @ 1:52!!
    im an import fan but toyota just flat out sucks now. that car is still bloated and slow even with the sporty body kit. the last good camry was the 91-96 model. now their just bloated and bland. toyota used to be good but now they use their reliability and "quality" to sell bland camry look alikes.

  37. @Ian74263 toyota isnt bad but i know alot of people who have new and old toyotas and have big problems with them i dont trust toyota at all

  38. that dude had no leg room when the seat was all the way back the hyundai sonata has way more leg room and even the 2011 elantra is bigger even when the seat is all the way back

  39. @DtorBillAgain camry is not the best choice i agree older hyundai sucked ass and i wudnt buy an early hyundai what so ever but new ones actually are said to outbeet toyota in reliability now. and the sonata and elantra outbeet toyota in style and in everything. the style of the toyota is getting old and is outdated maybe its just me and thousands of other people who say it but all their cars styles are the smame from the past few years n they sucks

  40. @giannial1985 im agreeing but id never drive a toyota but older ones were built better newer ones just suck u mit not like hyundai but they are way better then toyota now they stepped their game up alot i got the 06 sonata close to 200,00 miles on it and never had a problem runs beautifully lol in my opinion the sonata alwas had better inside and now outside styling then the camry ever had

  41. @globalk100 hell yeah sonats is way better the syling is way better and interior is better to always was the camry style is boring now they had this style for how long. i love hyundai for not making the 2011 sonata a v6 its ausome its all 4 cylinder and a turbo and hybrid makes it more fun and better

  42. @SupportForToyota no they arent do a comparison on all new toyotas against all the older toyotas the newer ones suck i went to test drive one and the window switch was on the floor the nob to turn the volume up fell off. all new models of toyota suck look at the toyota camry hybrid crash test got 4 stars alot of new toyotas are getting 4 stars not 5 like every other company

  43. @pattycarljackson Ok my friend, the best thing that you can do is… buy a Hyundai, I'd buy a Toyota and sorry for telling but keep dreaming 🙂

  44. @pattycarljackson Go to NHSTA website, the new Camry's are being submitted to tougher tests as well as other car models for 2011. NHSTA said it will be tough to meet 5 star rating from now on so automakers will need to make them safer to meet the new 5 star rating system. Go to the website and see the list of cars.

  45. @fwc2010 The Nissan should be between Honda Accord and Mazda 6 maybe… Uhm… I also like the Altima… don't know what to say…

  46. Nice car! #1. Camry, #2 Accord, #3 Legacy, #4 Mazda 6, #5 Altima, #6 Sonata, #7 Fusion, #8 Malibu. Yes, the american company cars are in very last place.

  47. On February 8, 2011, the NHTSA, in collaboration with NASA, released its findings into the investigation on the Toyota drive-by-wire throttle system. After a 10 month search, NASA and NHTSA scientists found no electronic defect in Toyota vehicles. Driver error or pedal misapplication was found responsible for most of the incidents….:)

  48. The ability for the panels to be unsnapped, is not a bad thing. It means the car was designed so that electronics can be accessed easily. That panel snaps off easily, and snaps firmly into place with no rattles. The whole car is designed for perfect quietness.

  49. @davidhalifax The reason Toyota Camry is one of the best selling cars is because they haven't changed the design much. Why would they want to change excellence?

  50. Cheap, Cheap, Cheap. Needs a mid cycle refresh and an update on that interior to where you can't pull those trim pieces off around the center stack, before I buy one!

  51. I've sat/driven in a 09 Camry, and BOY is this car over hyped. It rides rough, and it has a considerably amount of road noise. The transmission lags when you try to overtake a car. Interior quality is nice, but I hate the blue accents on the center console. It's good run around car I guess, but I definitely would not waste my money on an over priced SE, XLE, or XLE V6

  52. Oh and IMO the 1997-2001 Camrys are the best! Quiet, quiet, quiet! It rides very smooth and has pretty good power for a 4cyl, and the V6 is no that bad either.

  53. @DtorBillAgain Funny how the Malibu has been regarded as the car that helped bring back GM. It beat out the Accord and Altima when it was first reviewed by Motor Trend but I doubt you guys will acknowledge that. Funny how you ranked an also (Subaru) as one of your first pics and the Mazda 6 which is only good if you want sportiness and nothing else for the money. The Malibu is actually a very good car and is going to really shine in its next generation.

  54. the 2007-present Toyota Camry/ Daihatsu Altis is assembled in
    Australia: Altona, Victoria
    Japan: Toyota, Aichi
    Russia: Saint Petersburg
    United States: Georgetown, Kentucky
    Lafayette, Indiana

  55. Japanese cars are now tainted with high levels of nuclear radiation, including Plutonium-238, 239 and 240 which will increase your incidence of cancer, infertility and sperm damage.

  56. @davidhalifax True the vibe is not around but the Matrix still is, and pontiac is all together gone so what is your point?…Toyota, Honda and Subaru still outrank gm overall. The Vibe started getting better scores once it shared with the Matrix, so who has slipped? yeah

  57. That Mazda6 doesn't hold a light in style compared to this Camry. The Mazda looks like its frowning and that other mazda car looks like the joker smiling. Seems like Toyita kept it simple with the Camry yet it still looks good and it still sells

  58. The only reason this piece of shit sells is because it's a Toyota. If Hyundai made this it wouldn't sell at all. Toyota has a rep for reliability which has gone down the drain, but American consumers are idiots, and don't know about all the recalls. Now I won't say anthing about styling because that is in the eye of the beholder.

  59. The se rides a little rough becuase of the sports suspension but the le and xle is very smooth.There is little to none road noise and the transmission your talking about is the 4 banger the v6 is extremly fast for a sedan.The camry is the ultimate sleeper sedan.No one thinks a camry is anything but a commuter car.

  60. lol I remember one time I was test driving this car and when I pulled the door close the whole interior door handle section just popped out. The salesmen never again said anything about quality after the incident

  61. HAHA, he says if you want more driving excitement theres others out there, BULL-SHIT Camry is King for Ride and Comfort, if you want to race go to a Race Track with a Ferrari, Honda Accord ride is too stiff, sure it corners a little bit better, but you sure are gonna feel every bump on the road and your backs gonna kill you within 6 months guaranteed.  Mazda 6 Zoom Zoom is complete shit compared to Toyota Camry.  Stick to 2 car choices Camry or Accord thats it, the two Kings of the road, as for the Hyundai Sonata and the American Crap Mobiles, Fugget about it.

  62. been shopping for something big and luxurious than ended up looking up hybrids than came across this and forgot how great of a car you get for the money. (time to tell my gf that this will be a perfect car for her as a starter car lol)

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