2011-2014 Mustang V6 Bama X4/SF4 Power Flash Tuner w/ 2 Custom Tunes Review & Dyno Test

2011-2014 Mustang V6 Bama X4/SF4 Power Flash Tuner w/ 2 Custom Tunes Review & Dyno Test

Joe: Hey, guys. It’s Joe from AmericanMuscle. And today we’re gonna be taking a closer look
at the Bama X4 SF4 Power Flash Tuner with Two Custom Tunes fitting all ’11 to ’14 3.7-liter
V6s. Now, this is gonna be a great option for you
if you’re looking to get a little bit more power and driveability out of your Cyclone
Mustang as well as some great tools that come with the tuner like this one all at a budget-friendly
price tag. Before we dive into the X4, how about we talk
numbers? I know that’s what you guys want to hear. So, ’14 V6 with the manual trans, 93 octane
in the tank for both the baseline and the after run. As far as a stock run goes, we established
245 horsepower and 243 foot-pounds of torque at the rear wheels. And then we applied our 93 octane tune, we
got 252 horsepower as well as 260 foot-pounds of torque again at the rear wheels. And that’s good for seven horsepower peak
gain and 18 horsepower and 26 foot-pounds of torque under the curve. Not bad numbers out of our V6 really. Again, 18/26 under the curve, that’s gonna
be in that lower our RPM range as well, 3,000 to 4,000. You’re really gonna feel that when you’re
daily driving every day. And on top of that, you’re also going to feel
enhanced throttle response as well as firmer shifts for the automatics out there. Now that we’ve gone over what Bama can do
with an otherwise stock V6, let’s dive into the device and how the process works when
you buy one of these things. When you purchase an X4 what’s gonna happen
is Bama is going to send you an email with a short questionnaire for you to fill out,
about 19 questions. First thing’s first, they’re gonna ask you
some facts about your car. Is it an auto? Is it a manual? And what’s the computer code? After that, they’re gonna ask you a bunch
of questions about what modifications you have to your Mustang. That’s gonna be stuff such as cold air intakes,
mass air flow sensors, cams, injectors, fuel pumps, exhaust, rear gear ratios, and larger
rear tires. Fill all of that out accordingly to what you
have on your car. And lastly, they’re gonna ask you what octane
level you want for each tune. If you got it in your area, I would recommend
going with 93 for at least one of them. But you can choose any octane you want, 91
if that’s all you have, 89 for efficiency, and 87 for even more efficiency. That’s up to you what you want the two tunes
to run off on. Once Bama has all the information, it’s gonna
take them about two to three days to actually write and nail down the tune at which point
they’ll email you out a couple of files then you can use your PC and this cable right in
the middle here to actually get the tunes to the X4. After that, it’s gonna be really, really simple
to get them installed on your Mustang. One thing I do wanna make a quick note of
when you do that is that is going to take your stock tune off and save it to the X4
first. So, if you ever need to go back to stock,
you can very easily. A couple of other great features about the
X4 include Wi-Fi capability. So, any updates needed for this tuner, you
can download wirelessly right to the device. It also is data log capable. So, if you do need those, you can use this
cable in the middle here to offload data log files to your computer. Another great thing about the X4 is when you
buy the thing, it’s going to enroll you in Free Tunes For Life. Now, what that means is when you buy a new
part that requires a new tune, all you have to do is fill out another form, send it over
to Bama and in a couple days, they’ll email you back a brand new tune to accommodate for
your new mod. Really convenient, really easy. This allows you to grow your Mustang and the
tune at the same time. It’s not gonna cost you any extra money if
you do end up pulling the trigger to make your Mustang a little bit faster. On top of that, the device itself features
a three-inch full-color LCD display which can be displayed in landscape or portrait
mode. And that is great because this device offers
real-time monitoring for up to eight parameters of your Mustang. That includes but is not limited to air-fuel
ratio, intake and coolant temperatures, if you’re going forced induction it also displays
boost as well as ignition timing. All great things to see about your Mustang
on the fly. Last but certainly not least, this also functions
as a diagnostic tool allowing you to check and clear those check engine lights if need
be. So, next up, we have pricing and that is gonna
be really, really budget-friendly. Only about 400 bucks to get some custom tunes
on your Mustang. That is a really good return on investment. Not only are you unlocking some of that power
left on the table by Ford, but this thing also comes with some great tools that just
enhance the experience of owning a Mustang. Again, definitely well worth the money. Install is gonna be really, really easy. Again, you don’t even need to pop the hood
for something like this. Plugs right into the OBD2 port. For that, I’m gonna give it a one out of three
wrenches on our difficulty meter. At most, I think this will take you about
15 minutes. We’re gonna show you a clip on one of our
S197s. One thing to note here is no matter what S197
you own, it’s gonna be the same process as they’re all a member of the same generation. So, without any further ado, let’s hop over
to the Mustang. We’re gonna show you how to upload a tune
and what this thing can do for you. Man: First off guys, of course, grab the OBD2
harness included in the kit and your X4, hop in the driver seat. We’re gonna plug this into the OBD2 port where
it’s located under the left side on your driver dash. So, you’ll find that clutch come right up
above it, plug that guy in. Then, of course, the other one is gonna go
into the top of the X4. From there we can shut the door, put the key
in the ignition, and get to tuning. Next step, once you plug it in, you wanna
take your key, put it in the ignition. Now, you’re gonna start your ignition but
you’re not gonna start your engine. Just turn the ignition on. From the main menu, we’re going to jump right
into tuning the vehicle. So, select program vehicle. You wanna hit continue on that street notice. Basically, letting you know it’s not legal
for sale or use in pollution control vehicles. Again, just a notice to turn your key on. From there, it may prompt you to connect to
Wi-Fi. From there, it may prompt you to make updates
to the device especially if it’s a brand new one right out of the box. Ours is not so it does have the device updates
already on it. So, we’re gonna jump right into program vehicle
but it is required to go through that tuning update process via Wi-Fi. So, from here, we’re gonna select the tune
that we wanna go with. For you guys, you’ll have the 87 octane option
and the 93 option if you’ve loaded that to your X4. We’re focusing exclusively on the 93. So, that’s the only option we’re showing today
but it’s the same concept if you’re picking 87. So, we’ll go ahead and select our 93. From here, you can adjust some options. In this case, you can adjust global spark,
wide open throttle, air-fuel, axle ratio, a couple of different parameters. We’re gonna hit approve and keep it as is. It’ll also let you know it’s disabling the
preloaded tune that the X4 comes with. That you wanna hit confirm. That’s inevitable when using a custom tune. And again, just continue to confirm all of
the options. So, now it prompts you to turn the key off. And you just wanna wait until it prompts otherwise. Key back on. But again, you’re not starting the engine. At this point, it’s going to load zero to
100 maybe a couple of times and it’s saving your stock file to the device. What that means is anytime you wanna revert
back to the stock tune, you can do so right on the device following the same steps we
have been in this process. Return to stock will then be an option. All right. So, once it saves your stock tune to the device,
it will then begin preparing the data, it will then begin flashing the vehicle. Once it’s done, It’ll let you know that programming
is complete. But again, during no part of this process
do you wanna unplug your device, especially after it pulls the stock tune. Once the process is started, let it do its
thing. Now, if you notice during this process, some
lights have come on on the dashboard like our check engine light, there’s the battery
light, there’s the airbag light. So, a couple of those things come on during
the tuning process. That’s just communication with the ECU. It’ll clear the DTCs which it just did, diagnostic
trouble codes. And from there, it’s gonna process data and
let us know the tune is complete. There you go. Download complete. You can hit done, takes you right back to
the main menu and you’re good to go. From here, guys, I wanna show you everything
else about the X4 device aside from tuning the actual vehicle. Now, I know we talked about the gauges and
data log, the DTC code function. Let’s take a look at how that works. So, directly under program vehicle at the
main menu, you’ll see gauges and data log. If you select this guy, turn your key on,
you can hit continue and you’ll be able to track live engine vitals. What we’re gonna have to do is select the
proper configuration depending on our gen. What we’re gonna do is go down to Ford gas
2007 and prior years. From there, it processes that configuration
and loads up those gauges. Now, right off the bat, we start off with
the default of two gauges but you have full control over what display is on the screen. So, if you wanna change battery voltage, you
just select it. Select item and then there’s a number of options
to choose from. We have battery voltage, coolant temp, desired
idle RPM, fuel pump duty cycle, intake air temp, engine load, and there’s a ton more
options. So, what we’re gonna do is let’s select intake
air temperature. Select approve and it replaces. If you go to the right, there’s a menu. Select gauge layout. You can actually change the layout of the
gauges that were just on the screen. You can monitor 2, 3, 4, 6 up to 8 different
vitals at once. You just select that layout and it pulls up
8 gauges. Now, again, you can change every single one
of these to whatever you want, replaces it in an instant. But if you wanna look at data log, start and
stop data log which basically means that you can record the engine’s performance in a run. If you’re on the dyno or even if you’re out
on the road getting a real road test run, communicate that back to Bama for possible
tune revision. So, that’s really useful. If you wanna stop, you just hit stop data
log and it goes right back to the main menu. Now, if you go to vehicle functions you’ll
see the DTC code reader. Diagnostic trouble code being your check engine
light, the light comes on, plug this guy in, read the code. You can get a description and clear it right
then and there. Special functions. Most people will not touch, things like cam
relearn. So, you probably don’t have to worry about
that but it is there if you want. So, you’re gonna hit exit. Vehicle info gives you things like the VIN
number. So, that’s useful. ECU strategy code which is also useful and
a couple of other vehicle parameters. Now the device info screen will give you things
like your device software and firmware versions, your unlock and married status. So, you can see the married status will show
you that your device is married to your vehicle. Now, the unlocks basically means you have
a certain amount of unlocks, three to be exact, that allows you to change the X4 from your
vehicle to a different vehicle. Can do that up to three times. Device settings, also useful. Wi-Fi and check for updates go hand-in-hand. You’ll want a Wi-Fi network access in order
to wirelessly check for updates. SCT often puts out software and firmware updates
so you want to stay up-to-date. Under that, simple things like brightness
for night and day modes, orientation, you can change that to landscape instead of portrait. Theme is pretty useful. You can change it from red to blue. There’s also a dark mode. Keep that guy on red for now. And then finally, a couple of other simple
audio functions and startup function which I think is going to be a really important
settings menu. From there, you can change the way this starts
up right off the bat to display the gauges mode instead of the home screen. So, if you’re constantly using the gauges
screen, you can make it boot up to the gauges screen right off the bat. So, that’s really useful. from there, can do a factory reset if you
want. And then finally, takes you back to the main
menu and that’s your X4. Joe: That’s gonna do it for my overview of
the X4 fitting all ’11 to ’14 Cyclone V6s. For this product and more great ones, keep
it right here at AmericanMuscle.

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