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  1. I truly wish that Toyota would train the dealers on this. I have gone to several dealers over the last 5 years trying to find a solution to listen to my music through Bluetooth. This 2011 Toyota Prius costed me $41,000 but the people at the dealers are not trained to tell you how to connect your phone to the blue tooth to play music. they did help me connect it to talk on the phone, but not music. I'm so glad that this video is here and am very grateful for YouTube.

  2. Great Thank you for the video. I was looking for a lot and I was assuming that the remove button is related to remove the key of the nav.

  3. Must you manually connect each time? I think they missed a section with this video in the "setup" menu on the right. If you press "Select Portable Player" you will have the options "From portable player" or "From Car" and I believe in my testing that choosing "From car" will automatically connect when you start the car and turn on the audio system (if not left on from last time car was shut off). There are 2 register points so it looks like you can assign 2 players. Unfortunately, in my tests I don't think it will automatically switch between the 2 players which is just a terrible system. So as long as you are the only driver, it will auto connect. But if you swap with another driver, you must go into the settings and switch players. I at least hope Toyota has fixed this in the latest Prius version.

  4. The fact that an instructional video is even needed shows just how poorly designed the infotainment system is. And it's not just the Prius, car manufacturers are just really bad at making these user friendly

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