2011 Toyota Sienna SE

2011 Toyota Sienna SE

cars.com Auto review hi I’m Patrick Olsen
suburban dad for cars.com you know the minivan has been around for 25 years a lot of people think it’s dead but
Toyota’s out to prove them wrong with the new 2011 Sienna we’re looking at the
SE model which is really intended for men so the part way to get them as
blacked-out grille on the front on the inside has nicer materials Galligan
carbon fiber that goes over the glove box has got kind of a plastic wood grain
over the rest of it and it’s got a very simplified form at the center console unlike honda odyssey which has more than
40 buttons this seems more manageable and more contemporary one of the cool
things about the cns that the second row isn’t locked into just one position for
example there’s no in the third row so we can go ahead and push it back get
ourselves plenty of room to climb into the car now the second row seats are
very comfortable i like the stone though she’s saying a Chrysler they also
they’re tilted in a way that gives you plenty of five support which make those
long trips much more tolerable now if you want to get kids into the backseat
it’s not that hard simply hop out pull this lever remove the seeds for and then
you climb into the back and once you’re in the third row you’re going to notice
it’s really more for kids the seats are shorter their lower to the ground
probably not that comfortable for long rides for adults the new CNN is nothing
like the many bands of your it isn’t labor trying to get the pills to get
started in fact it’s actually kind of a pleasant experience getting up to speed
is not a problem of this minivan in fact there’s a nice three Rumble when you
achieve that family is great it feels very grippy very low to the ground was
not a sports car it’s really a lot more pleasant experience and your parents
meaning they must have been finally cargo is a reason that most people get
minivans and toys made that easy in the CM unlike a lot of crossovers and other
minivans it’s easy to drop the third row here just pull the handle drop the
season the floor then you’ve got plenty of space for your shopping needs or
anything else that you might want to carry with crossover sales up in many
many sales down this could be the better mousetrap that helps to know when the
minivan race for more car related news go to cars.com blog kicking tires . net

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  1. no offense Toyota, but nothing, absolutely nothing, can turn a minivan into a man's car. just saying…

  2. Is it just me or does it seem very wrong to have an "areo package" (spoiler, side skirts etc..) on a mini van?

  3. @StuinthaHouse Agreed!!! It's like they are trying wayyyyyy too hard to be "cool" it's a minivan just let it be a minivan. Leave the good haqndling and performance just get rid of the body kit. Putting 17's and a "grapefruit shooter" on a Yugo doesn't make it a "hot hatch" it's still just a Yugo.

  4. @fabiomes Das ist rikdig (that is correct)! I would rather chop off my c*** than own a mini-van. Wait a second, by OWNING a mini-van, you ALREADY lost your manhood.

  5. Blah Toyota is still boring. This is the best minivan to date however I assume that when the Odyssey is released it will eat this Sienna.

  6. lol this sounds like he's always out of breath. And he says the rear seats are very comfortable, his ass barely fits!! 😀

  7. @fabiomes Why? It's obvious that the most manly part must be perfectly functional in order to have to HAVE a minivan.

  8. @fabiomes But does a car have to be manly? Only if the person who's driving it is not manly enough … you know, whenever I see some of these idiots driving their big trucks or SUVs through the town the first thing I think is small penis.

  9. What a stupid review not numbers no road test no comparison…no peer reviews and the review is only 2 minutes..

  10. There was nothing wrong with this review. He did a great job of exposing the unique features of the SE version. I am conserned about this guy's health though.

  11. @Jetstreet it means for the world not the cus word it is supposed to mean. I did not know when I made my account 🙁

  12. I went into Toyota to get my 1999 sienna ce checked out for a stupid recall and the quality on the inside of the sienna and venza was mostly made of plastic used in the grand caravan an American vehicle. The odyssey drives better I think looks smaller and has an amazing interior. Good effort but your quality sucks now

  13. @aod2k9

    shut the fuck up you douche bag. The previous Odyssey beat the shitty toyota's ass ever since it came out and it still is superior to this new sienna, the styling is fucking ugly and what the fuck? a sporty looking sienna? MY ASS! they can add whatever body kit and rims but it will still drive like SHIT. (sloppy, imprecise steering with no road feel). Maybe you are the one who is an insure toyota fan since shitty toyota's reputation is ruined from their recalls.

  14. @RustyShunt

    who says you get to decide which is the new top van? Have you even driven this POS yet? Im sorry but i prefer to actually drive my car and know im driving it, not drive a crappy sticking accelerater pedal toyota which has no road feel through the steering and it just bland bland bland.

  15. @xoquixxoqafxo wow that comment really shows how insecure Ody owners are about their poor quality vans that have to get their transmissions replaced very often. too bad you are too low class to afford the sienna. bye bye!

  16. @RustyShunt

    its called im a 4th year undergrad in college bud… and i read that article from edmunds. Sure the new sienna has the superior powertrain but the fact that the odyssey is a 6 year old design and it still has more passenger and cargo room shows that Honda designed an excellent minivan to begin with. Already saw the new odyssey and it looks sweet.

    Maybe i hate toyota so much bc their interiors are so cheap with poor fit and finish lately, they are trying to become GM…

  17. @hondaftw1234

    THANK YOU. and this is why toyota is shit now. Maybe if they went back to their old ways of building cars i wouldnt hate them soo much.

  18. @RustyShunt

    kiss my ass you little bitch, most people know toyota is shit now, way to show how ignorant you are about cars by still liking toyotas current product line, its just shit now.

  19. BEST LOOKING MINI VAN I'VE EVER LAID EYES ON….looks really nice. I wanna see it in a glossy black paint finish. It's also very sporty and fast too ? Win Win.

  20. I'm tired of people bashing on Toyota. As far as I know ALL car companies have had recalls on one thing or another. Besides, when companies make mistakes like Toyota, their engineers and designers find new ways to make their cars safer and better. No car company is perfect, all will make mistakes. Mistakes are what drive improvement.

  21. i just bought a black one of these and it is cool if you cart around a lot of kids. put on your xm radio really loud and haul ass. lol

  22. have to admit, as minivans go, this is the best looking, not including the asian market though. there the alphard/veilfire is king

  23. haha so in canada and the us the dodge grand caravan i the best sellin van and NOT the toyota and the honda cuz there SHIT

  24. @TheBlessedbabi appearances are personal opinions you might think it looks cool but its whats inside that makes it pwn..

  25. The outside looks good. But the center-stack dash looks dorky! Plus, why would Toyota put an old-fashioned, plain wire antenna on the passenger's side hood? My, how 70's-looking!!!

  26. i wouldn't say it was 'intended' for me, i think it's more for the younger family (ie like mine) who had a phobia of MiniVans.
    Love the look, i do have a 2005 xle/limited, but this fits us (in looks) much better.
    love the sporty look and feel of this van…big thumbs up for me…might get one this weekend.

  27. i wouldn't say it was 'intended' for me, i think it's more for the younger family (ie like mine) who had a phobia of MiniVans.
    Love the look, i do have a 2005 xle/limited, but this fits us (in looks) much better.
    love the sporty look and feel of this van…big thumbs up for me…might get one this weekend.

  28. @xelxtravieso619x This van is way better than that crappy Nissan Quest, I'd never buy the Nissan even if it was the last car on earth!!

  29. awesome van,very fast,smooth tranny,great looking, se model handles great, neat mags,
    the lexus of minivans!!!! if you are thinking of a minivan go drive one-you'll be pleasantly surprized

  30. Whoever posted you think the Nissan Quest is better…have u seen the crash test rating? Nissan Quest was the worst lol. Sienna and Odyssey were the top with minimal injury…do your HW smh

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