2012 | Scion | IQ | Pair Phone Via Bluetooth | How To By Toyota City

2012 | Scion | IQ | Pair Phone Via Bluetooth | How To By Toyota City

Hi, this is Badou from Toyota City & Scion (Brookdale Toyota) and today I’m going to show you how to connect a cell phone via bluetooth to a 2012 Scion IQ. And we’re going to use an Android based phone, a Blackberry, and an iPhone. The very first step in connecting this particular iPhone to my stereo of this Scion IQ via
bluetooth is going to be want to go through the settings here and I want to make sure that my
bluetooth is turned on so we’re going to select that feature
and notice that is automatically starts to search for devices. Now I’m going to go to the head unit itself and if I push in this volume button it’s going to bring up some of these
settings and I can go up until I find bluetooth here. So now that it’s highlighted because
this little circle is right next to bluetooth, I’ll push in and it’s going to ask me as you
can see here to go to bluetooth pairing and that’s where we want to go, so we want to select that and now it’s searching and we’re gonna come back to the iPhone here
and you’ll notice that it’s found car audio and it’s not paired so we’ll go ahead and select it now they’re gonna start communicating
and essentially determining which services are supported and as soon as it’s, there we go, it says
that we’re connected and so does the screen here. Now whenever I back out all the way we’re gonna know that we’re connected
via bluetooth because notice down here we have that bluetooth symbol on the bottom and that’s an indicator that we are in
fact connected and ready to go. I’m going to move onto the next device and show you how that one works. To connect this blackberry device here
what I need to do is find a connections tab. So I’m going to go ahead and maximize this panel here and I can scroll all the way down and there it is right here. So while I’m under this “manage connections” tab what I want to do here is make sure that bluetooth is turned on which, in this case, it is I can scroll down and notice that over here it gives me networks
and connections so I will select that scroll down to bluetooth connections and we’re going to go to “add a new device.” So from here I’m going to search for new device and while
it’s doing so we’re going to go back to the head unit here push in the volume button to bring up my menu settings, twist it to highlight bluetooth and once it’s highlighted I’m going push
bluetooth again and now we’re on bluetooth pairing and that’s where we want to be so I’m going to push in to get that going and now we’re going to notice that on the phone
itself it’s going to find this particular
device so once that’s done going all the way through the search there it’s named, “car audio.” So we’re gonna select it allow the two to communicate for just a second here now when we’re on this particular screen here what you want to do is scroll down to “do not display this prompt again” and once I have this checked in the car will automatically connect
with this phone every time I start it rather than me having to do this search
every single time again so it’s critical that you do select this particular
feature so you do not get asked everytime whether you want to connect then we’ll
say “yes” to connect and it’s decided on which services
are available once it’s connected you’ll notice that on the screen here we’re gonna have this bluetooth icon
that pops up and this symbol is just letting us know that our phone is, in fact, connected. We’re going to move on to the next one and
I’ll show you how to connect an Android phone this time. Now to connect this Android device here what I’m going to need to do is go through my settings here and we’re going to go through wireless
and networks and we’re going to notice here first that the
bluetooth is turned off so to turn it on, I’m just going to check this box and it’ll take just a second, there it is and right below that, we have bluetooth settings. so some of the things we can do here are
going to be making our device discoverable and scanning for devices here so now we’re going to go back to the head unit and from here I’m going to push in the volume knob just once and it’s going to bring me into this menu settings and I’m just going to go until bluetooth is highlighted the first option it gives me is bluetooth pairing and we’re going to go ahead and say push in yes and while we’re scanning for devices on
the phone you’re going to notice all of the sudden it’s going to find it here and it’s going to change the name in just a second to car audio and what this will do, once it’s showing car audio and even at this point here I can select this particular device and it’s gonna start communicating with
the vehicle to determine which services are in fact available. So as soon as that’s done we’re going to
see onto the screen this little bluetooth icon that
pops up again on the bottom row to let me know that we are, in fact,
connected via bluetooth. I’m Badou from Toyota City & Scion (Brookdale Toyota). Thank you for watching.

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  1. my iphone 5 won't accept power from the usb port. know anything about this? also, pandora on the sources using bespoke doesn't work. help. thanks.

  2. Thanks!!! I have 2013 Scion IQ and my Iphone was connected for 2 years and it dropped…..I pushed everything……you are awesome!!!!! wooo!

  3. Just bought a 2013 Scion xB that came without any manuals. I figured out everything except how to pair my phone with the Bluetooth. I watched this video and went outside and had it done in a couple minutes. Thank you.

  4. Mine says "BTA no connection". I don't understand because one day it works and then the next day it doesn't. Please help….. It's paired and it has been working but then it suddenly stops and gives me that error.

  5. Is there a way I can play music through my Scion I was able to connect my phone thanks to this video wondering if I have the option of playing Pandora through this car does anybody know the answer to that question mark

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