2013-2014 Shelby GT500- Bolt On Build Ups: Stage 3

2013-2014 Shelby GT500- Bolt On Build Ups: Stage 3

Hey guys, Justin with AmericanMuscle.com
here with the Stage 3 Power Pack bolt-on buildup for all 2013 and ’14 GT500’s. What we’ve learned
over the course of these first two Power Packs is that these cars are huge overachievers
right from the factory. We also learned that they respond incredibly well to mods, picking
up huge amounts of power, even with the most basic bolt-ons like we saw in the Stage 1
Power Pack. But we also learned that these cars tend to run out of breath pretty quickly,
especially when those power and boost levels start increasing. So in the Stage 3 Power
Pack we installed a few mods on to our 2014 GT500 that should help it breathe a lot easier
in the quest for laying down 700 wheel horsepower. But before we get started I just want to remind
you guys to subscribe to our YouTube channel if you haven’t done so already for more bolt-on
build-ups, some of our product overviews, and of course more project cars. One of the biggest bottlenecks on any car
is the factory catalytic converters. Now even though Ford did a great job and designed some
pretty high flowing cats here for the 2013 and 2014 GT500, for the purposes of our Power
Pack, they just had to go. In its place now is a stainless steel 2 3/4 inch
off road X-Pipe, which does, of course, eliminate those factory cats, greatly improving our
exhaust flow. Helping us achieve that more aggressive tone,
we installed the Axle-Back from Kooks Performance here. This is the Kooks Performance Axle-Back
Exhaust system with the Quad Tips in place. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of
the factory GT500 exhaust from the looks down to the tone, but what Kooks has done is actually
use their 40 plus years in the exhaust field and improved upon the factory design. We’re
looking at a 3-inch oval race muffler with the dual 4-inch polished tips, giving it that
signature GT500 look. Now this Axle-Back paired with that off road X-Pipe just produces an
exhaust sound that is totally evil. In fact, listen for yourself. With everything taken care of with the exhaust,
let’s move to the intake here where we saved the best for last. Now when I say the best
in this case is the throttle body, a lot of you guys are probably going to go, really?
But the truth is, upgrading the throttle bodies on these 2013 and 2014 Shelby’s usually yields
massive results. And at this point in our build it’s pretty much become a necessity. The lower balancer we installed in Stage 2
has increased our boost by spinning our TVS Blower much faster, while the JLT Big Air
Intake has essentially let more air into our motor. However, the only thing standing between
those two parts, the supercharger and the intake, was the factory throttle body, basically
causing a massive bottleneck. In its place now we have a huge upgrade. The
Ford Racing Super Cobra Jet Throttle Body. This is actually the same throttle body used
on the purpose-built Cobra Jet drag car, so we know it’s proven. It’s designed to replace
the twin 60mm stocker with a massive mono-blade oval design, which actually outflows
the twin 65mm throttle body from Ford Racing by a couple hundred CFM. Since
it is built by Ford Racing, of course the quality electronics and fitment are all completely
dead on as you might expect. And best of all, it’s really going to uncork the airflow entering
our Trinity motor. With all of our Stage 3 mods in place, we’re
going to get Mike J. in here from the Bama Bama Performance Team to talk a little bit more
about what we did. And more importantly get a much-needed tune for our Shelby. All right Mike, as you and I were talking
about, man, the whole theme for this Power Pack was just helping our 2014 breathe
a lot easier. Well it definitely needed it.
As we saw in our baseline runs, the car’s making great power, but it’s running out of
breath in the upper RPM range. So we add a throttle body, we add exhaust, we’re really
going to see improvement there. Awesome, and now we know these
big monoblade throttle bodies are a little tough when it comes to drivability, tuning
and all that stuff. Tell these guys how the Bama Team is going to tackle that. A lot of Dyno time and a lot
of logging. And you’re right, those are key factors. Idle and part throttle drivability
are probably the most key things you want to focus in on. We did a really great job
on this of nailing both of them, and then we got to play with the fun stuff, which is
full throttle. All right, speaking of fun stuff,
guys, I think this thing’s going to be well over 700, or at least just around there. Mike,
are you with me on that, man? What do you think? I think we’re going to be right
there. And if not, just a tad bit over. But I wouldn’t count her out. All right, let’s do it. At the end of our Stage 2 Power Pack, our
2014 GT500 was laying down 657 horsepower, and 696 pound feet of torque at the rear wheels.
With everything installed here in the Stage 3 Power Pack, our GT500 is now putting down
a very impressive 709 horsepower, and 727 pound feet of torque. That gives us a peak
gain of 52 horsepower over our Stage 2 numbers, and gains of 65 horsepower, and 57 pound feet
of torque throughout the curve. So to recap, our baseline run with our stock
2014 GT500 gave us 600 horsepower and 544 pound feet of torque. With all three Power
Packs installed the car was now making 709 horsepower, and 727 pound feet of torque,
giving us a peak gain of 109 horsepower over those baseline numbers, and curve gains of
163 horsepower, and 193 pound feet of torque. These Power Packs featuring the 2013 and 2014
Shelby GT500’s show why these cars are at the top of the food chain when it comes to
muscle cars. That’s because, honestly for the money there’s nothing that can touch the
power that these things are capable of. Especially when given a little help like we demonstrated
here with our Power Packs. We hope you guys have enjoyed the bolt-on
build-up for the 2013 and 2014 GT500. And remember, for all things Mustang keep it right here
at AmericanMuscle.com

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Hey guys i think it would be really cool if you guys did a build up on an older stang such as a 65' or something around there. Maybe do an engine sway with a modern  5.0 or somethin like that. love the videos and your products.

  2. I think one thing missing from these bolt on build ups would be a before and after 1/4 mile run, that would be really awesome.

  3. It's an awesome car, but desperately needs cams. Look at the drop off after 6k. If you can keep that power up to 6500, watch the E.T.s drop substantially. It's still a nice package you guys have though.

  4. Do you guys have any plans to do any build ups for the 96-98 Cobras? I think with their price dropping they're a lot more prevalent.

  5. I have a question, what is the different between a normal Exhaust Pipe and a X-Pipe thanks for help. Greats Chris

  6. Over 700HP at the wheels thanks to our friends at Bama Performance!  #shelby #shelbygt500 #ford #mustang  

  7. Hey have you guys gotten your hands on a 2015 mustang, I personally prefer the 2013-14 models, but I would like to see a 2015 Roush, love the channel btw!!!!!

  8. FYI…That is not a Stainless works 2 3/4" X-pipe but a JBA 3" X-Pipe part 1798SX that is shown in this video. Very nice!

  9. Whats up with Justin's project car? Haven't seen a video on it anymore is it done or did I skip a video?

  10. Great looking and sounding upgrade!! I have a question though about the tune for the mono throttle body. Has BAMA already figured out and programmed the BAMA tuner so if I get one I can tune it in my driveway or am I still going to have to go through all the dyno and hours of trying to figure out the tune to make it idle like it should?

  11. 709 to the wheels. The New Hellcat challenger make 707 in crank! I'd love to see a drag race between these two. It'd be fun to see the fat Hellcat beaten by the previous generation of mustang. Can't wait for the 2016 svt.

  12. How much power would it make without using the catless x pipe?
    I mean having more power is good but having
    A catless car means it's super pollutant and smells really bad( and it's bad if you have friends following you with a car)
    this car does like 5mpg when WOT

  13. Would it still not be wise to treat this car as a daily driver? Justin kind of addressed the issue at the beginning, but does just opening the car up to breath really increase engine life a notable amount? If I spend 50,000 on a car, I want it to last over 10 years, lol.

  14. Have you guys attempted a build with the same or similar power level that is still street legal? Maybe better cats and a little more boast. Also, I've never attempted a build capable of this much power that could run with lower octane gas during normal street driving and a switch in tune and better gas for weekends at the track. Any thoughts?

  15. Great video! I've got a bone stock 2014 GT500 myself, (if you wanna see it it's in my latest video), and I was just wondering if a 3.4 Whipple would do good for my car. I'm not gonna do the 2.9 Whipple because its simply too small and I want to go big. I am definently gonna do more mods too. Gonna add a JLT Carbon Fiber CAI, Cobra Jet Throttle Body, 2.4 Upper Pulley, Custom Tune, 3.4 Whipple, and keeping the stock exhaust but removing the cats. Also, what kind of numbers do you think I could put down with these mods? Hoping over 750 crank horsepower. Thanks.

  16. hey justin, will you guys do some 2013 boss 302 builds? I'm in the market and want to know how to get these type of numbers from it… can you help?

  17. What stage would the whip ole super charger kit be if added to this stage three set up. I'd love to see you do a video adding this kit and other parts needed to run it. Love the videos. I have a 2013 gt 500. Based on these mods U won't have to spend $40,000 sending my car to Shelby for a supersnake conversion. Looks like if save a lot just adding your parts from the site. Please let me know. Sweet upgrades on this video too.

  18. Found these videos by accident and am currently looking at a low kilometer, 10,000 kms (canadian car) 2014 GT500 and will definitely buy these upgrades if I can buy that car.. the sound is AMAZING and the numbers don't lie… good job American Muscle keep up the good work!!

  19. not bad about 2k in parts maybe another 1k on install and tune/dyno

    700 daily rear HP for less than 60k is amazing

  20. Which x-pipe is in this build I didn't catch the exact one in vid, I'm in process now of purchasing a 2014 GT500 stock w/ 12k miles and want to do all three power packs. But need to know which parts to order? Also noticed your site doesn't list the CAI in carbon fiber or for stock GT500 supercharges where can I find it, and why do you no longer carry the innovators west balancer? Thx guys and great work, your videos got me back into mustangs after a 20yr laps. Lol.

  21. Great share! Combine Stages 1, 2 and 3 and you're looking at just over 3K and that is huge! I think the only thing I would do different is the exhaust setup. I like the sound made by the Shelby 1000. Of course a lot more is done to that engine internally to help with its sound but the exhaust note from it's setup is unparalleled so I would try to replicate it initially with the same setup exhaust wise to start.

  22. Good lord that sounds amazing! What I wouldn't do to own one one of this beauties! The way things are going, it doesn't seem like I'll be waiting for long 🙂

  23. Forgive my ignorance, but will the augmented torque result in any noticeable premature mechanical failure in the transmission or rear differential since the mechanical elements weren't designed for torque in excess of roughly 630 lbf-ft?

  24. how would these mods work on a 2010 gt500 and would the gains be as impressive or what would be the best bang for the buck changing the eaton charger for the 2.3 unit on the 13 and 14 cars with throttle body and would injectors need to changes as well

  25. Would have been nice to see the gains with only TB/intake & tune….for the folks who have to get inspections and still require the cats to be in place.

  26. I remember watching these videos 5 years ago when the GT500 was my dream car. Now the GT350R has won me over.

  27. Seems like great gains! Couple of questions. A lot of people were wondering where the Long tubes were and I agree, especially if you’re deleting cats anyways. Is there notable power over these parts going with headers? Also I noticed on the graphs that you guys weren’t taking advantage of the 7k rpm in this stage 3 kit. Was the computer cutting it out? Thanks and I love you guys’ content.

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