2013 BMW X1 Review

2013 BMW X1 Review

Hi this is Joe Bruzek from cars.com we’re
here with the 2013 BMW x1 now the x1 is a brand-new SUV to the BMW
lineup and it’s the entry-level offering and it has an entry-level sighs and an
entry-level price but you can’t really think of the x1 as purely an SUV as it’s
more of a large hatchback and that has its pros and cons the next one is
smaller than the x3 in almost every dimension and that makes it extremely
easy to drive and very nimble to get around the turning radius is also
shorter thanks one small exterior sighs his less
noticeable on the inside especially up front where I have plenty of room
there’s good legroom about six feet tall and it’s very comfortable very nicely
sized that plenty of headroom as well where the X 1 small size shows up is in
the back in the rear seat room as well as the cargo room at the back seat is
pretty narrow in there is a large bump for the rear wheel drive and all-wheel
drive of the x1 and the cargo area is considerably smaller than the x3 the one
of the ways the X 1 shows that it is the least expensive the smallest of the most
hatchback like is the rear cargo with gate you cannot get a power liftgate on
the x1 you can on the x3 if you look around this particular X 1 you’ll see some m badges now BMWs M
division does not have a high performance version of this but it’s the
M Sport Line now the x1 can have a few different
lines that are oriented towards luxury sport or this M Sport & M Sport is what
makes the x1 so fun to drive next one comes in a few different flavors you can
get the four-cylinder a six-cylinder where we’ll drive or all-wheel drive
this x1 has a rear wheel drive in the base four-cylinder engine and makes 240
horsepower it may not seem like a lot but it is a
potent engine that makes driving the x1 and absolute blast and that pairs with an
eight-speed automatic transmission the m-sport package is a blast to drive
but that comes at the sacrifice of comfortable ride quality when you hit a
bump you absolutely know it the low profile tires and the stiff
suspension are especially apparent to rear passengers who will be jostling
around over rough roads the theme of not being entry level up
front and its size continues to the quality of the interior it feels very much like the x3 with a
very good-looking materials all over and there’s a mix of hard plastic and soft
materials but the texture and the patterns are nice enough to wear it
doesn’t feel like an entry level experience now if this were a sports car i wouldn’t
even mention the cup holders but being a hatchback / SUV where you’re going to
have to commute in the mornings every day the cup holder situation is not a very
good one there’s this removable cup holder here
that doesn’t hold a bottle of water very well at all you definitely don’t
want to put something hot in there and there’s one cup holder with easy access next to the emergency brake in the BMW
x3 and other BMWs you have an electronic parking brake that’s activated by a
button you kind of get the entry-level feel in the x1 because it has this hand
brake instead of the electronic one I actually
prefer the handbrake but in a lot of premium SUVs you’re
seeing the electronic one and take over the next one may be a hodgepodge of SUV
and hatchback but its price and gas mileage lean more
towards the hatchback side you can get up to 34 miles per gallon highway rating
with the x1 it starts around thirty one thousand dollars with destination now
with the x3 starting at nearly forty thousand dollars now that’s with standard all-wheel drive
if you can give up a little bit of room and you want that fun to drive
experience the x1 is an extremely compelling option and yeah

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Most cars–good cupholders, mediocre driving experience. BMW–mediocre cupholders, good driving experience. I'll take the BMW….

  2. Seen a few of these in person, and gotta say I like it aesthetically. Surprising because I don't really care one way or another about the X3 and X5. I guess if I were in the market for a 3 series I'd probably pick this up as an alternative to the wagon since the turbo I6 isn't available in it.

  3. I love my x1. I got a 2 just absolutely love it. gas mileage is great, very funny to drive and awesome on long road trips.

  4. You are a bit wrong about the handbrake, not necessarilya handbrake means it is for entry level cars. For example,the new 3 series and the new 4 series coupe come with handbrake and not electronic brake.

  5. I drove one of these from Toronto to Pittsburgh. It was fun to drive but, he was bang on about the back seat and cargo space. It's tight. Oh, and the seats were really hot. Even though I had the temp turned way down in the car my back was still sweaty. Really odd, if anyone is interested in this vehicle make sure you sit it is for 15-30min. Even my buddy in the passenger seat said the same. It's like the seat is designed in a way that dosent let your back breath.

  6. WHICH IS BIGGER THE 328i or the x1. I think the x1 is better than the 3 or at least THE SAME EXACT THING…

  7. entry level model has the worst seats of all time! i've had one with awd, base features (33k) and it is so uncomfortable its insane. has nothing to do with size, just seats and i suspect the run-flats don

  8. Cup Holders are generally designed for Cups (as in Coffee from your shop of choice) not water bottles… they fit much better in the door pockets (and good luck opening one when your in the car alone.)

  9. I have a 13' X1 35i which is basically a lifted 335i and it hauls. I've embarassed many cars with it as I love the sleeper status. With some mods you are at 400/400 @ the wheels.

  10. I guess im really not that kind of person to hurt a person feeling like yours niether nobodys else .your a great person we can one day be good friends 🙂 see you around

  11. What an idiotic Review.STOP COMPARING THIS TO THE X3, if someone wanted an X3, they would go buy one, Just shut up and review the X1 on its OWN MERITS Rather than X3 THIS X3 THAT X3 THIS X3 THAT

  12. Too short vid, and I'm agree with GoldenBoy, you cannot compare the X1 with the larger X3, other class, more expensive and the X1 have enough horsepower for taking a 1500 kg caravan … why should I buy the X3, no sense to me.

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