2014 4Runner How-To: Crawl Control | Toyota

2014 4Runner How-To: Crawl Control | Toyota

(mic tuning)
– [Announcer] (clears throat) Toyota 4Runner Crawl Control. (rock music) Okay. You’re heading up a
climb over rocky terrain or down a steep descent. This is where the 4Runner’s
high tech takes effect. Hop in and let me tell
you about Crawl Control. In extremely rough off-road conditions, Crawl Control allows travel
at a fixed, low speed without you having to press
the accelerator or break pedal as you navigate the terrain. Crawl Control automatically controls both the accelerator and the breaks, so all you have to worry about is steering and having a blast! Let’s give it a shot. To slip the car into Crawl, the vehicle has to be stopped with your foot on the break. Next, you have to engage
4 wheel drive low range and shift to L4. To do so, shift the
transmission into neutral. Then move the transfer case
lever to the 4L setting. Then shift the transmission
into either a forward or reverse gear. Press the on, off button on
the Crawl Control selector knob to switch it on. Rotate the knob to select the speed and take your foot off the break. It engages itself. Crawl Control offers five
different speed modes, controlled with a dial
on the center console. Select the mode that
best matches the terrain. Crawl Control is awesome for
slow speed, extreme conditions. Places where power doesn’t
mean wearing a red tie. When Crawl Control’s engaged, the system can operate continuously for up to twelve minutes. Keeping the 4Runner at a consistent speed, unless you override it
by stepping on the break or hitting the accelerator. Crawl Control is temporarily canceled when the 4Runner’s speed
exceeds 15 miles per hour. Just imagine tackling tough terrain and only focusing on steering. Simple right? So head for the hills, the off-road is calling and not on your cellphone. (rock music) Toyota. Let’s go places.

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  1. forgive me, we just brought home our new 2016 this evening and the light (on the knob) for crawl control stays on constantly. unlike the neighboring control for terrain type, which turns on only when activated. is this normal? I noticed it seems awfully bumpy at slower speeds, which was a different experience than our initial test drive…
    any help would be greatly appreciated!

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