2014 4Runner How-To: Downhill Assist Control | Toyota

2014 4Runner How-To: Downhill Assist Control | Toyota

(mic tapping) – [Announcer] Toyota 4Runner
Downhill Assist Control, DAC. (energetic music) Hey, you’re an off-road guy. And you wanna hit the rocks and the crags without rattling your teeth? Well, you’re talking to the right SUV. Come on, hop in, time to check out the amazing 4Runner’s
Downhill Assist Control. DAC, if you’re into the
whole brevity thing. At the touch of a button,
Downhill Assist Control helps the 4Runner descend
slippery and steep grades. Here’s how it works. At the top of the downhill grade, stop the vehicle, then
depress the DAC button. The green DAC icon will be illuminated on the instrument panel. As you descend the hill,
the anti-lock braking system works with the active traction control to help keep the 4Runner’s
speed below 15 miles per hour and prevent the wheels from locking up. This allows the driver
to focus on watching the trail and steering. During this operation, the driver should not touch the brakes, as that automatically turns
off Downhill Assist Control. To manually turn off
Downhill Assist Control, press the button again. See the owner’s manual for details on system operation and limitations. All that adds up to more control and less shake, rattle, or roll. So, Mr. Smooth, get out
there and enjoy the ride! (fun music) – [Narrator] Toyota, Let’s Go Places

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