2014 Toyota Highlander Review

2014 Toyota Highlander Review

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redesign 2014 toyota highlander has made significant improvements with its bold
styling and increased family friendliness and technology on the
inside the redesign took a formerly middle of the pack crossover SUV it made it so much more
competitive than what it used to be against some of the segment’s most
notable players like the hyundai santa fe ford explorer and honda pilot the
Highlanders improvements on the inside or just as notable as the ones on the
outside there’s a significantly improved
interior quality styling very nice accents around the dashboard there’s new soft touch materials up
front the cosmetic stitching on the steering wheel and the dashboard are
very nice while those touches are impressive
perhaps most notable are some very innovative features that Toyota has put
in the highlander for 2014 and that includes this multimedia shelf and a
massive center console storage the split top center console storage is massive it looks about normal size on the
outside compared to most suvs but on the inside it is huge so we stuff the whole bunch of stuff in
here we’re gonna start off one two three and for three boxes of cereal and some
french toast sticks there’s exceeding comfort in the front
and the rear seats of the Highlander it’s a very flat wide cushy seating the
seats don’t exactly match the sporting character that Toyota was going for with
a Highlander but in the back you have a lot more room there is actually now room
for eight occupants standard the second row slides and reclines in a 60-40 split I have the driver’s seat position where
i would sit and I have a lot of leg room with the seat slid all the way forward
but sliding back and now i have a ton more and it’s very comfortable I don’t know the new aspect of the
second row is the slide in double feature for the third row now it’s on
both sides the previous highlander it had this function but it was only on the
passenger side there’s no more room for passengers to
climb through into the third row in the third row itself is roomier there’s a
lot more with back here because of a new rear suspension setup is actually
seating for three instead of the previous seating for two it’s not the most comfortable it’s not
as spacious as a Chevrolet Traverse is some of the larger three row crossovers but it’s good in a pinch and with the
sliding second row you can get decent leg room for an adult in the third row there’s finally more cargo space behind
the third row now it’s only up to 13 . a cubic feet from 10.3 but that’s great
considering how little there was before and something is better than nothing but
you’re still not going to get as much room behind the third row behind the
pilot for the ford explorer a power liftgate is one of those features that
once you use once you don’t want to do without it again and highlander makes it
available as standard equipment on the 33 thousand dollar le plus and above
trim level that’s unlike the blind spot monitoring
system that you can only get on the market that’s a trim level but the power
liftgate has a trick up its sweet it’s completely adjustable so you can
lower it to clear your garage program it and now it’s going to open to this
height any other time that you open it the Highlanders driving experience isn’t
it shining attribute and that’s not a huge problem most people buying a
three-row SUV are going to be totally concerned about the ride quality but I
wasn’t a fan of just how choppy and stiff the ride was compared to the previous
highlander which was extremely comfortable in time I went for a much
for your experience in the 2014 and it does handle better than the old one but
it’s not what I would call fun to drive it’s still a little numb as far as a
steering and the brakes and the throttle and while the v6 is potent enough for
the highlander it’s it’s not quick or snappy like the hyundai Santa they
overall you know toyota it’s ok if something looks dynamic like
the highlander but doesn’t drive like it one thing we would like to see is a
blind spot monitoring system on lesser trim levels and not just the forty
thousand dollar limited like it’s currently available the blind spots on the Heighliner aren’t
that bad but it’s bulky enough on the inside that we would like that extra
assurance the old highlander truly was a mid-pack SUV that’s where it’s finished
in our previous 37 thousand dollar 3-row crossover SUV challenge and it just
wasn’t as competitive as far as cargo room interior versatility and it was
just kind of a bland SUV that is no longer the case the 2014 Highlander is
improved in all of those areas and it’s geared up to compete with the segment’s
best ok and yeah

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  1. Looks great compared to the segment players, and compared to the 2nd and 1st gen? LOL looks MILES better. Get with the times people. Look at a 2013 in person. Now go park a 2014 next to it. Yeah, you're welcome. 

  2. Due to the stiffer ride and much higher price of the Highlander I went with the 2014 Nissan Pathfinder Platinum fully loaded model with family entertainment package which includes panoramic sunroof and DVDs screens on both headrest and is just a pleasure to ride. Plus for those extras I would have 8 thousand more on the Highlander Platinum which costs $46,000 when I got the Pathfinder for $38k. I still like Toyota cars but they need to improve the stiff suspension on the Rav4 and new Highlander as they will do for the 2016 Avalon after loyal fans of the model complained about it being too harsh. Only complain I have is with the CVT which revs too high when flooring but other than that we love it!

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