2015-2019 Mustang GT Corsa Quad 4 in. Black Pro Series Exhaust Tips Review & Install

2015-2019 Mustang GT Corsa Quad 4 in. Black Pro Series Exhaust Tips Review & Install

Justin: The Corsa Pro Series Quad Tips here
in black will appeal to the 2015 and newer GT owners out there for a few different reasons. Now first and foremost, maybe you have a 2015
through ’17 GT along with an existing Corsa cat-back or axle-back in, maybe you’ve recently
upgraded to a Roush or similar rear valance that will allow for the use of quad tips. If so, then this product here will certainly
fill out that valance without needing to buy a completely new exhaust system. On the other hand, maybe you’ve recently traded
up or traded in your 2015 through ’17 GT in favor of a 2018 or newer car but decided to
hang onto that Corsa exhaust system. Well, the tips, here again, will allow you
to use that current exhaust system on your new ride, thanks to the simple bolt-on quad
tip layout. Now materials here guys, will, of course,
be that premium 304-grade stainless while the price point will be in the mid to high
$300 range. Installation will, of course, be a simple
bolt-on or clamp-on design, so figure a soft one outta three wrenches on the difficulty
meter here. And the site is gonna call this one an hour
from start to finish but I have full confidence that you guys should be able to knock this
one out a little bit quicker. So again guys, this one really is going to
appeal to just the handful of people out there. Those again who want to convert that dual
tip Corsa to a quad tip setup without buying a completely new cat-back or axle-back or
maybe even to possibly replace an existing damage tip or tips. Maybe you backed into something, whatever
the case, Corsa has gone ahead and made their tips available for purchase in sets of two
and with two different finish options. Obviously, you guys are looking at the black
chrome variant here but you can also find a traditional polished tip here on the site. It’s gonna be about 100 bucks less than the
black options that we’re talking about here today. Now, yes, I know nearly 400 bucks for a set
of tips here is rather expensive but if you know Corsa then you know everything they do
typically carries a rather large price tag and ultimately guys, it’s still gonna be cheaper
than buying a completely new system. But in return for that high price tag, I would
argue you are getting one of the best looking tips in the category if not one of the better
built. Double walled 4-inch tips here is what you’re
looking at made from the best materials out there, that 304-grade stainless we pointed
out earlier and of course built right here in the USA. Now these tips do feature that black chrome
finish which again will be a little bit more expensive and are finished off with the Corsa
logo etched into each one of the four tips here. Now this does go without saying, guys, but
I should point it out that these tips are intended for use on an existing Corsa either
cat-back or axle-back as it does feature the slip style connection for the 3-inch tubing
coming out of that Corsa muffler. But, let’s briefly talk about how you get
these guys in place. And again, extremely straightforward from
start to finish, guys. In fact, to give you a better idea of what
I’m talking about here is a detailed walkthrough along with that quick tool breakdown. Andrew: Tools required for this installation:
three-eighths drive with a 15-millimeter socket, optional is an impact. So this install is very easy. As you can see, we do have a Cora Sport cat-back
exhaust on there now with chrome tips, we’re gonna replace them with the black ones. But I have a 15-millimeter socket on my impact,
I’m just gonna release this clamp and remove our tip. So this has been on there for a while, may
have to twist it. So now we’re just gonna slip our new tip over
our muffler. Get the clamp back in place, get our adjustment
there, get my impact and tighten this up. All right, let’s do that on the other side
too. Sometimes you have to hit the clamp to get
it to separate a little bit more. And with that, that’s gonna wrap up my install
of the Corsa Pro Series Quad 4-Inch Tip kit in black for your Mustang. And for all things Mustang, keep it here at

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  2. Are there any tip options out there for a '18+ stock active exhaust? I have an h-pipe and don't feel the need for a whole system but the stock tips just look sad

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