2015-2020 Mustang GT & EcoBoost Baer EradiSpeed+ Brake Rotors – Front Pair Review

2015-2020 Mustang GT & EcoBoost Baer EradiSpeed+ Brake Rotors – Front Pair Review

If you’re looking to take the brakes on your
2015 and newer GT or EcoBoost Mustang to the next level, then you should certainly consider
adding a set of the Baer EradiSpeed+ front rotors that we’re talking about here today. Now this time the Baers will be the only set
in the category to offer that two-piece design or construction and will be offered in two
different sizes, one for Brembo owners and one for the standard GT and Performance Pack
EcoBoost owners. Your price point will, of course, depend on
your selection, in that regard, but is going to start at that mid $700 level for the smaller
non-Brembo option and land right around 1,000 bucks for the larger Brembo rotors. Now installing a new set of rotors is pretty
painless in the braking world, so figure soft two out of three wrenches on the difficulty
meter here and about two hours or so to get everything swapped out. If you didn’t know, Baer is, certainly, a
major player in the aftermarket braking category and had been producing some pretty killer
components for well over 30 years now, designed to help you and your ride stop much faster. Now, with that said, the same can be said
for the EradiSpeed rotors here, so what do you say we talk about them a little bit more. Right up front, guys, these are going to be
a direct swap with the factory components and are designed to be used with your factory
calipers without issue and, more importantly, without modification. Secondly, and this is a biggie, gang, so pay
attention here, and that is the fact that these will be offered in, again, two different
sizes. The larger 15-inch option will be for the
performance pack GTs equipped with the Brembo calipers whereas the slightly smaller 14-inch
discs, that we just so happen to have here on the table, will be for those non-Brembo
GTs along with the Performance Pack EcoBoost Mustangs. So, again, I know I sound like a broken record
here but I just don’t want you guys to order the wrong set for your ride, pay attention
when ordering. And, yes, we are saying “set” because, obviously,
these things are sold in sets of two for the front end of your S550. But, just a heads up, guys, Baer does also
offer a matching set for the rears which owners can also grab here on the site if you’re looking
to tackle all four corners at once. Now granted this will be a pricey upgrade
compared to a set of power stops or something along those lines, but you have to keep in
mind, again, these are going to be the only rotor options that you can grab currently
on the site that will deliver that coveted two-piece design, and why is that such a big
deal? Well, two-piece rotors have some pretty significant
advantages over a standard one-piece option, the biggest of which being weight savings. Now instead of a one-piece cast iron design,
the Baer two-piece is going to combine an iron friction surface, that’s, basically,
the ring there, with a billet aluminum hat, that’s, basically, the part in the middle. And then they’re going to factor in all of
that drilling, which altogether will help shed roughly 10 pounds per corner of rotational
mass, by the way, which is never a bad thing. Secondly, that aluminum hat in the center
will act as a heat sink of sorts and in turn help keep the brakes a little bit cooler while
also not allowing that heat to transfer to the hub of your Mustang and, therefore, the
wheel bearings, which, in theory, should help prolong the life of the bearings themselves,
especially on cars that see a lot of track time. That’s not really a big issue for most streetcars,
but if you’re tracking your S550 frequently, heat can be an issue over time. Finally, you have to admit, they’d do look
pretty killer to boot. Now, the only real downside of a two-piece
rotor is, essentially, going to be the more expensive price, but there really is no comparing
a traditional one-piece option to the two-piece or the EradiSpeed that we have here. But along with the benefits we just talked
about, the Baers will also include the cross-drilled and slotted design which will also help with
cooling along with expelling the gasses produced during hard braking and help keep the pad
surface clean at all times. Now the rotors had been directionally veined,
and that’s that little detail in between the friction surface, and that’s also going to
be crucial to cooling and help promote air movement through the rotor at all times. We did also briefly mention the billet aluminum
hats here, guys, in the center and those have been secured, by the way, using aircraft or
aerospace hardware, best of all, no safety wiring involved and they’ve already been assembled
for you, so no worrying about that. Everything has been red Loctited and it’s,
essentially, ready to rock and roll right out of the box. And as far as your install is concerned, well,
like we mentioned earlier, swapping rotors in the brake world is probably one of the
easier things to do, simply lift and support the car, unbolt the wheel, unbolt the caliper,
remove the factory disk and replace it with the Baer that we have here. There’s no need to disconnect any brake lines
and, as a result, there’s no need to bleed the system or anything else that would otherwise
stretch your install. So, because of that, figure, soft two out
of three wrenches on the difficulty meter, a couple of hours to complete or less from
start to finish, and just make sure jack and jack stands or on hand lift, whatever you
have access to, and a basic socket set. So, in closing, if you’re looking to upgrade
to a two-piece rotor without fully committing or stepping into an expensive big brake upgrade
with all of the trimmings, then the EradiSpeeds here from Baer will be a nice compromise that
will keep the install easy, thanks to reusing the factory calipers and hardware. And for more info on these and other braking
solutions for your S550, be sure to check them out right here at americanmuscle.com.

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  2. Just yesterday I installed the Baer front rotors and caliper, 11inch SS4. Was a simple install and very very light. Stock front rotor and caliper about 43 lbs, Baer rotor and caliper like 14 lbs. They look really nice too. Good to run 17 inch wheels in front as well. Can't run 17 on stock calipers for 18 Mustang GT.

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