2015 Chevrolet Equinox | CarGurus Test Drive Review

2015 Chevrolet Equinox | CarGurus Test Drive Review

What do T-bills, compact crossovers, and the
Cowboys choking the playoffs all have in common in america they’re all safe bets the
2015 Chevrolet Equinox is about a safe as
digging a hole in your backyard for your money or learning shipbuilding if you live
near the coast redesign in 2010 the 2015 model features
an updated facia and some redesigning on
how they market the thing but we’ll talk about that later right
now let’s just celebrate the Chevrolet Equinox’s copious amounts of ordinary Ok so ordinary isn’t maybe the barest
assessment despite looking like the same Equinox that we had for two years the interiors pretty tech’d out like a lotta
Chevrolets the Equinox comes equipped with WiFi
capabilities which if you have an OnStar subscription means
that you can use your car as a hotspot for about 25 bucks a month and that’s
the bare minimum you can get about 200 megs data a month
which if you ask anybody with a cell phone is
or isn’t a whole lot of data realistically families that are going to
use a lotta data those subscription plans are to be about
50 bucks a month which is worth it if you want to keep your
kids quiet the back with iPad’s the interior scheme is fairly
well thought out even if the buttons and controls seem a little cramped in there storage
all around the Equinox is equal parts copious and accessible an interior space makes a
hell of a lot of sense for families there’s thirty one and a half cubic feet
of space in the back with the seats up 63.7 cubic feet when the seats down a friend that actually moved all of his
life cross-country in one of these things throw in the family dog too the Equinox
comfortably fits five adults with when you get here in the v6 is rated to tow 3500 pounds which is a small boat or trailer full of ATV’s outside the Equinox is a little bit of
a snooze fest but that’s okay because the car really has no pretension
other than being a family hauler which it is the good news is is when
2016 models hit show rooms later this year they’ll have a different front
facia and that’s in preparation for the Equinox moving to a smaller more
progressive platform that underscores the idea that the
current Equinox is on older aging platform that may not
matter to a lot of buyers considering Chevrolet sold 250,000 Equinox the last year which doesn’t
mean that it’s the best crossover on the planet it just means it’s the right size for a
lot of families but it’s not one-size-fits-all the Equinox comes in either front or
all-wheel-drive versions with a 2.4 liter 4 cylinder or 3.6 liter 6 cylinder
married to a six-speed automatic neither version cracks the thirty mile
per gallon barrier in this car the v6 ranges in the low 20s
when it comes to mileage the engine isn’t completely refined but
it’s not super rough it’ll shuffled on the road with plenty of gusto
so but when you press to pass you know that you’re asking a lot from
the busy motor driving the Equinox isn’t aw inspiring
either the boxy frame leans and pitches rolls and rocks under
hurried driving conditions and as a reminder of how old the chassis
is but it’s also a reminder of how much its competitors like the CX 5 really have the compact crossover market
dialed in but the news is not all bad a 22,120 to start and 36,000 here when
equipped like our tester you can get a lot of car for your money
now it’s inescapable that the Equinox is an older crossover on an aging
chassis but for the right amount of money you can
get you guessed it a safe bet for family car

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