2015 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R – An Everyday Bike? City ride and Review | RWR

2015 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R – An Everyday Bike? City ride and Review | RWR

A couple of months ago when I
reviewed the Kawasaki Z1000 It told me basically one thing, most of
us plan to own superbike someday. You guys were really interested but we’re
worried about several aspects I’ve often encountered these questions
from my fellow bikers will I be able to handle a power? can I
use his bike within the city? what about heating
problems? services cost? mileage? Unfortunately, these aren’t
questions that popular reviews cover. and that’s where we come in. on this Republic day, we met up with the
Superbike owner and friend Souma Mandal. He’s pretty new to the liter class ballpark having just upgraded from his Hyosung
GT 650 just a few months ago and what an Upgrade it is, a 2014 Kawasaki ninja ZX-10R. with all the bells and whistles. There is ABS, traction control wheelie control, ride by wire, 3 power modes and a fully adjustable shock absorber, this motorcycle truly represents the advancement of Japanese technology but
what does it mean for the biker on road with our beautiful road conditions? The
bigger your bike gets the smaller fraction of its power you would need in
everyday life, and then it’s a 200 bhp ZX-10R
even one tenth of the power will take you around town just fine. but what people seem to fear is that a
slight mistake in opening the throttle and the bike ending up halfway inside the car up front, well, that is where the power modes come into play. Setting it to low mode makes the
bike like a 600cc and also with a slower uptake Throttle response is slightly softer and this make the bike easy to ride in the city. This is also the rain mode for those guys who are crazy enough to ride a 200 bhp motorcycle in the rain! Riding a big bike within the
city will have certain amount of disadvantages as well… Take for example this larger turning
radius for a motorcycle with clip on handlebars. While I was testing out that part I
found it to be not unmanageable but a little difficult,
because you feel the weight of the motorcycle in corners like this. You should be a bit careful but I think
after a few days, most writers will be able to handle
it just fine. The bike has been modified with an SC Project GP carbon (CRT) Exhaust for a booming sound, let’s just say the cops are not too
happy about but it if you ask me, this is what the bike is supposed to
sound like. I can hear the cylinders in it distinctively and that’s what counts. If you want to check
out the exhaust sound click on link on screen and it’ll take you to the exhaust sound
video. Riding a big bike slow has its
advantages as well, machine designed for speeds of 300
kilometers per hour feels rock stable even at 100
kilometers per hour and at City speeds it almost feels like
stationary. If you have to brake suddenly and hard the rock solid duel
disks and going to feel like an overkill. So, on the city as well as the highway, if
you can just watch your speed limits, this is actually one of the safest bikes
to ride. the bike is mostly an overkill in the
city I mean if you’re looking at fuel efficiency figures the motorcycle
makes about 12 kilometers per liter in the city and about 20 kilometers per liter in the
highway. Does it get anywhere faster than say… A Duke 390? Well, first thing I’d say is that within city limits a 150 cc motorcycle
keeps up pretty well with the liter class bike. Most places have a lot of traffic lights
and so you can catch up very easily on the slower bikes and due to the heavy traffic you can’t use
the power or the accelaration without risking a bit too much. So does it really go anywhere
faster? Well If you are at the front row start when
the traffic lights go green you can disappear beyond everything else
and it is an easy bike to filter with. The clip ons are pretty close
up and you can squeeze tools some pretty tight
gaps… as I was getting caught up by my sumo handlebars on the 390 You can push through even the
smallest gap especially if you can close up the
mirrors remind you that the torque lower down
means you have to do with very little shifting and there is no heating problem
on the bike. Riding within the city for four hours The bike never felt like that the ZX-10R was heating up. My Duke 390 however had he didn’t have a bit so yes City riding is realistic and
possible with this bike. If you don’t mind the fuel efficiency figures. But i cant guarantee you that you can
park the bike and just walk away I mean I would hate to lose those stomp-grips when I come back! and that is exactly what sort of
damage that happens India people take off small
parts from your bike and keep it as a collectible at home. stepped up big like this pretty uncommon Now, if you’re thinking whether you can go 2-UP on this bike There are a few things you need to know about There are no grab handles on this bike. So, your pillion will have to latch on to you, room for the pillion is very less So, I am assuming it’s going to be your wife or girlfriend She should be relatively in comfort if she is thin but all of that weight would end up on you which would take a
heavy toll on your wrists. Most owners prefer going solo on this bike. The advantage of living in India is that
everything from an R1 to a Ducati Panigale gets the same amount of attention
because most people in the crowd don’t know anything about Superbikes. but they just love it. The most of their
knowledge comes from a movie called Dhoom and it as basically motorcycle physics
that can give Eienstein a heart attack! We went to the New Market area to judge the crowd attention, and basically we managed to get
around 50 people surround us within five minutes! You get a lot of questions, guys, girls
women, children everybody looks at you We have seen some commuter motorcycles make adds where everybody looks at the guy riding the motorcycle. Well, with the ZX-10R it actually happened! The motorcycle has the ‘AXE effect’ so
to speak! The ZX-10R not a touring
bike I mean it’s one of the most sportiest
track riding motorcycle but this is India and we don’t give a
f**k! Our job here has always been to buy sportbikes
the went all over the country in touring but never saw the insides up a racetrack.
Because a lot of people buy the faired bikes for their looks but when they take them on a long tour
because they don’t have a touring dedicated bike. its kinda badass! Our owner also went on a 500 km trip to Puri And he was pretty comfortable with the idea of making that trip again. The ZX-10R is a superbike that
most of us can only dream about owning. Yes, the power is scary and the
owners themselves respect that power. Family members worry about our safety as well. But the thrill of ownership is something that can’t be described in a video. But it is something that should be experienced once, During your lifetime. Thanks for watching and if you
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  1. I don't know who will buy this bike…but I Know in some day in my life I will won this beast..thats my promise to all of u😎
    Dream big, work hard,make it happen

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