2015 Nissan Juke | CarGurus Test Drive Review

2015 Nissan Juke | CarGurus Test Drive Review

Hi, I’m Chris Wardlaw for CarGurus, and
today we’re going to talk about the pros and cons of the 2015 Nissan Juke, one of the founding members of the new
mini SUV class of crossovers. Let’s get right
to it, starting with the things that I really
like about the Nissan Juke. Now it’s probably stating the obvious to
say that the Juke is not an attractive vehicle. It’s an acquired taste – it takes some time to get used to it to let it grow on you. Every time I look at one of these I
feel like I’m looking at some TV show on the Discovery Channel. But the thing is is that it is a very
proportionate design, it’s a very well balanced vehicle, and ultimately whether or not its loads
of personality match your own loads of personality is
completely up to you. Now for 2015 Nissan has introduced a new
color studio program which allows you to pick various parts
and pieces to personalize the way the Juke looks. My test car doesn’t have any of those,
because this new solar yellow paint grabs all the attention this thing needs
on its own. Now a Juke is a lot of fun to look
at, and it’s also a lot of fun to drive. What you’ve got
under the hood here is a turbocharged 1.6-liter
4-cylinder engine. It makes a 188 horsepower and 177
pound-feet of torque, and while that doesn’t sound like a lot, you
gotta remember that this is a small lightweight vehicle, and the
torque is peaking basically from around 1600 rpm all the way up to 5200
rpm. That makes the Juke very responsive and
athletic pretty much no matter where you are in the
rev range. Now you combine those attributes with a taut suspension and
responsive steering and decent brakes, and you’ve got a super fun little crossover to drive. Now it’s true that the Juke is small
inside, but I was unexpectedly pleased by how comfortable
it is. Even somebody my size fits behind the steering wheel with no
problem, and the steering wheel is really nicely shaped, it’s terrific to grip, and there’s an
intimacy associated with the controls that really heightens the driving experience.
Now believe it or not I can even fit in the backseat. It is a bit of a tight squeeze, but the
way that Nissan has dished the seats out here and padded them softly so that they’re kind to shins and knees, makes it real easy for adults to ride
the back seat of the Juke for more than just a few minutes. You can
actually sit back here for a cross-town jaunt. At this point we’ve talked about some
the things that I really like about the Nissan Juke, so let’s find out what I’m not so crazy
about. First of all, cargo space. For an SUV this doesn’t have
much. Behind the rear seats there’s 10.5 cubic feet of space. You take that full-size suitcase out, and
you can see that there’s a bin underneath the cargo floor and that the
floor is designed to stay up so that you can put grocery bags back there. If you need more space, it’s real easy
to fold the seats down, and then you end up with 35.9
cubic feet of cargo space. Now to put these numbers into
perspective, they’re both just a little bit bigger than your
standard MINI Cooper. Now previously I said that the Juke’s a lot
of fun to drive, and that is true, but the problem is is that it’s got the CVT – continuously variable
transmission – and while Nissan has done a fairly decent
job of making it sound and feel more like a traditional
automatic, and they even give you this little manual shiftgate here, so that you can shift your own gears, it still really sucks some of the life out of the power train. Another problem is that I’m driving a
front-wheel-drive version of the Juke, and torque steer is ridiculous if you
really punch the gas. Under part-throttle
acceleration it’s fine and this car’s really zippy, but when
you really stomp on it, like if you’re turning right to get yourself
into traffic on a fast-moving road, you’re really wrestling with the steering
wheel. Now if there’s any reason for me to
recommend against buying a Nissan Juke, it has to do with this vehicle’s crash-test performance. The Insurance Institute for Highway
Safety says that in the new small -overlap frontal impact test, which
measures protection if this section of the car
hits an oncoming vehicle or a tree, that the Juke gets a poor rating. Also
the federal government says that frontal impact protection in
general rates only 3 stars overall, and that’s
measured against standards that have been in place since 2011. Additionally, while you can get
a Nissan Connect infotainment system in the Juke, you can’t get Nissan Connect Services,
which would supply automatic crash notification service. In
my opinion Nissan really needs to step it up in
terms of the Juke’s safety. So what’s the verdict when it comes
to the Nissan Juke? Should you go test-drive one right away,
is this vehicle still a work in progress, or should you just cross it right off your
shopping list? While it’s true that the polarizing styling and the cramped
interior only fit certain lifestyles, the real
reason to skip this in favor of one of its competitors are
those crash-test ratings, especially if you’re planning to have a
teenage kid drive one of these things. To see my full review, be sure to visit
CarGurus.com, and thanks for watching.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. But I love, love, love it! Even in yellow! It is a nice shade of yellow, and as for the crash test thing, if it's our time then it's time. LOve that I can see the road ahead of me so clearly. So long as it can climb hills, this will be the car for me!

  2. The yellow makes me happy! If it was a little paler yellow it would be much better, and with a medium Warm Gray … would be nice. The car is sexy and appeals to both men and women. Wish they used more decorator colors and color combinations chosen by women. White, Black, Brown, Blue, Red its a really bad. Look at the aqua color Camry came out with in 2007, Camry never sold more of a color car than that. Its a greyed color mix of blue and greeen. The foreign designs are nice but the color selections leave a lot to be desired. Men design them with colors for race tracks. HARSH EVEN MASCULINE. Might be considered Asian color decorating colors stark and boring crisp and colorless. Lots of cars I pass up just for the colors and lack of proper color selections to match the interior. THE ONLY OTHER CO SELLING A YELLOW CAR IS FIAT AND ITS THE WRONG COLOR, ITS THE COLOR OF A NYC TAXI. WHY DONT THIESE PPL USE THEIR HEAD A LITTLE. WE LIVE IN A HOUSE AND WE WANT OUR CAR TO LOOK LIKE OUR HOUSES.

  3. Hi I just wanted to say I was just in an almost head on collision in a 2013 Nissan Juke I was going no more than 30 mph but the other person in an older Chevy trailblazer was going between 50 and 70 mph and the trailblazer was demolished while my juke only crashed halfway into the front end. I can attest that this is a very safe vehicle.

  4. this guy is off his head, crash test??! since when was that the deciding factor in car reviews? there is risk in driving a motor car – period. No amount of ncap rating will change that.

    what a rubbish review and clueless reviewer.

  5. As far as the crash testing is concerned you maybe right. We had a young man die driving a Juke when a pick up truck hit him coming in the opposite direction.

  6. This is Nissan Joke. Please clean up roads from this garbage. I just do not want to see it
    Apparently in last 8 years or so all car designers but especially Japanese are in fearsome competition whose cars are UGLIER. This one is best example of that

  7. So . . . this week I had a major crash in my Juke SL (I hit a car that pulled out of an at-grade unmarked crossing on a divided highway). It was identical to the front side impact test mentioned in this review. Vehicle was totaled; six airbags deployed. The crash was on the passenger side. Otherwise, I would not have walked away and I might have been killed — 30% of these accidents result in fatalities. I cannot recommend the Juke (though I loved it!) until those safety concerns are addressed. Hey, Nissan — you've known about this for six years. Unacceptable.

  8. Everyone we know calls them a Nissan Puke. " it's not the most attractive car" is the understatement of the century. My god they are FUGLY! It looks like it was designed by a blind person.

  9. "Not an attractive vechile" and "Acquired taste" are two different things. THOUSANDS of people love the look of this car. Some even consider it their "Dream car". If a car takes some getting used to in terms of appearance, its not for you because we all buy with our eyes before anything else. If I don't like the look of a car on the outside, I won't even visit the dealership to have a look on the inside…that would just be the end. So its just one of those things with the Juke. You love it or you hate it. To some its ugly, to others its really nice looking. I just bought a top spec one and it arrives in 2 weeks…I love the jukes. But thats just me. Cars aren't based (in terms of value, quality, style etc) on what some people negatively say about appearance.

  10. The really should've done the interior plastic parts around door window buttons and gear shifter in the color of the car not the standard red

  11. This car is not a car and is not a real utility vehicle either. Not sporty either. Very bad styling since it is ugly and no good use a space. And it does not drive nicely either. A cheap shot for looks ? May I say artificial value. Better off with Citroen that is a real fun vehicle. But is there value in SUVs? My answer is no since your center of gravity is higher so the vehicle will hold the road and break a lot less well. Thumbs down.

  12. Every crash test I look up gives it good marks. It gets a 4 star safety rating from the federal government safety board. You make it sound like a death trap on wheels.

  13. Rear spoiler really helps a ton…mine has one and love the color of mine classic night shade metallic…sun changes it color…sun down it turns black…sun it looks dark brown…sometimes..a little purple..love mine four wheel drive

  14. You know as well as anyone that they CAN'T step up the safety and STILL have a "JUKE". The design prohibits "REAL" safety. Maybe… the 'government' should take it off the road if it's THAT unsafe?

  15. Loo thank you so much for this , now compared to the jeep renegade which one do you think is a complete cross out of my car shopping list

  16. I bought Nissan Juke SL AWD 2013 for my wife she wanted it from the beginning and I was not to crazy about it but after I did the first time I fell in love with this car.I
    Do not care what anybody says this car is fun to drive.

  17. I love the design of this car. SOOOOOO much better than the leaf, Honda Fit, and any other car in that category. I cant believe Nissian quit making the only attractive car that they had!

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