2015 Toyota 4Runner Limited | In-depth Video Walkaround | Sherwood Park Chevrolet

2015 Toyota 4Runner Limited | In-depth Video Walkaround | Sherwood Park Chevrolet

Hello and welcome to another video walk-around by myself Dakota down here at Sherwood Park Chev Today we are going to be taking a walk-through of this 2015 Toyota 4Runner SR5 Limited This is a 4 door, 4 wheel drive, SUV in a Super White colour Under the hood we have a 4 liter V6 engine On the front daytime running lights, front fog lights, and front parking sensors as well as that wonderful chrome accented grille Coming down the side you are going to be riding on top of 18 inch Yokahama mud and snow tires 4 wheel disc breaks, and those wonderful, wonderful wheels there We do have mudflaps down there, as well as that rock guard all the way around And coming down the side you’ll see we do have running boards to assist you in and out of this vehicle Bodyside mouldings to prevent your doors from getting any dents and dings in them Roof rails to help assist you mount anything up there And we do have folding side mirrors that have turn signal light indicators on them As well as little puddle lights down there Alright well there’s a multitude of features on the inside So if you’ll join me I’ll show you them now Helping you into this 2015 Toyota 4Runner We have two remotes here. We have a CompuStar remote And we have the Toyota factory Smart Key remote So there are 3 ways that you can use this to get into your vehicle Number one is using it just as a traditional key fob You can just lock and unlock by pressing the buttons There is a panic button there as well There is also, by pressing that button, and pulling this part out there is just a manual key But the nicest feature of this Smart Key is that you can have it In your pocket, just like that And you can just come up to the vehicle and put your hand on it And it will unlock for you And pressing this button down here will lock it So lock Unlock And coming on in You can see we have a little bit of storage down there on the bottom All the power options here for our windows, mirrors, and locks As well as memory settings for our power seats Coming on to the interior You’ll notice the gorgeous black clad leather front bucket seats that are 8 way power adjustable Including the 2 way back lumbar support And on the side here We have tilt and telescopic steering the power options over here for our mirrors park assist, automatic dimming switch, as well as some other options right there So just coming on in And keeping the key in my pocket, and pressing the brake We have push-to-start technology So she starts up, just like that ABS breaks, traction control of course The odometer reads only 35,932 kilometers There is an external temperature display of 18 degrees Celsius As well as a compass so we are facing South And as you can see on there there is that alert, so we have low washer fluid And now just using the display button here Your average fuel economy, your current cruising range elapsed time, speedometer A couple of other settings there, and right there back to the beginning On this wonderfully designed, ergonomic steering wheel We have options over here for your audio As well as on this side your wireless phone connectivity options, and then there is a cruise control shifter back here A variety of technological features that this vehicle does have includes A 6.1inch LCD colour touch screen That has AM and FM radio, as well as SiriusXM satellite radio As you can see it is a split screen right there, so there is the navigation over there Which if you touch will open up just like that CD player up here, as well as various other options If i just use the home button right here Goes back to the beggining There are a couple of apps on here So your navigation, audio, your phone connectivity once you do have a phone connected up there Bluetooth settings We have as well dual front zone climate control So you can have the temperature set to whatever you like, your passenger can have whatever they want You both are going to have a very comfortable ride As well on top of that we have heated and cooled seats As well as an USB and AUX input down there A little bit of extra storage Cup holders, a beautifully accented transmission shifter You have your mirrors…er windows In the center armrest it’s quite deep storage As well as an additional 12 volt outlet down there There is a little bit of storage on the underside of it too We have some great simulated wood paneling all throughout this vehicle It’s absolutely gorgeous, it just adds another level of luxury to it A very deep, locking glove box with owners manuals of course And coming up to the top, we have a tilt and sliding sunroof Which I can just demonstrate for you So you can have that open when it’s a beautiful day just like today Have the sunshine in, or if you aren’t feeling like being that sunny there is that shade that just closes up Garage door transmitter as well as traction control up here, and hill decline assist and the tilt and sliding for the sunroof like I had shown you before And then just throwing her into reverse we do have a back up camera here as well Alright, well that’s about it for the features up here in the front But if you join me there’s more in the back Coming on into the back you’ll notice more storage there on the door As well as once again that gorgeous leather upholstery on that 60/40 split folding rear bench Which I will demonstrate to you in a minute On the back of the drivers and passengers seat we have map holders As well as the concave vinyl backing which is easy to clean and just gives your passengers just a little bit of extra knee room On the back of the arm rest we have two 12 volt outlets Which is wonderful for your passengers to charge there phones Rear reading lights And in here if you have that folded down We have magical cup holders in there So if you are not wanting to have that third person back here The other wonderful feature about this bench seat, is that it is forward sliding Which I can’t demonstrate for you because I’m using one hand for filming But that is absolutely lovely, you can slide that forward And then just using the button there it will fold down flat And it gives you access to that third-row seating which is a 50/50 split I have the one folded down just for the sake of the video But as you can see it will give you a ton of versatility back there This vehicle does seat up to 7 people So you have a ton of different options there for your passengers and your cargo whatever you happen to be wanting to take with you Back here the One of the features on the Limited is that there is a lock and unlock button here for the rear lift gate which opens up just like that And like I said once again that 50/50 split folding third row seating right there Which you just have to pull this That will fold the little chair part back and then just folding this forward Folds down nice and flat And like I said having that 60/40 rear bench folded down gives you a ton of versatility A 12 volt outlet as well as a 400 AC outlet JBL speakers as you can see back here. There are 6 of them all throughout this vehicle Just closing this up On the back we do have rear parking sensors as well as a trailer hitch You can see how this is an all around perfect vehcile for a family Load the kids up Take them away for the weekend, go camping There are a million different things you can use this vehicle for Once again that back seat And coming on into the front Well you don’t have to take my word for it You can come on down here to Sherwood Park Chev yourself and take her for a test drive We are just a click or a call away I want to thank you guys once again for watching my videos Please dont forget to hit subscribe You’ll get notifications anytime I do new videos I want to thank you guys once again. My names Dakota and I’m down here at Sherwood Park Chev. Have a great day Sherwood Park Chevrolet 500 Premier Way Sherwood Park Alberta

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