2015 Toyota Yaris Review

if you need to save a few of these on
your next new car the updated 2015 toyota yaris is one way to start it’s pretty basic transportation and in
many ways a lot of competitors have set the bar higher than this but did we
mention it’s cheap like before the artist comes in two and four-door
hatchback models no sedan available toyota says it redesigned 4 2015 really
kind of more of a refresh here front center this big triangular grill he
refuses kind of the upper and lower sections last year’s have had a split
grill thing going on actually a more interesting look here for 2015 i gotta
say body color door handles and mirrors are now standard so the yaris avoid that
sort of downmarket cheap car look even in its most basic form the SE model that
we have here that’s the top trim has things like 16-inch alloy wheels unique
headlights here with unique projectors and LED daytime running lights also fog
lights down here the restyled cabin for 2015 has some interesting textures
especially in top trim levels which get this sort of padded texturized material
across the center part of the dash adds a nice bit of an upscale touch here
padding along areas where your arms your elbows kind of fall here along the arm
rests on the door hear things like some metallic sort of texture some silver
here along the door handles adds a little bit of class to this car overall
again relative to the rest of the segment still no center armrest in our
test car here it’s not standard in anytime level which is a little bit odd
the Shelf like dashboard here it does open up a lot of space for your kind of
knees and your legs to kind of fall out here but some drivers might find that
the seat cushions are a little bit too small especially if you have larger
build now speaking of these seats I’m six feet tall i could sit all the
way back here so if you’re much taller than that you might find that the front
seats don’t go far enough back for you other kind of issues here no telescoping
steering wheel still it’s only tilt a lot of cars in this segment now
increasingly offered telescoping steering wheel adjustments other
features kind of also feel a little half-baked here the climate controls
have these sort of crude knobs are very easy to kind of see and feel but you
don’t feel very high quality at all standard power windows drivers one
touchdown not one touch up the cup holders here have this kind of weird
recessed that they sit in in front of the gearshift if you’re putting in a
large travel mug kind of hard to sometimes wedge it in
their standard touch screen stereo but no available back up camera now also
standard bluetooth but no bluetooth controls here for your phone on the
steering wheel you have to actually use the head unit their typical of a
subcompact be ours has a very small 4-cylinder engine but adequate power
when you drive by yourself but a four-speed automatic transmission
instead of the CVTs or six-speed automatic elsewhere in this league thanks for kind of slow noisy highway
passing and not very good gas mileage overall GPA gas mileage combined with
the automatic only 32 miles per gallon outclassed by many in this league the
RSS he has a sport-tuned suspension it absorbs bumps ok at lower speeds but
combined with the cards short overall wheelbase thanks for a fairly busy
turbulent highway ride on the flipside steering and handling both pretty good
actually better than you’d expect in a car like this but other cars like the
honda fit the 40s to prove that ride quality can actually be a lot more rich
than you’d expect for the Norman the subcompact class ers not really there
yet we got to keep going back to that value
equation because under seventeen thousand dollars will get you an
automatic four-door yards with bluetooth power windows and locks and
air-conditioning competitors charge anywhere from a few hundred dollars all
the way to nearly two grand more for similar features now some of these
half-baked features so so gas mileage and some patchy crash-test results will
limit the arses appeal but it should get a few bargain hunters are you one of
them depends on important this is

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