2016 Audi A6

2016 Audi A6

For 2016 audi has updated its A6
midsize sedan with some styling changes some powertrain upgrades and a few
changes to the electronics as well let’s take a closer look now one of the changes to the front end
is the grill which couldn’t go any deeper had to get a little bit wider and
that’s what they did this used to be a really bold looking design now it just kind of fits in they also
redesigned the headlights and the LED daytime running lights around back they
redesigned the tail lights made the rear and look a little bit broader and now
all the trim levels have trapezoidal tailpipes it is as before kind of an understated
but handsome design it also looks a lot like the other audi
cars that might be a good thing in some ways but it’s also kind of a bad thing the powertrain news is good news the base engine which was a turbocharged
two-liter four cylinder is again a turbocharged two-liter four-cylinder but
it’s been changed it gets 32 horsepower more than it did before for 252
horsepower now you can step up from that to the
three-point OT which is what we have here it has a supercharged three liter 6
cylinder it is up 23 horsepower and now has 333
horsepower now the TDI clean diesel engine hasn’t
changed at all and as less horsepower than the four cylinder but a lot more
torque in fact out he says and 0 to 60 it’s quicker we like the power trains
available for the a6 we found with this one that the transmission doesn’t really
have any hesitation which is good it never seems like it’s hunting for a gear
and with the standard all-wheel drive no traction is ever lost it just goes
the steering is a little more disappointing not a lot of feedback kind of Numb even
when you adjust the assist level using some of the controls it’s not a huge deal but i have to be
clear we’re obligated to talk about the finer aspects of the driving and I think
the average person could get in this car and never think twice about things like
steering feel they’re more likely to think about the ride quality and in that
regard I was a little disappointed in this car as equipped because it has the optional sport
suspension and 20-inch wheels and that makes the ride firmer than I’d like it
to be especially in what is otherwise a very comfortable car there are some driving modes that audi
handles quite well they let you set your individual
preference that way you can just jump to your individual mode instead of relying
on the predetermined modes that they have for you one thing that disappointed
me was the car used to have a button just out here that you could hit and
change your driving mode your drive select mode now it’s only on the display
here you have to hit the car button first bring it up on the menu this is actually a bit of a
disappointment comes out he’s pretty good at giving you buttons that you can
hit when you need them without going into the menus one example
if you don’t like the blind spot monitor the buttons right here you just reach up smack it same thing for the head-up
display which you know if your spouse likes it and you don’t the buttons are right here on the side
just hit it once and it’s off this also lets you change the brightness and the
height and actually goes really high the interior quality and the a6 is quite
good there’s no leather-clad dashboard or
anything like that at least not base but the quality is still good one I think exception is we kind of wish the
windowsill as it were we’re not so hard which they have padded
a little bit more now even though most of their controls make some sense to me there’s one that’s a real puzzler and
that is you can hit both the heated feet and the cold seat turn them both i’m at the same time that
has to be a german thing bears noting that leather seats are
standard in the a6 that’s very uncommon among luxury vehicles especially the
German so that’s a positive one of the big changes for 2016 just a aside from a couple you know
chrome strips here and there on the interior is improvements to the
multimedia interface system the MMI which is technically an option but good
luck finding a car dealership that doesn’t have it one of the things it does is adds faster
processors so I was never super slow to begin with but knowledge
you know right on the money same thing for the Supplemental display
between the gauges they also added 4g LTE capability which
among other things gives you google maps actual you know pictures that come in
really quickly and zoom really quickly along with the hidden changes in the
electronics one very welcome change is the a6 now has USB ports used to be just
a connector for Apple devices here in the back seat I’m six feet tall and I have enough
headroom and legroom is also pretty good with the seat ahead of me all the way
back my knees are raised a little more than
I’d like and i have to say for a midsize car I kind of expected more space back
here but if you compare the dimensions this
is actually more legroom than you get in the 5-series the e-class and the cts the
a6 has a slight advantage over its competitors with 14.1 cubic feet of
trunk volume of the BMW has 14 the Caddy 13.7 and the e class 12.9 even more
important there’s a split folding back seat that
lets you extend the space into the cabin and that’s standard here as it is in the
BMW now with a price starting about forty-seven thousand dollars for the
base a six it’s actually a pretty good deal it is
more expensive than the Cadillac but cheaper than the two German competitors
the changes for 2016 really keep it a nice well rounded up to date car I definitely would consider it if I were
shopping but you might want to think twice about that sports suspension make
sure it’s not too firm for you

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. To me, the strangest change in Audi's cars has been the recent reversal of the lock/unlock door buttons. It's intuitive to press the top button to unlock and lower button to lock. Yet Audi has revered that. It confuses everyone in the car. Why??

  2. I wonder if the 4 cyl model still has the advisory in the owner's manual: Vehicle may use up to one quart of oil per 700 miles?

  3. Audi A6 never had a button to control the cars dynamics even before the facelift. This was always done through the central MMI.

  4. Looks good, but the power trains are not modern. For an automaker like Audi, I expect a little more when it comes to using power trains. In this case, the engines seem a generation old. Most automakers today have naturally aspirated 3.6L v6 with 300 HP.

  5. This guy is the worst reviewer out of the cars.com team. Some of the negative insights he gives is just nitpicking. If you don't want your seat heated and cool then turn one of them off ffs!

  6. this car looks like trash and i say that as german…poor audi getting more ugly with every Generation. since 3-4 years

  7. I keep hearing this comment from reviewers ridiculing the German car manufacturers (BMW and Audi so far hence the 'German' reference) for permitting both heated and (supposedly) cooled seats at the same time.  Here's the score–they're not cooled, they're ventilated.  If they were actually refrigerated, I'd be right there with you calling these guys 'numpties' but ventilating a now very-hot piece of leather is a great idea; it stops your back from collecting nice little pockets (nay, buckets) of sweat.  All of my BMWs have this… and there's a good reason for it.  So stop giving the Germans reasons to mock us :0)

  8. I don think Cars.com nows shit about the cars itself. I suggest you guys stick to selling them rather than reviewing them.

  9. Is it just me or did not he whine and complain the entire review? Take some notes from Cnet Autos, Steve Hammes, Rosenthal, MotorTrends, or anyone esle. Awful car review.

  10. The CTS is not a competitor of the A6. That would be the XTS. (The CTS competes with 3 Series, A4, and C-Class.)

  11. Anyone who is considering this car needs to examine how the tail lights look at night. They look like two Pringles mustaches! Completely awkward and ruins the car. Makes me wonder about Audi…

  12. Piece of shit review. He obviously doesn't care for Audi. How condescending and patronizing Is he to the average driver

  13. This might be the most boring review I've ever watched. Zero enthusiasm. "We're obligated to talk about the finer aspects of the driving." Wow…..

  14. Horrible review. The way he talks it sounds like he hates Audi and was forced to do the review at gunpoint. Almost sounds like riding in the Audi was distasteful for him. He uses the word "disappointing" and "disappointment" over and over. Which interestingly is a good word for this review.

  15. is it possible to remotely start the A6 via a phone app? like what ford did in their 2017 models… (ford pass)

    i know that there is an app for audi i think its called audi connect but im not sure if you can start the engine with it

  16. Cars looking alike is a german thing,i guess. look at BMW, Mercedes, VW, Porsche. You can never see a german car and not recognise it.

  17. Hi guys i want to ask you’re opinion; which car is better to buy for taxi business in the uk ? 🇬🇧 Audi a6 or Mercedes e class e220d ? Please help me out

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