2016 Faraday Porteur Electric Bike Video Review

2016 Faraday Porteur Electric Bike Video Review

Hey folks this is Peter, from BikesAndLife.
Now I’m out here on this beautiful February afternoon to show you a bike that I’ve been
excited about for years. Now this is a bike that was launched on Kickstarter in 2012 by
Adam Vollmer. And Adam, who founded Faraday Bikes had a vision to combine high tech cutting
edge technology with timeless design. And that’s something that I really think he’s
been able to accomplish with the Faraday. One of the things you’ll notice about Faraday’s
design is that they really went with a minimalist look and a feeling. Faraday wanted to come in at 39 lbs. And to
do that they dialed back the motor power a bit and they were able to dial back the battery
power in tandem with that. So although you don’t have a bike that can do maybe 28mph
or carry a 300 lb load the Faraday can certainly handle your everyday commute and it can get
you around easily, in style, with less effort. Riding an electric bike is all about adventure.
It’s about exploration. It’s about fun. It’s not about fitness in the same way that a regular
bike is – although you do get a workout. But, you know, especially with a bike like the
Faraday you’re just out to have fun. You’re out to relax. You’re out to see the world
in a different way. Alright well we’ve arrived at one of my favorite
coffee shops in New York City: Koru Kuma. We’ll talk about some of the details of this
beautiful Faraday Porteur. The first things that I want to talk about
are the obvious things – the big things. And the first thing that you see is the frame
on the bike. It’s a beautiful steel frame. It’s actually made in Taiwan – designed in
California. And this frame is incredibly lightweight for being steel. The bike is only 39 lbs without the basket.
Probably about 41-42 lbs with the basket. Now, again, I’d really recommend getting that
because it just completes the feeling of the bike. The ride is more stable. The bike is
more practical. The other thing you’ll notice right away when you look at the bike is the
leather grips, the leather seat, and bamboo fenders. So all of these things go into making
the bike cooler overall. The Faraday is a great bike for getting around
cities. It’s stable. It’s fast. It’s comfortable. If you’re feeling a little winded you just
flip the power switch on and then you have a 20 mph boost that’s delivered through the
front hub motor right here. It’s a 250 watt motor with a 350 watt peak
and it’s actually geared. So there’s little gears inside here that help spin the motor
forward as you’re going down the road. It has a range of 15-20 miles on a charge
and you can charge up this battery in just 3 hours. One of the last things I want to talk about
is the belt drive gearing system on the Faraday. With a belt drive you actually have a super
quiet, low maintenance, very very clean system. I’m touching this and there’s just nothing
coming off on my hands because a belt drive doesn’t need grease. So this belt drive is
a huge benefit to the Porteur compared to say, the Porteur S or really any bike with
a chain drive. Well hey, thanks so much for watching our
video on the Faraday Porteur. If you want to see the Faraday Porteur S which is the
spec’d down – little less expensive – model of the same bike you can click right up here
to see me riding that through the streets of New York during a snow storm at night.
Or, if you want to check out a completely different electric bike – something more high
powered, something longer range, something more high tech – you can click down here to
watch our video on the Stromer ST2. Of course, as always, subscribe to our channel by clicking
right here in the middle. At Bikes And Life you can always expect great video reviews,
cycling knowledge, event coverage, and lots more! Remember, you can order your Faraday Porteur
shipped right to your door – tuned up, assembled, and ready to ride. Check that out at BikesAndLife.com. As always: thank you, take care, and have

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  1. Great video Peter! I think you captured the spirit of the Porteur perfectly and demonstrated the beauty of a light weight ebike. Adam told me the new app (due in Fall 2016) might even let the bike go above 20 mph and function as a speed pedelec! The motor is still limited in term of power but getting assistance above 20 like that would be really neat.

  2. I love the look of this bike. Very stylish and streamlined. Doesn't have that clunky electric bike look. Thaks for your great video!

  3. Good to see you've got a new platform Peter. Subscribed. You've got a great way of putting together content creatively.

  4. Very Nice video. Now you apparently have the resources and production you deserve in your videos. Peter, you've been watched in Brazil and others countries. Keep pedaling.

  5. Hey Peter, thanks the great review. I am also looking at getting this bike for commuting around NYC. I was just curious how you felt about it security-wise? Did you have the security pack they offer on their website ? Wondering if you think it is worth it? Did you feel nervous leaving it locked in public? Thanks!

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