2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Review

2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Review

Toyota has revised its compact rav4 SUV
for 2016 but the highlights being a new sport
your SE version and this hybrid version that we have here now one change that
carries over for all rav4 is no matter what model it is is a sleeker more
angular styling its most notable up front in the grill the changes on to the side and the rear
are much more subtle another change for 2016 is already force
get more sound insulation now it is better than it was before but
i always found the rav4 to be among the louder compact SUVs on the market and
that’s still the case now also new for 2016 and all but the base
model is a power rear hatch what’s nice is height adjustable and
total took it a step further by making it adjustable from the front seat so you
can set it a predetermined hydro always open it that and you if you can pull
into a garage it’s got a lower roof you can adjust without having to get out
back and hit the button and stand there so that’s nice now about the SE versions
all I see versions get sport-tuned shock absorbers and coils as well as 18 inch
wheels but the thing is already fours are
powered by the same 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine that makes a hundred and
seventy-six horsepower and it’s mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission but I’m not sold on the SE bird I think if Toyota wanted to make a
sporty version of the rav4 some work on the engine would be worth the time
because it’s worth noting that the SEC is the most expensive conventional rav4
and the ride in the SE is noticeably more firm than in the other versions then there’s the hybrid what’s
interesting is this version actually makes the most power and has the most
torque of any rav4 version unfortunately it also weighs about 320
pounds more than the other version so you don’t really notice that extra power
as much as you otherwise might you’re still going to need to anticipate
your passes on the highway for instance so the rav4 has been redesigned for 2016
but those revisions are most noted on the most expensive version of hybrid and
the SC and ok if getting the absolute most mileage is the most important thing
to you then there is the hybrid however the SE
just disappoints with its high price tag and it’s limited sportiness

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. The Hybrid comes standard with AWD which explains the weight gain. I agree the SE is a waste of time. If Toy'yoda bumped up the engine it would help to justify the price hike.

  2. I really like the 2016 XLE Hybrid RAV4. For me, it produces much less road and tire noise than the Prius. After 10 years with the Prius, I was getting tired of looking at total digital information on the dashboard, and I love the 7 inch ground clearance with the RAV4

  3. WTF u talking about 6 speed auto, it is a CVT ffs… Here in Europe RAV hybrid has much sportier looking front. is this car reliable?

  4. I've heard that the hybrid has better torque and 0-60 performance,
    compared to the regular model, but how is the highway cruising and passing
    ability? Any improvement over the base Rav4 at higher speeds?

  5. 31MPG highway, even though it is AWD (electrically driven), .. that is not impressive at all for an Atkinson cycle engine. It should be in the high 30s IMO. It's not even as good as the crappy Subaru Crosstrek hybrid of 34MPG highway, and that does not have an Atkinson cycle engine in it, just regular OTTO cycle.
    Prius V is 44MPG. CRV highway is better at 33 highway.

    Why is the engine thermal efficiency so unimpressive Toyota? The Prius is 40%, 55-60MPG is easily achievable.

  6. Yah but the SE is hot looking. Love the wheels and the black interior with the orange stitching. Great combination Toyota.

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