2017 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Vs. 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro

2017 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Vs. 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro

it used to be that in the world of
midsize pickup truck off-roading there was only one Dominator and that was the
Toyota Tacoma TRD pro but now with the inclusion of 2017 Chevy Colorado zr2
that’s all changed and that’s why we’ve put them in head-to-head competition so
I’m joined by my colleague Brian Wong from cars comm and we’re going to put
these trucks to the test our first off was too hungry valley off road part
where we started our test clawing our way up the steep hill climb one of the
coolest pieces of technology that make this a great operator is Toyota’s crawl
control take a look essentially this technology is pointing to shoot them in
low range put it in first gear activate crawl control and adjust the setting to
my speed and I just take off it does all the work all I’m doing is steering I’m
not touching the throttle not touching the brake it’s taking us off an
incredibly steep hill adjusting the traction depending on where it needs
senses the tires incentive the speed adjustment just go fine does it all by
itself going to shoot well but the color gets the job done with whiz-bang
gadgetry the Colorado is a much more analog solution and it also had one big
advantage over the Tacoma and that different cabin isolation let me show
you have now you find yourself situation drop on intuition where on articulation
those be desired the two trucks really have two different approaches to they
oughta have that really are crawl control system which will pull you down
nothing that doesn’t call router you got to modulate the brawl yourself lever
what it does have is the air suspension travel so what we’re talking here
warrant innovation both on the frontier at glance from the rear logic is that
means that even on rock horse like this get a little hairy in time all I do sports bra no and in other words warming
inside super thumping I can see part of getting jobs women’s group is elbow pain
as a property attribute a magazine if that was a shoe offered and they went on
to join him but incredible almost rancor until another demon really does it’s
that way you have so much twist run into their intro very close though that has
great feel going up the hill but after we finished up the hill climb it was
time to take these two trucks down into the dirt washes and see how they did
running fast over hard terrain with box shop driving around my contrast here in session Wow isn’t
actually flash still 235 40 miles an hour almost 45 miles an hour and this
thing is made well specifically here’s why at each corner multimatic DSS
be shock absorbers with spool valve technology they’re not discs but spool
valves in fact these rear shock absorbers have four spool valves in them
to make them exceptionally flexible during slow and high speed driving and
that means a good old-fashioned drag race
we found an open stretch of road and we’re ready to hit it
Brian how are we going to set up these truck let’s go ahead and put them in
four-wheel drive high with traction control off but a fee on because it is
105 degrees out here excellent we’re going to have F in our
top shooter drop the flag you jump in the Chevy I’ll take the Toyo Wow
how fun was that empty gravel road wide open throttle – very cool trucks that
was a lot of fun we both had a chance to get into the Chevy and the Toyota swap
back and forth get into different lanes what are your a : so the Toyota
consistently came out ahead because of that high horsepower from the gas engine
now the Colorado for me was much quicker off the line so they had a little bit
more tire and a low-end grunt from that diesel but the second or third gear the
Toyota would just walk away yeah it was amazing to me because I think I felt the
same kind of thing more consistency from the Chevy but when you got that Toyota
dialed in the right way it was it was pulling well past the finish line and
you could definitely see it wanted to room yeah it was quite a ride when we
finished it was still powering through it was still accelerating so I mean the
engine it will respond if you get it high in the air pianist but that’s a
challenge getting a high and keeping it there but drag racing isn’t the only
thing that we want to do here right yep let’s go rip up some sand of course this is just a small piece of
our big comparison test and if you want to know more about our impressions and
who the final winner is go to pickup trucks calm you

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Crawl Control is not what makes the Tacoma a good off road rig. That is just a stupid comment. You also made no mention that the Tacoma Pro is a base Tacoma with some fancy lights, badges, seat covers, a locker, and shocks. The ZR2 is a Colorado with completely different LCAs from a stock Colorado…. I'll just stop there

  2. Wtf!? I'm not gonna go to your stupid website for a winner decision. What a ripoff and a worthless comparison video. Nothing, but Wikipedia information.

  3. I had a 1993 Mitsubishi Montero that I beat the shit out of for 17 years and almost 300,000 miles. The suspension lasted tho whole time and the slow as hell engine was still going when I sold it. Lots of vehicles are good, get over yourself.

  4. The Taco is ugly! Why? Who designed them, a kid? Awesome truck just really ugly. Colorado may not be quite as good but it looks sweet.

  5. Who cares which one is quicker. They're not race cars. They're built for 4×4 and diesel is king! Torque people!

  6. Fan boy is going to be a fan boy. Doesnt matter if your brand is rusted on the side of the road, your going to defend it all the way. But who buys a mid size truck diesel?

  7. have you guys tested articulation? I've not seen evidence that the colorado is better at articulation than the toyota. Im not saying you're wrong, but you are the first people to claim that.

  8. I am a Toyota fan boy but I like how the ZR2 comes with the Wrangler Duratrac tires. The Toyota's always come with shitty street tires, not a big deal but still a nice feature when your dropping 40K+ on a small truck.

  9. The chevy is the clear winner. Diesel is not a dragster. Low in torque and power for hauling and pushing. The v6 would be way better for drags tho. And who really cares about crawl control ? Are you serious ? Press the GASS !!!

  10. I picked the Tacoma trd in manual and I'm happy with it. Competition is a good thing. Having a 6 speed manual is what I liked having the option to buy. If I wanted a fast truck I would have picked something else, so which ever is faster doesn't even matter. Lets see if a super charger comes out soon.

  11. Chevy…stop giving the Baby Duramax for head to head comps against TRD PRO…let us see some apple to apple comps. The Baby Duramax is great, I have been a Chevy Diesel owner most of my life, starting with an 82 K5 w/ a 6.2L. It's too easy to make one or the other win in specific competitions when dealing with gas vs diesel. If you believe in your product…drop the gas engine vs the TRD Pro until Toyota is FORCED to bring in a diesel of their own.

  12. Im asian and I rather get the chevy I like driving with more comfort, in dirt and over road, doesnt make sense to have a truck thats bumpy like the toyota going off road, I might as well drive a camry down the mountain hahah

  13. why do u guys use the go pros on their water proof case inside the cab? r you guys expecting it to get wet? u can barely hear what your saying.

  14. A person who starts off by spending so much time gushing about CRAWL control immediately loses my respect as a truck reviewer. Tacomas have used the brake system to transfer torque through the diffs long before CRAWL. CRAWL is little more than low-speed cruise control.
    One of the big advantages of the TRD Pro is that you can get it with a 6-speed manual (without CRAWL). Sad to see that people are more interested in frivolous electronic gadgets.

  15. 3 years from now the chevy colorado truck will be in the scrap yard. American trucks and cars are all junk. Every year they built them with new engine because their are crap especially the ecoboost engine nothing but problems. Please don't waste your hard earned money on American junk. Get a Toyota Tacoma and 30 years from now it will still be on the road and it will worth more than that crap.

  16. Lol at all the butthurt TuRD jockeys that appear on these vids with the same rhetoric when their rehashed old tech, rusty framed, poorest quality ranked Tacoma gets whooped on by the new Chevy. It is the GTR of offroad trucks with that Crawl Control garbage…..for unskilled hacks that don't know how to drive. Wait until Ford get in with the Ranger and it further gets knocked down into irrelevance like the Nissan Frontier. But hey, your trade in values are still good…lol!

  17. Both are very fine trucks. Bias comes from both sides. You are either a Chevy or Toyota fan and probably none of the comments will change your mind either way. I bought the last year of the Gen 2 Tacoma for one reason, it has the 4L V6. I wanted a manual but there were none left that I could find in the short time I had to purchase one before I started traveling. If I were to decide to buy the ZR2, I would go with the manual diesel combo. But hopefully Toyota will offer the diesel that is selling like crazy all over the rest of the world, here in the USA one day soon. They were not allowed to offer it here, but now that Chevy got the ok for the diesel, maybe Toyota will too. Which ever one you buy, best of luck and I hope you get 500,000 miles out of it!

  18. Got to go with the Toyota only plus good thing about the zr2 is the space it has but other then that trd is better last longer and keep its value

  19. I really wish the Tacoma will get a turbo diesel as another option. Gas engines are nice up high, but down low is what it is about with off-road.

  20. What? driving the Colorado and have a cup of tea? yea when its in the shop all the time. The reliability of the Toyota out ways everything. I have a 96 4runner with 278,000 miles as my daily driver. 96 chevys are already melted down.

  21. Here's the cold hard truth that you Chevy boys are not going to want to hear……. bottom line, they will only make the Chevy Colorado and the GMC Canyon for about 4 to 7 years and then they will discontinue it just like the Chevy S 10 and the previous Colorado…….. why? …….. because they can't compete against the Toyota Tacoma in reliability and durability, it's a very good effort but it will fail just like all the others, my bet 2021 or 2022 will be the last year for these trucks…… if not sooner, it's a very good attempt a lot better the last couple attempts they tried in a midsize truck but in the end it won't make it

  22. I keep hearing about Toyota Tacoma resale. It's so good in fact that I bought a used Colorado loaded with options, over a rusted high mileage stripped down Tacoma for the same money. Although after 5 years it's time to watch videos and search for a replacement. Toyota's rusty frame issues have me concerned, but it will be a Tacoma or Colorado next year.

  23. Really, no conclusion as to a winner just a referral to your website. Sorry but your approach to content carries the stench of clickbait. Please reconsider your marketing approach.

  24. Im a Tacoma guy who used to love chevy, until they let me down to many times.
    Diesel vs gas is apples to oranges.
    The new Tacoma's are… meh, im not a fan. Im also not a fan of that crawl bullshit.

    Really like the chevy but have a few issues with it. One of the largest is that it doesn't have the aftermarket support like the tacoma does

  25. Why didn't you compare to the gas engine instead of the diesel ? Let's see the same trucks after a 100k miles , bottom line is that the Tacoma will out last three or four Colorado trucks , no comparison .

  26. I used to work at Chevy and I’m glad to say. I will NEVER own a Chevy. Most vehicles that came in for service had a leak somewhere. It was kind of embarrassing 3,XXX mile truck had a oil pan leak or driveshaft leak. Common on Silverado .

  27. OK, not to tear down the Big Three (but I will prop up Toyota), but every time I have gone overseas in harm's way, the HiLux was the truck of choice, loaded with jerry cans of fuel, equipped with tactical radios, and with a .50 cal pedestal mount in the truck bed. I have NEVER seen a Chevy or Ram decked out that way and paid for by US tax dollars. The Afghans had both Toyotas and Ford Rangers, but the Rangers are models you will not see in America, and Ford may RELUCTANTLY introduce to America, in fear of cutting into F-150 sales. That's why I just sold my 2000 Tacoma 4 x 4 well over Kelly Blue Book pricing ($6k to the first buyer, 60 x $100 bills) for a new 2017 Tacoma Double Cab Off Road that will last well after I collect Medicare!

  28. Getting my third tacoma monday..first two combined 110000 miles with nothing but one front break job from excessive towing a trailer that had no breaks on it and tires..yes tacoma is a reliable and value holding truck..

  29. that Colorado they tested was the diesel option….. you buy the diesel for towing, torque or crawling, not HP… the v6 Colorado ZR2 would have smoked the Tacoma hahaha

  30. Where are all the previous generation Colorados? I can tell you where the JUNK Yard because they were the worst compact truck ever made. These new ones will be no better just wait and see.

  31. I have the PRO in the cement color.  I concluded that vehicles are like cellphones.  No one model will give you everything.  One model will out-do another in certain things.  The Tacoma doesn't have as many interior features as the ZR2 but the Tacoma will, more than likely, have a higher resale value.  The ZR2 is somewhat faster that the Tacoma.  The list goes on and on….

  32. Wow, I can't believe how crappy this is. Let's see, you had a choice to compare a 278 hp Toyota V6 gas motor with 265 ft lbs of torque with a very similar engine from GM in the 3.6L 308 hp/ 275 ft-lbs of torque, but no, instead you race the diesel against a gas motor. You guys have zero credibility after that. Here's an idea, re-run the race again with either both trucks gas engines, or strap a 5,000 lb trailer to the back of both trucks and run them down the drag strip. At least then some of us would believe you have credibility.

  33. ZR2 looks rad my dad has a Tacoma but seating position sucks why I hate to use his truck for that reason I’d choose the ZR2

  34. I recently got rid of my 2016 Toyota Tacoma after a years worth of litigation. Toyota was terrible to work with and not sympathetic to my issues with the truck. Based on my personal experience with Toyota, I wouldn’t take another Tacoma if they gave it to me. I now have a Chevy Colorado Z71, 4×4, Duramax Diesel etc. in my opinion which is leaps and bounds better than the taco I had.

  35. You mean to tell me the I4 diesel kept up with the v6? If you tuned it, that chevy would've ate that taco

  36. The Coclorado has a $5,000 head start at a base model of $22K or so. Tacoma can never match that in 3 or more years as the prices are the same used on cars dot com with similar trim and mileage.

  37. That ZR2 looks excellent. I test drove both & have to say that the Chevy feels much quicker and rides better than the Toyota … can’t lie. Easy choice for me, as I can’t justify $70K for a Raptor.

  38. I think people forget that Chevy made the ZR2 very specifically for off road, and while the TRD Pro is also made for off road, it does not sacrifice the daily value anywhere near as much. What I mean by that is tow rating, payload, etc is not sacrificed to make it even better at being an OR truck. The Chevy beats the tacoma on paper in these categories until it becomes a ZR2 and then it's worse. So for basically 95+% of people, the TRD pro will get it done and still allow drivers to have far more every day capabilities. For how close they are OR, it's not even close on road because of what Chevy needs to do to beat out the Tacoma off road. 5k lbs vs 6.4k lbs tow capacity as one example. Huge difference.

  39. I don't like the ZR-2 low hanging rear shocks. They are too low and will kit objects and collect grass, mud, and twigs! Poor design in shock placement Chevy!

  40. If you would have dragged the gas ZR2 it would have won.diesel is to slow.they only good for pulling and rock crawling.anything else go gas.

  41. Why is the Chev's spare tire in the back of the bed? Oh yeh because it hangs down and hits the ground off roading,, The seam upset that the Toyota is such a good truck

  42. You buy these Trucks for 4×4 not quarter mile drag racing.. ZR2 is definitely ahead of the game by far,
    Sorry Toyota, the Time has come☠

  43. I don't own either of these trucks but I am a person that owns my vehicles for extended periods of time until the wheels fall or or until repairs are exceeding the value/cost of the vehicle. I've owned many cars and SUVs well past the 200,000 mile mark and it comes down to timely owner maintenance and care. Having a garage definitely helps to preserve your vehicle. Where you live and what roads you spend the most time on largely affect that as well.

    I think that they are both good trucks. I like Toyota's execution of the interior better. From the video, the Chevy seems smoother in the fast runs over the dirt trail and I heard very good things about it having good daily driver manners that match.

    I feel that the trucks should've both been compared with the V6 motor options instead of the Chevy having the diesel for the test. Since you have multiple motor options for the Chevy, I think it may make it more desirable for consumers because they can choose the option that best suits them.

    As far as the 'resale value' thing, I thought the purpose of buying something was because you intend to keep it for the duration of its life. That being said, if you start with buying a high quality item, take care of it, use it for its intended purpose or mod it to meet that intended purpose, it should last a very long time. If your goal is to buy it to 'resell' it a some future date, maybe you're a car collector and should consider buying low and selling high. If you change your vehicle every few years, maybe you're a candidate for a lease.

    I say buy what you like, take great care of it and it should last you many years.

  44. heres the thing, these are go anywhere vehicles right? which one comes in a manual, cause thats the one im gonna go with. xd

  45. Both are amazing looking trucks. Tacoma for me. I want a truck that’s gonna last over 120k miles without a tranny and engine needed 👍🏼 Chevy has build some really good trucks and suburban sin the past. But they build a lot more unreliable cars then reliable ones in my personal opinion

  46. The diesel has low horsepower and high torque. Gas has more horsepower than torque. If you're going to do a side by side comparison, both should have been a V6 gas

  47. Toyota smoked the ZR2, and it did not look like the ZR2 was alot smoother, at least from the looks of it. This coming from a RAM man.

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