2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty | CarGurus Test Drive Review

2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty | CarGurus Test Drive Review

I can’t remember the last time that
heavy-duty pickups were not in a wild arms race. This segment more than any
other is a battle for inches and pound-feet. The 2017 F-250 Super Duty is
the latest haymaker from Ford in the battle for big-truck dominance. I’m
George Kennedy for CarGurus, and we’re going to the worksite to take a look at the 2017
Ford F-250 Super Duty, a truck with enough torque to tear space-time. But the Super
Duty is more than just brute strength, as it has some serious tech for the worksite
as well as the daily commute. But first let’s talk about the new look. Every year
full-size trucks seem to get bigger and bolder, and the Super Duty is no
different. Each headlight’s about the size of a mini
fridge, and they frame up a big, bold grille, but luckily these trucks have a
job to do. So aside from the front end, things don’t change too much out back.
We’re driving a single cab, long-bed pickup, but there are multiple
configurations. You’ve got the Super cab, which is
essentially an extended cab with rear clamshell doors that open only after
you’ve opened the front doors. And then you’ve got the Super Crew, which is a
4-door pickup, which is great if you’ve got family. You’ll also have to choose
between 6 and 3/4 foot and 8 foot bed sizes. No matter what you choose, though, be prepared for a big truck. The new Super Duty has 8 and a half inches
of ground clearance, which requires a big step up. Ford has
the step up that pulls out of the back. It sure helps in the back, but Chevrolet
has a much simpler solution in the form of a little step cut into each corner of
the rear bumper. That’s much simpler than Ford’s awkward fold-out step. Our XLT
model has no step up into the cab. I can step up into it, but I’m 6 foot 3, and
even for me it’s a stretch without the cab steps. If you’re under 6 feet tall,
you will absolutely need the side steps. Once you’ve climbed into the cabin of
the Super Duty, you get a real sense of what a modern truck this is. Even in the
worksite-ready single cab, you’ve got USB ports and a touchscreen. Plug in your
iPhone to get Apple CarPlay, which lets you navigate addresses and
send texts, all using voice control. Parking this nearly 20-foot Super Duty
is surprisingly easy, too, with cameras on all four sides giving you not only a
view of your surroundings, but also close-ups of the front bumper area, so
you can get as close as possible to a car without bumping into it. In terms of
overall layout, I’ve driven more Chevy trucks, and I feel more at home in those.
It just goes to show you how choosing a truck comes down to opinion as much as
it does the specs. The Chevy interior has generally a more intuitive layout and
more comfortable fit and finish. This interior by comparison just doesn’t feel
that inviting, though as long as it has space for all your gear, does it really
matter? The F-250 comes standard with a 6.2-liter V8 that makes 385 horsepower and 430 pound-feet of torque. We’re not driving that engine. We’re
driving the 6.7 Powerstroke turbodiesel V8. This monstrous engine makes 440
horsepower and 925 freaking pound-feet of torque. That’s incredible, and power
gets sent to the rear wheels or available 4-wheel drive through a
6-speed automatic transmission. The EPA doesn’t test heavy-duty pickups for fuel
economy, but that doesn’t mean owners don’t care what they get. Do a little
research, and you’ll see that Super Duties get routinely around 15 mpg. We’ve been
seeing 15.9 mpg in mixed driving. An F-350 with the diesel engine
and dualies can tow up to 21,000 pounds or 32,500 pounds with a gooseneck. That’s best-in-class for both. Our F-250 is
spec’d out to tow 15,000 pounds. Of course, it’s not just how much you can
tell but how well you can tow it. Backing up a trailer is one of the
hardest things you could do in a pickup, and people do it routinely across the
country every day. It’s a testament to their hard work everyday that some folks
make it look so seamless, but it’s hard. I can remember working as a landscaper as a kid and having to back up a trailer, and it takes a hell of a lot of practice.
But Ford makes it easy with the ultimate trailer-tow camera system. Using the same cameras as the surround-view system, it gives enhanced views of the trailer area,
including one on top of the cab, and you can even hook up a backup camera on the trailer itself and run it through connecting cables. Upgraded models are
available with the Trailer Reverse Guidance, which actually has guides to
make it super easy to backup a trailer. Base MSRP for the 2017 Ford F-Series
Super Duty is $32,535. Our 4×4 regular XLT test model also came with the FX4 off-road package, which
includes underbody skid plates, off-road tuned shock absorbers, and an
electronically locking differential. As equipped this truck cost $53,905. That’s a lot for a truck that doesn’t
have a second row, but on the plus side, the Super Duty is a towing monster with
surprising agility and maneuverability, and at over 50 grand, if you use this
truck for work, it could pay for itself over its lifetime. With up to 21,000
pounds of towing capacity and the tech to tow it safely, the 2017 Super Duty is
a commercial truck with the right tools for the job. Thanks for watching. If you want to see more truck videos, subscribe to our
channel. If you prefer this truck – the Super Duty as the top truck, or if you
prefer heavy duties from RAM or Chevrolet, let us know in the Comments
And finally to read my full review, go to CarGurus.com

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. that flip down front seat center console lid is maddening! my dad has a '16 f-150 with the split bench in front and the middle section is always in the folded position for driver arm rest. annoying as hell that the center section console lid is VERY awkward to open and reach inside with your right hand while in driver's seat….you gotta kinda lean to the left to get access your chewing gum! what the hell?! (no, i am not a "person of size"….not that there's anything wrong with that.)

    as a whole, the interior materials, except seat upholstery, on ALL F-series trucks feel cheap….waaaaaay too much hard plastic for the price. furthermore, the clunky, tonka-truck wanna-be styling inside is friggin' dumb.

    buy a RAM….inside and out the styling and functionality are nearly as timeless as a mercedes-benz. wonder where that influence came from…..

  2. come on ford, so much money for this truck and its dead last in the interior material department, so much plastic compared to the GMC / RAM competitors. shame.

  3. the chevy step up is not really useful. the ford solution offers easier safer access when carrying stuff especially.

  4. the rear step is awkward and not as good as chev? bullshit. the ford drops lower and is more comfortable.

  5. i do love the way this truck looks, plus ive had 4 ford turcks because i like th brand but t his truck is pretty expensive. ill probably cbeck out the gm or ram outfits..either way they r all pretty bad ass haha

  6. Your a Chevy man and should not be allowed to give a non bias review of another truck. Even with all the great new things about a ford, you still could could not give a non bias review. This is a joke.

  7. I purchased this 2017 Super Duty in the crew cab, Platinum, Diesel…Fully loaded. Love this truck Ford has out done themselves again. Thank you Ford!

  8. I like that he didn't review the top level trim model that only Duck Dynasty can afford. He also had info on a wide range of options, not just the primo bells and whistles. So many other truck review channels fall into this trap.

  9. All of these reviews make me never want to get rid of my 02' F350 with its 7.3l. The only nice thing I find is the power and towing capacity. Everything else takes away from it being a truck. There's just to much going on inside the cab. The amount of time these these things will be at a dealership getting fixed because of all of the extra goodies they have just turns me away. And there's no way you will be able to work on them yourselves. To top it off, there just so frigging ugly! I know it was pretty hard to top the best looking body style(99-16) that ford has ever put out. Too bad they just can't make a normal truck. The work versions come close, but still too much complexity. And 15.9 mpg, I get that on the low end with my 15 year old truck. Sorry FORD, you should have never put the 7.3l in your trucks!

  10. I bought XL with gas motor extra cab for 34,000 it pulls fine who needs all extra bull stuff anyway it's a truck learn how to drive and back up

  11. Ford.® Super•Duty Is Built Tough. Meaning The Interior Is Not Suppose To Be Pretty Looking Or Comfortable, It'a Work Truck. The Entire Truck Should Be Rough In And Out. Buy Toyota, Chevy, Or GMC If You're Looking For Comfort, Ladies.

  12. in 1976 I'd bought a F250 4 speed with a 360 v8 2 barrel for 6300$. it's still parked out by one of the hey barns. The rust worms have ate it all. It was an awesome work truck

  13. The new 5.0 will getting closer to the 6.2. Heard they also might let the 150 get the same receiver so some tow numbers could go up. Gets that little bump on hp and toque. So it will be good to compare with 250 w/ 6.2.

  14. Single Cab/Regular Cab, Long Bed pickups with 4×4 and select options are by far and away the best bang for buck, most capable, most durable yea that's right, you add a snow plow and the weight equals to that of the extended cab or crew cab counterparts making for a more understressed configuration. Also they're faster, yield better fuel economy and typically fare better where the pavement ends.
    As for capability go ahead and check the maximum tow and payload ratings for any given 2500 and above pickup truck and you'll learn that those ratings were achieved using the regular cab long bed configuration with the numerically highest available axle ratio and most potent engines.
    2017/2018 F-250 reg cab long bed 4×4 6.7 liter powerstroke XLT with FX4 package and all the utility, performance and offroad options is one hell of a vehicle, the only compromise is the glitzy wheels, body work, comfort, luxury and tech goodies you find in the higher trim levels which are the cash cows manufacturers want you to pay for while all the discerning buyers focus on capability and utility.

  15. I have a 17. F250 quad cab. I noticed on some videos that the F250 does not have overload spring on top of the actual we Springs themselves mine actually has it. is that a snow plow prep package or do I have a heavy 3/4 ton I cannot seem to find any information on it thanks for your time

  16. 3 years from now this truck will be in the scrap yard. American trucks and cars are all junk. Every year they built them with new engine because their are crap, especially the ecoboost engine nothing but problems. Please don't waste your hard earned money on American junk. Get a Toyota Tundra and 30 years from now it will still be on the road. The tundra will worth more than that crap.

  17. This is one of the ugliest trucks on the road. I laugh when I see them on the road…. It's a lunch box. Btw, I don't drive a chevy or own one and not brand loyal. Just calling it as I see it.

  18. This is the 2017/18 F250 to buy people. It has all you need if you don't have a need to transport multiple passengers.

  19. Hey 6'3" the Chevy bumper step is useless to ME. I can't get my leg up high enough to stick my shoe in the groove. On the Ford though the step thing hangs lower than the bumper and I can use it. The yellow handle helps a lot.

  20. Great review! I've been thinking about getting a 2018 F350 Super Duty XLT Regular cab FX4 and now I definitely want one even more after seeing this review even though the one in this review was a F250. The one I spec'd on Ford's website was white, I got pretty much every option available, the gray interior and an 8 foot bed I thought about the short bed but I have driven a 21 year old version of that truck and I absolutely love it.

  21. Ford seat are absolutely HORRIBLE. Just look at 2:47, the seat barely supports your legs, its like you sitting on a milk crate. My Explorer is the same way. Its made for short people. Talk about back pain. Its too bad because I like the F250.

  22. Just ordered a 2019 F350 4×4 Regular Cab Dually XL gasser. No bs options, but I did get dual batteries, heavy alt, switches, 110v plug, plow package, skid plates & cruise control. No chrome, just blue paint and black trim. I did get the polished aluminum rims which will look nice with the Blue Jeans blue. Got a pretty good deal, 50k Canadian including tax and delivery. That is about 40K in real dollars. Nice thing about the dually, is it gets the heavy duty transmission that's behind the diesel, otherwise if it's a F350/250 gasser, then it gets a lighter transmission. Always wanted a regular cab dually, should last a long time given the aluminum body.

  23. I bought a used 2017 250 crew cab platinum diesel w 18 K miles for 18K off MSRP. Boy am I happy with it!

  24. I bought a extended cab 4×4 F250 8’ bed V8 2017 XL. All I added was blue tooth, step rails, and cruise.
    The price was reasonable without all the other add ones and packages. Did business with the internet commercial salesman. No BS quickest vehicle non stress purchase I ever made. My 8th Ford truck and its awesome!! My first was a 1968 F250 camper special 390 engine 2 wheel drive. Ford and me have come along way.

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