2017 Mazda CX-9 – Long-Term Ownership Intro

2017 Mazda CX-9 – Long-Term Ownership Intro

The SUV market’s cup currently runneth
over. Everywhere you turn you see not just one but five, and most of them, like
carnival goldfish, are starting to look the same. Mazda’s CX-9, in our opinion, is
one of the more handsome family haulers on the market today.
That’s why we’ve added it to our long-term test fleet to see if there’s
any substance behind all that style. We dig the sharp lines, a bit of a
shark nose head and tail lights sunk into the bodywork and the razor-sharp
grille. It’s simultaneously modern and classic. There’s just enough chrome to
keep things interesting without being garish. The Machine gray metallic paint
highlights the CX-9 subtle handsomeness perfectly. Its satin finish helps this
already good-looking car stand out even more. Inside the CX-9 looks more expensive than the Honda Pilots and Toyota
Highlanders of the world. Soft-touch surfaces are everywhere. The control
knobs the infotainment system, it’s a heavy feeling solid metal piece. Same
with the volume knob. Everything looks and feels more luxe than it is. There ain’t no
goldfish and here you guys. Our test CX-9 is a Grand Touring model with
all-wheel-drive and the cool color being the only paid for options. Everything
else is standard at this trim leve,l and it’s a lot. There’s active cruise control,
lane Keeping assist, automatic braking, a backup camera with cross-traffic alert,
and more. The leather interior also includes heated front seats, real
aluminum trim and separate climate controls for the second row of seats. So
far we’re totally enjoying the Bose audio system, but truth be told we’ve
liked the infotainment more if Mazda would offer Apple CarPlay and Android
Auto. Fully belled and whistled our 2017 Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring comes with a
price tag of $43,510 that includes
the $940 destination charge and $300 paint job. Unlike some super luxury SUVs the CX-9
doesn’t have 400 horsepower under the hood, but unlike some seriously
underpowered mid-priced non minivans the CX-9 really hauls and not just people.
Its turbocharged 2.5-litre inline-four makes 250 hp, and as a result
makes this seven-passenger ute drive like a much smaller, much more nimble
vehicle. I can’t wait to pack some people in this
looker and get some questions answered. Not you guys. I have my friends. Get
out. No seriously, get out. Is it more than just a utility vehicle
and can it actually handle windy roads to the beach for a family vacation? How
does a three-row SUV with a turbo do on fuel economy? Is the CX-9 just another
pretty face? And would a carnival fish outlast our time with the Mazda? So many
questions, but hey, there’s so much time. So stick around for the next year and
watch as we find out. Seriously, you guys, get out. I can’t wait to fathom people in this
looker and get some questions answered it’s not those two

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  1. I want to see your reaction about driving it with 7 adult passengers, how it accelerates and overtakes a car in front of it. Let us know.

  2. I really like the voice. Nice one 🙂 At times kinda emotionless reading a text, but at times really emotional and witty / fun. Keep it up. Pretty too…

  3. Another great car from Mazda that probably won't sell well. Anyone who needs a three-row SUV wants SPACE SPACE SPACE. I really wish Mazda can make a two-row SUV that is bigger than CX-5 but smaller than CX-9, about the size of CRV.

  4. The styling of the Mazdas have begun to grow on me but I just can't get past the fact that it looks like a big car. Because of its car like dimensions it looks as if it doesn't have adequate ground clearance but in truth 8.8 is respectable. Still, I couldn't see taking this thing anywhere "off road" conditions or even near dirt …oh, maybe a dirt road, but even then the road couldn't be in bad shape because this vehicle doesn't look as if it would fare well in any rough stuff. Lastly, an inline turbo 4 cylinder making 250HP for 40K+? Really? Load the vehicle with people and all of their travel gear and that 250HP will get old and fast. Beautiful vehicle but .. Nah.

  5. What a suprise!
    I got this Mazda CX-9 on May 12th in Boston, MA.
    Either way <3 the car.
    But if you want navigation sadly you have to get it from your delearship which costs quite a lot thats my only complaint.

  6. Great video, Lyn! I think you've been doing a swell job.

    The only thing I can comment on is sounding a little more natural/casual (like Micah), but I'll chalk that up to you still trying to find your style for KBB's videos here.

    Looking forward to the next one. Cheers.

  7. Mazda is the only Japanese manufacturer who can make a properly higher quality interior in the mainstream segment. It feels very European.

  8. Did Micah get himself benched? Who did he joke about this time, his boss?….lol. This girl, good voice but not for car reviews, more appropriate for casino dealer….lol

  9. Looking forward to your real world fuel economy. Also, can you all test the 18 Mazda 6 Signature as well.

  10. Yay Lyn is back! Looking forward to seeing how the reliability of the infotainment system stacks up overtime. I've heard reports it's got issues and I've had two CX-5 rentals that both had issues with bluetooth connectivity and crashing. Not a huge reliability issue but annoying over time.

  11. I don't understand why you are starting a 2017 model year long term review now in mid 2018. Oh, and note Mazda is adding AA and AC to existing models later this year. Not that I understand the fixation on those and they are not exactly great either imho. I think the AA and AC thing is a bigger issue for auto journalist than actual buyers and actual buyers have time to learn a system while journalists keep switching vehicles and thus want some type of somewhat consistent system they can use all the time.

  12. This could have been produced by the Mazda marketing department. I was hoping for something a bit more objective. There are some drawbacks to this vehicle that weren't mentioned (besides no Carplay / AA). Consumer Reports giving it the worst possible reliability score, no option for cooled seats, no backup path prediction, no 360 camera view option, no auto brake hold, and no option for a pano roof.

  13. HI, I have a question: I own a Mazda3 here in Colombia where services are recommended to be done every 5000 kilometers (3106 miles) which I think is waay too often! I want to know the maintainance in the United States. I found out in Canada is every 8000 mi which is12874 kilometers and when I made the conversion I was shocked, but I also noticed that the said maintainance is made to canadian driving conditions which made me wonder that check ups in Colombia are more often because of the poor quality of our streets… Anyway too much info for such a little info tip I wanna know. And yes im typing this in all KBB Mazda reviews 🙂

  14. Wondering if the engine can hold on during the long term test. In the Philippines, there are reports of the turbo having problems after running for 3-4 hours (possibly because of the heat and traffic here, but still).

  15. Mazda has been saying Apple Carplay is coming for the past 2 years…..I'll believe it if they ever actually release it.

  16. Mazda just announced they will offer Apple Carplay and Android Auto for the 2019 model year. That was one of the complaints that was mentioned from the video.

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