2017 Seat Ibiza Review – New Body Old Car

2017 Seat Ibiza Review – New Body Old Car

When I was doing startup Weekends previously and you can find the old video somewhere down in the list of the videos here on the YouTube. I learned from the Designers and I learned from the engineers that the most important thing is to attempt. Sometimes Planning too much will go against you, because there are always infinite number of possibilities. I kind of applied exactly same thing learning doing content. I just do attempt one, two, three, four, five six. Does not matter how many, and then eventually I see the Improvements. Most important thing is not to give up. WD-40 stands for water displacement fortieth attempt. That means Somebody failed thirty nine times before they made the bloody thing. So I think I’m doing quite okay. I’m not even close there. Maybe it’s like attempt number five in total. Today I am in the Industrial Park in Limerick City, which previously housed one is the biggest names in a computer manufacturing and Used to be a kind of a sign of the might of Limerick in terms of that space. Right now it’s kind of reviving and This is the reason why I bought this car. Not because this car is a revival of the Seat brand or anything, but they keep reviving the exactly same chasis. It would be interesting to see when they actually bring out a new generation, because in this current model. Yeah, it looks different from outside, but inside doesn’t really feel that much. if we’re looking at the distance between the front wheel and rear wheel, it’s Exactly as VW Polo polo. It’s exactly as the Skoda Fabia. It’s not really much, but those few inches missing. It is extremely annoying because I am over six foot actually nearly six foot four and I would love extra two inches Inside of the car for me as a driver. Is it a smart decision? VW doesn’t want see it to cannibalise Polo sales, And the Polo itself is just like, it’s a glorified facelift to be honest. It doesn’t really differ that much. You shouldn’t sacrifice other Manufacturers by making them use your your platform to the T, as it is to this particular vehicle. Personally rear of the Seat is probably the best part about the entire design. I would even say that most of the time it looks better than The Volkswagen Polo does. You can actually see that since the 90s once they were making the IBIZA’s? exactly based on the Polo model. Look at this part and It’s almost exactly same as my Polo in 2003. That was 14 years ago. Guys you should probably come up with something new, the Volkswagen always does the flagship models really nice, And they always stand out, but the budget cars always suffer, and I don’t think that’s that’s fair on the consumers. You know the Ford for example design line is exactly the same across the board and it really feel and looks nice. I honestly I like this car as well, But if I had to choose right now between the Fiesta and the Ibiza, I would be leaning towards Fiesta. And I think that’s what VW should actually take into consideration, because later you’re going to see inside of this car. Here is nice and soft same as you would expect In something that comes from the Volkswagen family, here cheap plastic here, Cheap plastic here, cheap plastic. Right now we’re gonna do a circle around this Industrial estate because that pretty much sums up the entire driving experience in Ireland Roads are not always that great. Yes We have motorways, but they only came in recently. The steering wheel is extremely light, It’s not a bad car to drive for sure, and the polo itself the one I had 2003 one. The only reason I had to stop driving it, is because insurance were just coming up so high. It didn’t really make sense. It is in the normal position as your stereo would be, and you can see that can actually take it out and replace it if you really wanted to. Went’s! Definitely Ugly. Maybe they kind of Had to choose, do they want to do a good inside of the car are good design outside. And I think Seat had picked the outside, because interior is Not that great. Dials are exactly from the old car! The steering wheel is nice, probably the nicest part about interior. But the panels are just horrendous. I am over six-foot majority of people are not as tall so obviously Screw me. Why would I have to buy a more expensive car just because I’m taller that’s unfair. When I’m driving in a city In the fifth gear 60 kilometers an hour the car is running about 2,000 rpms So it’s clearly designed to be revving a little bit higher. But then it removes their purpose of the small car, to be fuel-efficient, because it sure isn’t. And especially if you’re revving it a bit lower. But, It sounds nice! You probably say you shouldn’t be parking here. But I think the wrap up is necessary, and I have to do it somewhere. And it says no jet ski, and this is not the jet ski. The Seat Ibiza looks nice from outside, it drives nice. But it is an old car with a new body. Would I buy one right now, if I had money?Probably not. Not because it’s not good and not because it’s not necessarily very economical, but the VW has the entire world of possibilities in front of them, and the current Announcements that are going electric Full Tilt after the diesel gate It shows that if they really want to prove, produce good cars and produce good technology they can, that they’re not necessarily want to. The Seat makes them really nice, they The design is is good. It’s really distinctive, but the interior. Let me down big time.

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