2017 Toyota Tacoma & Tundra TRD Pro Features | Oxmoor Toyota, Louisville, Kentucky

2017 Toyota Tacoma & Tundra TRD Pro Features | Oxmoor Toyota,  Louisville, Kentucky

Hi this is Gabrielle with Oxmoor Auto Group. We’re here at Oxmoor Toyota today. I have Chuck Schumann with me. We’re gonna talk about a 2017 Tacoma and a
2017 Tundra TRD Pro, which are the vehicles right behind us. A couple of features that we’re gonna be going
over today are the TRD history and the off-road capabilities, so I’m gonna turn it over to
Chuck. Chuck go ahead! Thank you Gabby! You’re Welcome! So the TRD, Toyota Racing Development, has been
around for about 35 in the truck division. The TRD pro specifically, has been developed
and tested and grueling races like the Baha 500 and the Baha 1000. What we do is we take these trucks, we work
with other major manufacturers of off-road equipment, and we test the heck out of them. We beat them up– that’s how we develop things
like, if you look down here, our quarter-inch aluminum steel plate down here has been developed
actually in the deserts, banging this thing on rocks, everything. And what we create is a very capable very
durable skidplate here, and all of our components and parts are tested to the max, and so everything
with our partners that we work with as well. With racing, like Fox Racing for example, we worked specifically
with them to develop these one of a kind shocks, that we’ve got on both the TRD Pro Tacoma
and the Tundra. And so also with our tires, we put on good
year Wrangler tires with Kevlar reinforcement. There’s not much these things are gonna run
over and, you know, bust the tire on. This is one of the most off-road capable vehicles–
the Tundra as well. I want to show you under here, this this shock right here-
it’s 60 millimeter piston with 40 millimeter reservoir. Now this is the type of shock they put on
firetrucks. So to say this is a little bit overkill is
an undertstatement. These things are the most capable off-road
vehicle, factory made in the market, hands down. They’ve been driven over volcanoes. We took this one to the arctic circle. You know, this exact truck– drove it through
the arctic circle. No issues at all. You’re not gonna find anything in around here in Kentucky
that this thing has ran into before, that you’re not gonna be able to handle in this
truck. Alright, awesome. Thank you Chuck. So you guys, we actually have quite a few
in stock right now. We have about 16 new Tacomas and 17 new Tundras
in stock. As far as a few of the colors that we have:
blazing blue pearl, inferno red, black. Just to name a few. A couple of the price points that I’ve pulled. For the Tacoma: price range about 31 thousand
to about 38. And, for a Tundra: price round 32 thousand
to 49 thousand. And also these two trucks that are behind
me, these are gonna be featured in the Louisville Auto Show, which is really cool. We’re really excited about that. So if you guys have any questions or would
like to come in, take a look at some of the other Tundras or Tacomas we have, give us
a call at 502-214-7085. Visit our website at Oxmoor Toyota.com, and
we’ll have the links to these vehicles below so thanks you guys! Bye!

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