2017 Volvo S90 T6 Review: Is This the Best Volvo Sedan Ever Built?

2017 Volvo S90 T6 Review: Is This the Best Volvo Sedan Ever Built?

[Music] [Applause] [Music] Nathan behind us we have the brand-new Volvo s90 t6 all-wheel drive inscription and that’s a mouthful but the question is is this the best Volvo sedan ever well they certainly have a nice key fob they do and they also certainly have a nice total price at just over 66,000 it ain’t cheap and coming up next to the Fastlane car we’re going to answer that question on this quick King [Music] this Volvo competes with some pretty well-known in iconic names in the auto biz think of the BMW 5-series the Audi a6 and of course the mercedes-benz e-class but look at it all right Nathan plenty with the key fob but yes and this is getting to be a little bit of a cliche but they put Thor’s hammer into the headlights yeah I get it your Swedish Thor but forget about that just look at the car look how gorgeous is this is one of those kinds of cars where after you walk away from it you just let it look back because you’re like wow and that is a good-looking vehicle they really did a beautiful job on the design look at it as kind of a mix match between say a an a6 and a Jaguar XF yeah you know I mean like like like kind of a jokes yeah but they really have their own flavor on the front and on the rear they sculpted it beautifully there’s no wasted lines there’s no extra crap hanging off of it it’s just beautiful behold Thor’s hammer under the hood not exactly but it does put out three hundred and sixteen horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque this thing has the kitchen sink thrown in let me put it to you this way all-wheel drive 8-speed automatic transmission it has a turbocharger and a supercharger it is just a four cylinder yet it moves like it has well frankly a powerful v6 very impressive what’s different from the European competitors is they have much larger engines with bigger displacement 2 litres is pretty damn small it is and they compensate by using a lot of forced induction and it works the car has plenty of power yeah it has good passing power it’s really quick off the line there’s no major lag you know Volvo is one of those companies that always does things a little differently and what’s cool is this sort of brought that back especially after they got rid of their partnership with Ford and here’s one of the little things that I kind of dig check out this hood release right here I mean it’s just a cool little plastic doohickey but watch this okay hoods all the way up right no no no no you can keep going you can keep going look at that I don’t know it’s just kind of strange and cool at the same time check out this beautiful sloping roofline I mean it looks like it’s a hatchback but it’s not of course it has a regular trunk with 13.5 cubic feet of space back there and for all you lovers of the Swedish sport of cross-country skiing or even downhill skiing there’s even a ski pass through and you cannot be of course burdened by actually closing the trunk you just do it by pushing a button I’m not talking a lot about steering field because there is not a lot to be app yeah you’re out right there’s just it feels like a any modern car with electric steering it’s just there you know you point the car it goes away you pointed but like a lot of communication coming up in student well it’s not there no you’re right but I’m hoping that if they do make a pole star version of this car it’ll hopefully have better simulated feel true story Tesla hired the guy who designed this interior to work on their interiors to increase quality and craftsmanship and for good reason this is probably no it’s not probably it is B nicest interior I’ve seen in this class I say it’s better than the Germans better than the Americans and better than the Japanese I’m not kidding it’s not just the stitching it’s not just the woods they use it’s not just the metals it’s how they combine them together and at the same time they managed to add a couple little cool feature that are weird but cool as an example the starter switch it’s located in the same place Saab used to use when they were around for their key I don’t know why they did it it’s completely unnecessary but it’s kind of cool and the way they have the switches arranged and the way they have the dash arranged and the way they put it all together it’s fabulous but man I can’t get over how beautiful the interiors and I’m not saying that guys because Vall paid me they didn’t pay me in Harran or they adamian chinese-food whatever you want to say look this computer Olympus and ruthless lingonberries and all that know what hey I’ve had enough experience with these guys that’s really really good performance yeah that’s okay that’s good performance that’s okay um but I mean this interior is so nice and when you have a luxury car the most important thing next to a good ride is a good interior I’m a little concerned about the white steering wheel it looks cool but man my hands are dirty uh-huh and I’m afraid to touch it yeah it looks beautiful it’d be it’d probably be better if it was half would have dark leather but it does look really beautiful yeah it does look really beautiful and and bear in mind you know it’s like guys with greasy hands are not going to be the main drivers of this vehicle it’s going to be business people you know what you used to be yeah exactly so I’ve been driving this car around all week I have yet to sit in the backseat so you are about to find out with me just how comfortable it is in the back of the Volvo well that’s already an issue this door doesn’t open up very much let’s see how I fit now keep in mind I’m six-two so it may affect how much room I have I’m sitting behind myself yeah it’s okay you know I suppose four people could use this car for a road trip car I think if you were stuck in the middle seat that would certainly be the penalty box look at that you can see everything around this car it’s uncool is that they really did a good job with this view you know Nissan pioneered this and and Volvo’s gone to the next level it’s beautiful yeah and if you turn the wheel I think that the it’ll change the ESC the lines it’s actually giving your the information about where the tires are actually going look you can see the cracks in the road it’s really detailed yeah and imagine if you’re pulling into a garage or someplace it’s very tight yes well that is Nathan I started this review by asking is this the best Volvo sedan ever built and full disclosure I used to own a v7 TR and an 850 turbo so is this the best Volvo sedan ever made yeah absolutely this is one of the best hands they’ve ever built and it’s one of the best sedans the market except I hear rumors that there might be a pole star version coming in the future which means even more performance that might be the best I completely agree with you Volvo has taken a swing and they’ve knocked it out of the ballpark and they just keep getting better and better it’s quite amazing and yeah it’s damn good dude thanks for joining us for the fast lane car this is Nathan Adlon this is rhomin see you guys next time remember check out TfL car comm for more news views and real world with use

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  1. there you said at least one truth: "awd ..inscription" 😂. Because this huge car, it's permanent fwd with rear haldex. Nothing to do with permanent awd, s90 acting just as fwd car, if you deactivate electronic control of traction, has torque oversteering and all symptoms of a fwd :)))

  2. Love the sedan. But why push a 4 cylinder that hard if you don't have to. Plenty of room under the hood. I would prefer the in line 6 turbocharged in the BMW 540i over this powerplant. Nothing like a twin scroll turbo on a 6 cylinder motor. Audi s6 is another good one. That 3 liter. Sounds amazing too.

  3. i definitely like the styling (and i'm picky). i agree on the part about no wasted lines. for example, toyota tends to make front ends that are just too busy. that's why i gravitate towards audi and cars like this one from volvo, which is just real nice looking.

  4. Im curious as to long term reliability with that center console a glorified Ipad controlling hvac, radio gps etc. Get back in 10 years! Beautiful car but not the kind of Volvo many of us could afford to own…back to my trusty 240!

  5. Had one for 2 days that also had autopilot & 3 Performance modes.
    It rekindled my interest in Volvo again haven't owned one in the past that was not reliable.
    Will be doing some research on consumer reports and if the results are good, this car will definitely be on my list of to-do's.

  6. So………………………………….if Volvo or any other european car copies let's say audi or bmw, it is considered beautiful and good.
    But if honda , nissan or hyundai copies, it's cheap counterfeit?
    Who T.F has patents in designs?

  7. i like this better than 2018 and 2019 model,dont like it when they remove the lights from the front bumper anti fog light or what ever.
    every god damn company do this and i dont know why.

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