2018-2019 Mustang AmericanMuscle Graphics Hood Accent Decal Review & Install

2018-2019 Mustang AmericanMuscle Graphics Hood Accent Decal Review & Install

Justin: If you’re looking to make a subtle
impact to the factory hood on your 2018 or newer GT, or EcoBoost Mustang, then you might
want to consider checking out this accent kit from the team at AmericanMuscle Graphics. Now, this kit will ride the side of the raised
portion of your hood to give it a little bit more emphasis, while the price point itself
for the pair will hover it right around 100 bucks. Install’s going to get a strong one at a three
wrenches on the difficulty meter here due to the design of this kit. But let’s call it an hour or so from start
to finish, and be sure to hang till the end of the video for our detailed walkthrough
to come later on. So I’m personally a big fan of vinyl for the
simple fact that it does allow you to change the look of your car dramatically at times,
but without being terribly expensive. And the best part is, if you don’t like it,
or you eventually get tired of the look, you just simply pull it off. Now I’ve had a few bouts personally with vinyl
myself, and while I did enjoy the look of the GT500 style stripes for a few years, eventually
the time came when I was ready for a change. And that meant just simply yanking them off
with minimal effort. Now the look we are talking about again here
today will appeal to the 2018 and newer owners out there who want to switch up the look of
the hood on your new S550 but without making the rather expensive leap to an aftermarket
hood which as you know also needs to be painted, and quickly you’re at right around 1000 bucks,
if not more. So that’s where this kit from AmericanMuscle
Graphics comes into play. It’s going to give that factory hood a bit
more character but without the big time investment. Material wise the crew at AM Graphics uses
nothing but the best. Now this does include that four mil wrapping
cast vinyl which has been rated at eight years of extreme outdoor use without fading or without
peeling thanks in part to the built-in clear coat layer up top here. Now the bottom of the vinyl actually features
what is called Air Release Technology, which will help prevent any air bubbles during the
installation. Finally, you all should know that the crew
at AM Graphics does test fit in tweak each one of these designs first on our own fleet
of Mustangs before being sent out to you guys, so you can expect a fantastic fit on your
ride at home. But now we want to show you just what it takes
to get this precut kit installed on your S550 at home. So without further ado, here’s a quick walkthrough
of the job and some recommended tools to get it knocked out easily. Man: Tools required for this installation:
a nice clean microfiber towel, the supplied squeegee and a bottle or spray bottle of soapy
water. All right, to start off, we have cleaned and
prepped our surface just with a regular car wash. And we have a bottle of soapy water. So what we’re going to actually do is spray
the area that we’re going to be attaching this decal to. So I’m going to start up here and go all the
way down. We can start by peeling off the back here
and also spray this down with that same soapy water mix. Go pretty heavy on this because you’re just
going to squeegee it out. Okay, so I’m going to start up here and work
down while unraveling this, we’re actually going to start over here by the quarter panel. All right, so what I’m doing now is I have
this stuck on here and try to get some more unwrapped here and spray down. I’m just going to weigh this over that soap
down there and work this into position. All right, so what we’re going to do next
is take our AmericanMuscle squeegee here and actually wrap it in a nice soft microfiber
towel. That way we don’t scratch that new decal,
once you’re satisfied with the position of your decal, and what we’re doing is we’re
following that hood body line all the way up to this top of the quarter panel. So I’m actually going to start right here
in the middle and work down towards the front of the car, squeeging out that soap and water
from underneath. So one thing we’re gonna have to do is take
a razor blade right here and ever so gently cut. We’re actually going to take this piece off,
and just have our hood decal. Now we’re going to repeat those steps on the
other side. That’s going to wrap up my install of the
AmericanMuscle Graphics hood accent decal for your Mustang and for all things Mustang,
keep it here at americanmuscle.com.

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