2018-2019 Mustang GT Pypes X-Bomb Cat-Back Exhaust w/ Polished Tips Sound Clip & Review

2018-2019 Mustang GT Pypes X-Bomb Cat-Back Exhaust w/ Polished Tips Sound Clip & Review

Justin: The Pypes X-Bomb Cat-Back that we’re
talking about here today guys is currently the most affordable full stainless cat-back
of its kind that’s also gonna deliver ear piercing tone thanks to the combination of
X-pipe and mid muffler design. The materials will be a combination of 304
and 409 grade stainless throughout and the tips here will be shown in the traditional
polished finish for right around 700 bucks. Now since cat-back installs on the S550 are
a walk in the park, expect a relatively easy day in the garage. However, since you do have to get underneath
the car, the site is automatically gonna kick this one up to the softest two out of three
wrenches on the difficulty meter here and about an hour or so to complete from start
to finish. But if you hang until the end of the video,
we’ll be sure to show you how it’s done. So, in my opinion, the X-Bomb here along with
the corresponding H-Bomb also from Pypes will be the best bang for your buck systems currently
available here on the site for nonactive 2018 and newer GTs. Now the combination of the full stainless
billed along with a huge increase in volume will no doubt make this a popular choice for
just about anyone out there looking to give their S550 ton of bark. Just how much bark? Well, as you guys heard with our sound clips
at the very top of this video, the X-Bomb will certainly deliver in that department. In fact, I’m willing to go full pull five
out of five on my trusty wake the neighbor scale here as this thing and it’s very aggressive
design, is sure to turn more than a few heads and maybe get some angry looks from unsuspecting
or unapproving pedestrians. Now, unfortunately, it’s hard to go this loud
on the outside without carrying some of that noise into the interior, that is of course
unless you fork out big dough for a Corsa or Borla. So with that in mind, just expect the smallest
amount of interior drone while cruising on the highway. And I will say it’s not nearly as bad as the
Pypes H-Bomb system with the lower frequency that that system achieves through the different
mid-pipe design. Now that loud raspy growl is made possible
thanks to the X-pipe design which we’ve already pointed out but also due to the twin mid-mounted
bullet-style mufflers. Now I use that term muffler very loosely here
because as you can see guys, these things are more of a resonator than anything else
but that’s what you will be receiving here with this particular system. But what do you say we move away from the
sound and briefly talk about the construction and materials with the Pypes system and again
a big plus at this price point is going to be the inclusion of that full stainless steel
build, 409 grade here will be the main or predominant material with a little 304 splashed
in for good measure with those tips. And because of this full stainless design,
Pypes is gonna back each system with a limited lifetime warranty. Now speaking of those tips guys, again, 3-inch
double walled, full stainless in the more traditional polished finish but quick heads
up, you can also get this on the site with a black tip instead for a few bucks more if
you’re interested. Now piping will all be 3-inch mandrel bent. And finally, guys, the system will connect
to the factory manifolds or mid-pipe I should say along with select aftermarket full 3-inch
options thanks to the included adapters and that’s something you don’t always see in the
aftermarket exhaust category. But let’s get into the install as promised. And again, very simple stuff here guys. In fact, to give you a better idea of just
how easy this one will be, here is that detailed walkthrough along with a quick tool breakdown. Woman: For this install, we use a 3/8 drive
impact gun, a deep 15-millimeter socket, a deep 13-millimeter socket, a shallow 13-millimeter,
a small extension, a power ratchet, and a rubber mallet. Okay, guys, so we’re gonna drop our cat-back
as one big piece. We’re gonna start up in the front and then
work our way towards the back. The first thing that we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna loosen these clamps here. Now you’ll need a 15-millimeter socket for
that. We’re gonna go ahead and loosen all four of
these nuts here. Now I’m just double checking and make sure
that the clamps popped free, if they didn’t, you guys can always take a flat head screwdriver
right here and just pry them apart a little bit. The next thing that we’re gonna do is unbolt
our two sets of hangers. Now you guys have two hangers back here behind
the rear diff and there are also two hangars over top of rear mufflers, you’ll need a 13-millimeter
socket for that. What we’re gonna do is we are going to remove
the bolts but we’re gonna leave the hangers clipped into the frame here and that’s gonna
hold our exhaust up until we’re ready to remove it. All right, now we’ll remove the bolts back
here by the muffler. Then we’ll do the same thing for the other
side. All right, guys. So at this point, you’re ready to drop your
cat-back as one big piece. Now it’s going to make things a lot easier
for you if you have a second set of hands. I have Andrew here, he’s gonna help me drop
the cat-back down. And what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna unclip
the hangers from the body of the car and once that’s done we’re going to push backwards
on the resonator and then it will drop free from the car. So with our factory cat-back off the car,
we can take a quick second and compare it to our Pypes cat-back. So the Pypes cat-back is a 3-inch cat-back
made of stainless steel. Now because this is a 3-inch cat-back and
we’re gonna be bolting up to our factory connection pipes, we are gonna be using the adapters
that Pypes includes. If you guys are bolting up to your factory
connection pipes you’ll be using the adapters as well. And going with a stainless steel exhaust is
always gonna be your best bet if you’re looking for a long life out of the product and you
want the most corrosion resistance. The other thing that I’m gonna point out with
the Pypes System here is that this is an X-pipe and typically speaking an X-pipe setup is
gonna give you more volume in a lot more sound. The other thing I’m gonna point out here is
that Pypes includes a mid-muffler type of setup with a resonator-style bullet muffler
here. You guys can see there are no more traditional
mufflers and that these mufflers look a lot different than your factory mufflers do. These are straight through mufflers and they’re
gonna give you a ton of sound and a lot of volume and also some raspy notes too. Lastly, the system is gonna end in 4-inch
polished stainless steel tips. Real quick before we get the system installed
in the car, we’re gonna go ahead and grab our hangers off of our factory cat-back and
put them on the Pypes. All right, so we’re gonna remove these hangers. If you guys have a hard time getting yours
off, you can always use some WD-40 or PB B’laster. And we’ll get them installed on the Pypes
system and then grab our other set of hangers. All right, so now we’re going to install our
adapters into our factory clamps here on our connection pipe. So I’m just going to slide these into place
and I am gonna tighten these clamps down right now too, so you’ll need a 15-millimeter socket
for that. Next, we’re gonna install our mid-pipe. So I do have two clamps in place already on
the mid-pipe, you’re gonna want to make sure that you have clamps on any pipes before you
connect them. The X-pipe does have a support bar at the
back, you want to make sure that’s support bar is pointed towards the ground. You don’t want to have it oriented, so it’s
pointing up towards the bottom of the car but towards the ground instead. And I do have a pole jack here that’s gonna
help me get my mid-pipe in place, so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna slide over the adapters
here and then I’ll use the pole jack to help hold up the mid-pipe. All right, so once again, we have a clamp
in place, now we’re going to grab our next pipe, we’ll slide that into the end of our
mid-pipe. Then we’ll go ahead and make sure we get our
hanger clipped into the body of the car that’s gonna help us keep this in place. And then I’m also going to hand start the
bolts in this hanger because that’s gonna make sure that this won’t pop out of place
and it’ll keep everything loose enough so that I can adjust it but just hold it in place
for me. All right, so now we’re going to attach our
next pipe. Once again, make sure you guys have a clamp
ready. Slide this into place and then we will grab
our tip setup. All right, so we’ll get a clamp in place,
then we’ll get our tip assembly installed. All right, the next thing we’re going to do
is get our hanger clipped into the body of the car here
and then hand start the hardware. All right, so we’re gonna do the same thing
for the other side. We’ll go ahead, get a clamp on the end of
our mid-pipe, slide the pipe into the place, get our hanger lined up and clipped into the
body. We’ll hand start our bolt here and then move
on to the next pipe. All right, so once again, make sure you guys
have a clamp in place and then we’ll grab our tip assembly. As usual, we’ll clip our hanger into the body
here, get it lined up so that we can hand start some bolts. And now we can grab our exhaust tips. All right, guys. Now we can go ahead and get our tips installed. For this, you will need a 15-millimeter socket. Gonna want to make sure they’re straight and
go ahead and tighten them down. All right, now we’ll get our other tip installed,
make sure that’s straight and then tighten that down as well. All right, so we’ll do the same thing on the
other side. We’ll get our tip in place, make sure it’s
straight, and then tighten it down. All right, guys. Now we’re gonna go through, make sure our
system is as straight as possible and we’re gonna tighten our clamps. We’ll work from the front of the car to the
back, and I have a 15-millimeter socket for our clamps. All right, the last thing we’ll do is tighten
down our hanger bolts. All right, guys, that’s gonna wrap up this
review and install. Keep in mind, you can always check this cat-back
out more online right here at americanmuscle.com.

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Could we possibly see an install video where you would show how to install if you don’t have a lift? Or would that be a recording nightmare 😂? Just curious…

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