2018 BMW F 750 GS | First Ride | Review

hi guys nothing to prove here today is a beautiful day because any day one can be on two wheels is a beautiful day and today I ride the BMW f7 50 GS BMW launched two of these this year in 2018 the 750 and the 850 this is the 750 what’s the difference between the 850 and the 750 well it’s the same motor that’s made in China it’s just detuned the 750 is a little bit down on the power and what they did is they took that torque down and moved it a little bit lower rev range also no inverted cartridge Forks here you get the normal forks also no spoke to the front wheel also the front wheel is 19 inch instead of 21 on the 850 so as you can see BMW aims the 850 more towards a little more towards off-road and the 750 more for adventure touring the 850 is aimed a little bit more for adventure offroad so that would be the difference between the two also the difference that they changed is is that the gas tank is no longer under the seat that’s up here the more traditional gas tank so it moves that weight from mostly over the rear wheel towards the front which will give it more of a better balance in off-road conditions where you want to plant your front wheel into a corner you can because the weight would be closer to the front also the chain is now on the correct size and the exhaust is also on the correct side amongst other changes let’s take a look in depth I hope you stick around and enjoy the ride alright guys you know I like to take a look at what the bike looks like while you’re riding it so let’s take in slow-motion the ride by I’m 5 foot 10 about 176 centimeters 82 kilos which is about 180 pounds and this is the lower seat height if I were to get a bike like this I wouldn’t the this demo bike I wouldn’t get one with a seat this low I would probably go for more like at eight hundred and thirty millimeter seat height versus this one I think this one’s all the way down to 810 so or 15 and I think you can easily actually get it even lower than that okay that’s the right bike alright guys it’s my favorite part of this video where we get up close and personal in 4k with this bike with a handheld I got the hero on the gimm bow let’s take a look and let’s dive into this bad boy and get into the specifics and what is on this bike and what we can get and then we will go down the road all right let’s get up close with the handheld’s so let me get around here oh yeah there we go gorgeous looking machine I do like this color scheme good job BMW with this color scheme and as always I like to get in right up close and personal with this motor let me see if I can keep my shadow out of the way this is the 853 CCS the same thing you would get on the 850 but they just detune it it’s 77 ponies at 7500 rpms and 83 Newton meters of torque but here’s the big but those 83 Newton meters of torque come on it’s six grand Bravo good job BMW that is street that is streetable everyday rpm at 6 grand you are at your torque max good job I can’t say that enough now the the the the frame is also they are using the engine it’s a bridge steel frame but now they’re using the the engine as a stressed member for lighter weight as you can see here by these connections here that’s stress it doesn’t go underneath like that’s another change that they’ve done now let’s go to the front and let’s see if we can get rid of that bug non-adjustable 41 millimeters as you can see the normal Forks this is the difference between the 750 and 850 850 you’ll get the inverted cartridge Forks here no 305 dual-disc Brembos 2 piston floating both floats the discs and the Pistons and the rear is nice adjustability for preload there the suspension and 265 disc a good nice nice big disc there one piston Brembo as you can see there so I think the travel on the front is just over 200 the rear is around 210 220 I’ll put it on the screen I do like the front looks here good job BMW I do like it I do like the looks and let’s take a look with the head I have the keys in my pocket so this is the remote yeah I do like that good daytime running light there good job and let me turn it back off the only thing in question here is this small screen if you get the 850 it’s a little higher this it almost gave me a naked bike feeling I was really really shocked done surprised at how much wind I got ok let’s go to the back it’s ready for your luggage here and also your top case if you want to you guys know I like to do a flyover to see how the bike looks and it does look kind of wide for our 750 that’s just a parallel twin but it really doesn’t feel like it once you get on it and as we get up close here this is where the Garmin Navi will go on here the GPS and it’ll fit and then you can actually control all your controls with the BMW wheel here and menu options and that’s the nice thing about this it’s integrated and it’s not here but yeah you’ll see it what I like oh and what the thing I need to talk about before we turn the ignition on and look at the beautiful six and a half inch TFT is this SOS flip this up push that button and there’s a speaker in here and also a microphone in here and an operator will come on and say what’s your emergency what do you need I’ll send help and it already has your position so if there’s an accident you witness an accident or you’re in an accident it doesn’t matter press that button help is only a button press away it’s really really great and now while we’re over here you have your traditional kill start these are your modes that we will get into up here and then your heated grip has three levels yeah I might as well get over here so it’s always talking about the other side so you have your your high your high beams low beams up right here your cruise control hazard lights your menu options and you can change your ABS horn left right turn signal and then the of course everybody knows this that if you’ve ever ridden the BMW boom and I’ll show you this in a minute now I like this startup screen I’m gonna get real close here with the GoPro turn it on yeah see how this lights up this is great look at that GS ABS Pro I I say kudos to BMW thank you for giving us this screen I loved this screen and now actually the Sun is behind us in the Sun see my shadow the Sun is actually on this TFT and look how good this looks this is one of the best t of T’s I’ve seen on a motorcycle good job BMW I love it I love it I love it I love it it’s your traditional readouts your gas tank oh and I’m in road mode there whoops I just hit the GoPro so and if you go over here to mode now if you watch I press the mode and then that will come down to Road you can change the mapping to dynamic to enduro to rain back to Road and dynamic is where it changes and then enduro which is as you can see I’m a little off-road right now so I’ll leave it in enduro mode it’s a beautiful rpm readout I like it and it changes the colors as it gets to the red line there at eight and a half but the sweet spots were always between four and six here once you got to six to seven that once you got beyond three you could really feel that lowdown grunt very good job thank you BMW for doing that now to get into some menu items we can we can go into your navigation if a Navi was connected here it would show up there you compare it to any mp3 player to your phone anything that’s Bluetooth and also your telephone and also your settings that we can go into which I really do not prefer to but you can go into this to where you can see everything here’s your tire pressure it only reads your tire pressure once we’re rolling so then once that that’s going it’ll read that out so your typical read out there your voltage you now you have your typical board computer okay I’m gonna stop here because I could spend a half hour on this and I know you guys don’t want to see everything I know that that’s what that’s all I’m gonna do believe me it’s got lots of cool stuff you can pair with your phone with your helmet so if you have communications in your helmet like a Center Accardo anything Bluetooth there like I have a Schubert sitting over there in the grass and I have the communication system there from Sena you I could pair that up with this and then so then I could go and take a phone call with playing with the wheel and these options instead of having to mess with my cell phone and just talking my helmet which is great the mirrors work great love them good job with the mirrors BMW ok the overall feel of this bike I really enjoyed it what I met recommend this to a beginner yes two thumbs there two thumbs up beginner returning riders yes your intermediate and you’re shorter riders yeah the 750 if you do not plan to take this off-road you know maybe the 1% of the time this is a great bike because it’s more of a road foot focus let me shut the display off and but if you want to go more off-road then I would strongly suggest going through the 850 it’s worth it you get the 21 inch wheel and a few other goodies with the suspension and also the spoked wheels is what you get so but if you’re gonna stay primarily on the street which most of us do this is all you need but that download 83 Newton meters of torque right at 6 grand that’s awesome BMW really awesome ok let me give up and now let’s find out how all those numbers feel on the road and so I’ll gear up and let’s get on down around ok oh this looks great I am almost geared up putting the gloves on oh this is a gorgeous shot I cannot resist this look at this shot with the trees oh yeah I like this color BMW I like that ok let’s get on the bike this is on oh that’s not huh let’s turn that on shall we and the spider is here let’s power this up watch this watch this power up oh yeah that is cool GSA B is pro and arrow and once we get off the road or off no once we get on the road I’ll change that back to Street to show you how easy that is and notice I’m not using any keys are in my pocket so okay let’s start her up I do like the sound that is a nice sound BMW it’s got a nice nut bass but baritone to it well that’s very nice BMW okay let’s go on down the trail shall we oh yeah this is you know what this is made more for the street but you can do this trail riding on this no problem all day long on this I’m gonna have to stand up here a little bit there we go oh yeah see no problem with this machine that’s great okay what I wanted to show you guys is how easy it is to change that mapping so she click on let’s get her in the 4th enduro raining their Road their clutch off broke their see that was fairly easy just switches the road I love this TFT I really do i I cannot give you so many two thumbs in two thumbs that’s for two sets of two yeah good job BMW on this TFT and I cannot say enough about it I love it I love it I love it I mean from the gear indicator to the miles per hour to the RPMs to the gas gauge everything is just great on this bike in the low down toward the right at three four grand it’s just there it’s there all day but engine and transmission let’s talk about pillar number one as always talk about three pillars powertrain chassis ergonomics pillar number one is always powertrain engine and transmission and how they work together you guys know the numbers on the engine now let’s talk about how they work together with this quick shifter up and down it’s great so you close the throttle go for four two three two two there that was nice using that blipper Auto blipper okay so engine and transmission with this click shifter up and auto blip or down two thumbs up I love this max max torque at six grand that is totally streetable good job BMW nothing nothing but praise with your powertrain two thumbs up now I’m going down without the clutch using the quick auto Blippar off that’s great no braking there ah this is nice now let’s go in the middle of the corner here where the truck come in oh yeah apex on our out of the corner okay now let’s do it again let’s go down to three down to two no breaking no front or rear break 100% engine breaking I want to see how the engine brake oh this is awesome very smooth on throttle oh yeah then up and up nice nice roll on nice feel in the road napping no complaints the Chasse state settled everything so I’ll give you a thumbs up from the chassis area the in town manners are superb I mean your riding position is it’s pretty square everywhere there there are no acute angles you know where you’re leaning forward or Tut feet tucked no everything is comfortable on that so of course it’s it’s it’s a BMW Adventure GS what do you want it’s going to be like that okay guys let’s do the closing at my favorite spot by the river here and on how I feel about this great great BMW GS alright guys before I close out the review there’s just a couple more things the passenger foot pegs are bolted on and the rear subframe this here is bolted on same so what well that’s important if you’re out on an adventure because this is a adventure bike if you crash and Bend one of these things order parts take it off bolt on the new one say what’s the difference well versus being welded on if it’s welded on now you’re in a whole world of hurt now you got to replace the whole frame that’s one of the advantages to this new models going from the 700 to the 750 800 to the 850 and 2018 so that also I think I would get to your crop of itch pipe for this then I makes it looks just that much better and I hope you can probably look around on the internet and look at the sound also note after spending a few kilometers on this bike today this is the first German motorcycle that doesn’t sound German that’s a compliment I liked it it almost sounded like a v-twin good job BMW two thumbs up on the new sound now I’m gonna Google the crop of itch pipe and see how much better than it that even sounds I like the baritone bass I like more of the v-twin sound good job with this 270 degree and 450 degree firing BMW good job I loved it in the in the double counter balancers that you put into this new engine – the vibration almost non-existent I it says Scott okay for those of you that do not know me I am NOT a BMW fanboy I am NOT I’ll be the first to say it John Jesus on their sport bikes on there or whatever their bland they’re so refined they’re so good they’re so for lack of a better word German and again Germans that’s a compliment that it has no soul it’s boring it’s become so refined and with this new motor BMW you put some of the soul back into motorcycling good job I’m looking forward to writing the new 1250 GS next month now after writing this I can’t wait to ride the new GS the 1250 coming out next month oh I’m look I’m looking forward to it and I would like to thank Bergdorf for letting me take this machine out today I’ll put their link in the description below give them a call they have thirty thirty motorcycles that you can take out for a test ride so just about every model you can imagine they have it there or if it’s a variant they don’t have they have a variant that’s close to the variant you want and you can take it for a test ride gimmick all set they’ll set you up for a demo ride boom done okay guys this is one of those bikes where I have really only one criticism and that’s the breaks are Vega in the beginning but the feedback came on after the first split second it was there that is really the only thing I can criticize the powertrain this is the the Chasse and the ergonomics I have no complaints hmm interesting look out competition KTM 1090 adventure that’s a little bit different animal if you want a little more performance a little more power go for the 1090 I just did that a few weeks ago but I loved the TFT and the electronics package on here that competed with you the electronics the rotors ride by wire and everything they got you there Keith the KTM plus the KTM still has the old display boom this bike blows you out of the water KTM shame on you for not putting a TFT on there although I think they’re going to do it next year we’re on the 790 adventure all did I just say that sorry and the other competition in this category the 800 triumph a whole different animal I still think the electronics package is a little bit better on this that’s a different revi motor that’s a higher revving motor motor more of a street machine not for offroad and in Loeb Manor speeds then we also have the Honda Africa twin which you all know and love and I know and love a little bit different animal than this hmm the the 750 is more for the street and the 850 is more towards off-road I think the Africa twin is more for offroad so I would have to ride the 850 to see how it competes with the Africa twin but with these four bikes in the in this category how does this buy Trank two thumbs up and it is a little more money but in this situation here is where you do get what you pay for on this bike Thank You BMW thank you for doing a great job I thought this would be a boring ride for me and I would have to force a smile on my face I do not this is genuine I am genuinely happy about riding this bike thank you BMW alright guys as usual ride safe and the second part goes together with the first one ride like there’s nothing to prove Cheers

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