2018 BMW X1 Reliability And Is It Worth It?

2018 BMW X1 Reliability And Is It Worth It?

so have you ever owned a car have you
ever had a car breakdown or cost you lots of money for maintenance are you
really worried about reliability when you buy a car how about you want to buy
yourself a great brand new German SUV but you don’t want to break the bank how
about the brand new 2018 BMW x1 but you want to find out what sort of
reliability and concerns those cars have and is it ultimately worth the dollars
that BMW is asking at about thirty to forty thousand dollars it represents a
great value on today’s new car market welcome back to the channel I’m your
buddy mark with exotic car playplace and today so the latest x1 features a whole
host of different engines from three cylinder four-cylinder gas jobbies how
about three and four cylinder turbo diesel engines lots of different choices
you can also get in depending on the market you can get different
transmissions from manuals to automatics you can get a selection and a host of
different options for that car now this new generation of x1 has a transversely
mounted engine and the only unfortunate part to that is the fact that you can no
longer get the turbo inline six that you were able to get in previous generation
in the original x1 you could get that 300 horsepower turbocharged inline
6-cylinder engine you can no longer get that you are limited to four and three
cylinder engines but that’s okay it is still a great value still well made and
still represents the German brand so let’s get rolling into where do you
start to find out where some of these problem areas are why don’t we start
with recalls because recalls are a great representation of what the vehicle has
currently and what you can expect from it in the future
now fortunately as I always say when you talk about reliability you keep it
simple the x1 of course is the simple of all of the wonderful x-series cars in
the German BMW German lineup now of course with that there is only one
recall that is associated with a 2018 model year and that is the crankshaft
sensor firmware and all it needs is an update because with the current firmware
sometimes you can experience a lack of starting horn outright stalling
altogether because when you compare that to the x3 there’s two outstanding
recalls and when you go to the x5 there is actually five recalls associated with
that car as you see when you work your way up the line of complexity along
comes the associated recalls and now another way to evaluate the obvious and
that is reliability is to find out from previous owners one of them being the
Sun visors are too small yeah I know boohoo but you know what the complaint
really was the fact that they’re too short and when you are facing a very
sunny day often the Sun visors are too small doesn’t protect you from the
blinding Sun and of course creates an obvious driving hazard another one that
was noted by owners these are owner noted were engine hesitation and rough
idle now there is an act of bulletins by BMW to actually address that issue and
don’t you hate it when you’re driving a car and then you pull up to a light and
all of a sudden the thing starts to shake and vibrate you guys hate that as
much as I do I know it’s horrible so that is a real concern but fret not
everybody BMW has a solution for that how about this one here’s a case where
one owner was driving along in a sunny day it was great outside the weather was
was good and there was no obvious signs of external collision and all of a
sudden Urza loud explosion and the sunroof basically imploded effectively
leaving glass everywhere and so of course obviously that’s an insurance
claim get it sorted out but in itself is a little bit disconcerting I don’t know
about you but I don’t like showers of glass coming down on my head while I’m
driving at the highway speeds doing a hundred kilometres an
hour doesn’t appeal to me all that much I don’t know about you not a great
situation and then there’s another one and did you see that review I did on
this car because I reviewed a twenty 18 X 128 I now okay so we’re setting off in
his beautiful 2018 Mediterranean blue x1 the one that I reviewed I had this exact
problem and the funny thing is after doing research I wasn’t the only one
that experienced this this was actually a problem that many owners have found
and there’s actually a way to disable it and that is the rear kick feature on the
rear hatchback you know it’s great to be able to use your foot hands-free let
that hatchback open up but the problem is it’s too sensitive or there’s other
you know sensitivity related concerns there and of course when an owner is
reaching into the trunk and they’re moving things around and all of a sudden
that thing that hatch it decided to close down right down on top of me all
by its lonesome that was a bit of a shocker I’ll tell you that’s a problem
and that is not only something I noticed this was something those recognized by
several owners over the course of 2018 so moving right along we’re gonna talk
about some of the things that BMW has recognized you know through bulletins
and whatever else they’ve recognized there’s a whole host of issues that they
want to have sorted out so if you find yourself with a 2018 model year x1 and
you have some of these following problems there are fixes and BMW will
give you a fix in most cases for free in a lot of cases its software and it’s
quite a simple fix but I’m gonna share those with you right now the first one
is a buzzing from the Valvetronic system now what that tends to be is BMW
recognized that there was an issue with the Valvetronic motor hitting its limits
and vibrating it’s doing sort of a shake and it needs a program so all that was
was a bit of an east of programming change and it can sort that out and it
reduces the travel on the limit so it doesn’t have
that motor fighting itself and potentially burning out because I’m sure
that’s likely what would happen eventually if you didn’t deal with it
another thing is the display goes black another is to update that’s all that is
but there have been displays that have gone away another one is the phone
contact list you are buzzing through looking at your phone contacts on the
iDrive system and all of a sudden they’re scrambled in different orders
well that’s a problem that many owners have experienced yet again it is an is
to update so fret not it’s a relatively simple fix but it is a problem the next
one is navigation have you ever had a navigation system go flaky on you when
you’re buzzing down a busy highway 6 lane highway in Southern California and
you don’t know where the next turnoff isn’t all of a sudden your GPS or your
navigation dies on you hey it’s happen to me and I don’t have a
map to back me up either so this is a common problem and so that in itself has
been rectified by contacting the manufacturer TomTom who happens to be
the supplier for the navigation systems at this new model as x1 2018
another issue is the memory seats they lose their limits so the memory seats
you hit the button and is supposed to go so far the limits have been reduced
there might be just a software update for that so fret not again not that
serious but again it’s software and then another one is the check control message
one that says you do not have the key in the car even though you physically are
holding the key in your damn hand it is telling you there is no key in the car
that is a problem it’s not recognizing the key there is a software update for
that as well now here’s one a little more mechanical by nature so you’re
driving along and I’m sure you can explain to this a lot of you guys we’ve
all had vehicles that have made some weird noises while you’re driving so
this is not an uncommon thing however you’re driving along gradual
acceleration and there’s a humming somewhere there’s a sensation of a
vibration or a humming coming through the chassis somewhere well that is in
fact a problem and it is one of three number one it actually could be a loose
tailgate ouch you’d hate to have something like that happen out goes a
child or you know the mother-in-law or possibly some groceries something goes
flying out the back because you know the tailgate falls off a second one is the
rad mount so the radiator maybe isn’t mounted quite squarely and securely and
that again can transfer some of that vibration through the chassis and cause
that same sensation and the third is the engine stabilizer yet another issue that
can be easily sorted with a quick trip to the dealer they’ll fix you up nice so
here’s another one how about your horn your honking on the horn at that guy
that just cut you off and you get a mechanical vibration in the horn well
that’s really not supposed to happen for the most part so what really what that
is is most likely just mounting equipment there’s a bracket in there in
the horn and if it’s not mounted properly that has been a known issue so
that can be rectified again either remounting relocating repairing or just
replacing it all together that has been a common fix for these cars as well
now here’s another scary one we talked about the tailgate falling off possibly
here’s one where the tailgate will unintentionally open it’ll open either
when you’re parked so you can have a thief walk in and grab your goodies out
of there you’ve just done all your Christmas shopping and some guy rolls
along and helps himself feeds his family or it can also happen while you’re
driving along minding your own business and offset both the tailgate opens again
something precious falls out the back and you know what it just needs to be
reprogrammed that’s it now here’s one your seats so you look at it you’re in
the back seat you look forward and you see the front seats in front of you
their front seats there and you look and there’s foam exposed coming out from
underneath the leather or the vinyl finish you see foam popping out we
talked about a lack of confidence when you’ve just paid a pile of money for
this great new German automobile and you’ve got foam coming out showing out
the back my 1998 Volkswagen Golf does not have
foam hanging out the bottom of the seats but fortunately BMW will take care of
that for you they’ll fix you right up there will be a rework they’ll plug push
it all back in there refasten it with some fancy little tape and you’ll be on
your way minor fix here’s one that’s a bit of a
pain moisture in the headlights you know you’ve got the two headlights up front
have you ever seen vehicles with water sloshing around in the taillights almost
like a fishbowl or headlights that are fogged over because they’re full of
condensation well that condensation has been known to
happen not on one not on – but there’s forums littered with people with this
experience of the headlight assemblies fogging up because of moisture and
condensation within the lenses well guess what BMWs answer to that is
removal dry it out reinstall where they will replace it is if there is a water
stain like a black mark or something has created some permanent damage on the
inside of the lens they will replace that lens you free of charge generally I
should say generally I’m not here guaranteeing on their behalf again guys
you take this up with your local dealer but that’s one of the fixes so the other
one one big one and of course it’s a mostly electronic thus far this one is
you’re getting a whole host of vanos lights or engine lights that are telling
you’ve got an engine problem or a code that’s popping up and that’s causing you
some distress because now all of a sudden you’ve got these engine lights or
these codes and lights lighting up the dashboard like a Christmas tree so that
is really really scary and quite annoying to be quite frank with you that
is a common issue and a lot of times these codes are coming for no good
reason well what it is is it’s strictly a software programming issue in the DME
that’s the basically the brains of the operation that’s the computer of this
whole system and it just needs to be updated that’s all that is so you know
if you do see that sort of a problem you see a random anja light
pop up take it to the dealer let them have a look at it chances are fewer
we’re talking about a new car right now it’s under warranty take it in there any
way they can scan it if there’s a problem if you need a software update
they’ll do that for you free of charge so that is really the
large list the summaries of the issues that have been identified whether
through owners or identified you know by BMW stumbling across these issues now
overall you know I reviewed this exact car I reviewed a twenty eighteen twenty
eight so it in itself I really enjoyed the drive when I in my time that I got
to you know experience this vehicle I really really enjoyed it there was a few
things I didn’t care about you know the wheels I found were a wee bit small for
it but overall the build quality was solid had great materials the technology
was you know everything you could ask for from a modern-day vehicle and with
the right engine at least the one I drove of the twenty eight I was very
very peppy like it was very quick so you’re not lacking in performance you’ve
got efficiency you’ve got reliability because now you’re not dealing with that
old diesel engine that’s the other thing I want to touch on since we’re talking
reliability is the old n47 engine do you remember the old diesel four-cylinder
turbo engine that they had in the previous gen as well as some of the
other BMWs that would blow apart because of catastrophic timing chain issues well
they don’t use that engine in in this car anymore there you’re now using the B
37 and the b-47 engines which are a vastly improved engine in the diesel
format of course the gas jobbies you’ve got you know a couple different versions
to choose from made it to it either in auto or manual as mentioned already
these engines are all proving to be very very robust and at this time it looks as
though the mechanicals of these engines are the least things to be concerned
with the biggest things is software programming some of the electronics you
know connecting through bluetooth with your phone to the
those sort of things some of the electrical some of the electronics and
that will be sorted out in most cases through a lot of these bulletins by BMW
so overall my time with the car was a lot of fun it’s peppy its reliable and
it’s a lot of fun to drive and you know what it’s relatively affordable the car
I drove the 28 I was about forty thousand dollars Canadian now you can
get them for a little bit less and of course you can pay quite a bit more
however mine was well outfitted and you know what that’s a lot of bang for your
buck you’re getting a great German car it’s very reliable and honestly a lot
better I think then a lot of the predecessors before it I really hope you
enjoyed the video you make sure you give it a thumbs up like share the video with
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that lets you know when the next video arrives so thanks again everybody I
really appreciate you sticking around and we’ll talk to you in the next one
catch you then guys bye bye

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  1. Another great one Mark. Some might think you're trashing BMW with all these issues but in fact you're showing how incredibly responsive BMW is! Especially compared to and low value USA car.
    Best, James

  2. Ha Ha Ha German con artist best on the world * new car development minimum 10 years * millions of problems never showed during the test * when customer a new owner experiencing after a couple of hours he drives.
    Very interesting ha ha ha.
    Marketing * who own BMW distribution for north America have to be prosecuted * simple tiffs ignorants looking only to grab your money.
    Those BMW buyers only complain BMW and BMW we can get those love stories all the time
    No one of those nice and smart peoples points to the owner of distribution BMW in North America.
    Peoples wake up stop wanking watching porno on your phones or Pc
    Start using your rusted brains and go after those tiffs.
    What I see from the words and how many reacting to this all very young experience child-man for whom mothers polish their shoe.
    Do you know mentalities of American auto industry from the 80s?
    Was same problem marketing tiffs same peoples philosophy on how to make faster lots of money assembling cars with very low grade and cheaper parts
    After the bankruptcy of the American Auto industry all problems clean up and cars become even more reliable from the legendary Lexus.
    Start demanding from BMW to change marketing philosophy * stop buying BMW cars for some time * ha ha ha this never can happen because 97% new buyers is a lease of new vehicles
    other way new owners getting new cars from your money – tax deductible means not paying tax to the government and you pay more to satisfy their needs.

  3. I don't get the appeal of this vehicle. It's such a small SUV, it does not have the utility that one would need from an SUV. It's like a lifted g-series hatchback/wagon. It's one of those weird in-between vehicles.

  4. The new x1 is utterly horrible. They gave me one as a loaner — which I had for a week. It seemed okay, until I got into rush-hour — the transmission tuning in stop-and-go was beyond infuriating. I couldn't imagine what I'd do if I had already bought the car and didn't discover this until later. I wanted to drive this thing off a cliff.

  5. Mark, how much of a problem is the carbon buildup on the F48? Have a ‘17. Small issues covered under warranty. Knob cover came loose, one strut mount. And a bad head unit which manifested itself with odd gps directions.

  6. I drive the 2016 one it has 66,000 miles on it already and it has been very reliable so far I even use it for uber. 0 problems only 1 recall.

  7. Kind of thinking about the X1 – xdrive when it's time to replace my 1series
    Just not sold on SUV as a concept. Right now I'm thinking harder about getting a 3Series wagon. Would have another 1series but they are moving to FWD which is pointless in a BMW.
    Love the videos – keep em coming

  8. This comment has nothing to do with this particular car but I'm looking to buy a bmw 3 series (2009 Msport). I am 20 years old and really want to buy one but everywhere I look, people say to stay away from the brand because of the unreliability and the expenses to run the car. So what I'm trying to say is it worth buying a bmw or should I look at other car brands?

  9. In opinion when considering reliability there are two major factors. One is major failures that will shorten the life of the car. The other is not really what other more minor faults there are but how are they handled by the dealer.

  10. great video. I would buy this compact SUV! When all the software fixes has been done it's one of the best small SUVs and value for the money.

  11. Consumer report gave X1 a score of 61 while X3 got 81 for reliability! Forrester got 84! Even Hyundai Kona got 73! Not too good but not sure how they're giving score based on…

  12. I don't know but I feel ham confused after watching your video first you mentioned many issues for the X1 then and then in the end of the video you said X1 is reliable so… do you recommend owning X1 ? cause my friend is asking me he want good looking suv but at the same time that suv will not break his bank I did some research on Bmw X1 2018 most of websites says they are reliable but in your video I was shocked with these many issues you mentioned. it is like that X1 have many issues. can you at least tell me in summary if BMW X1 reliable or not ? does cost in maintenance this part I don't think you covered in this video like oil service and changing spark plugs, etc. any additional information regarding what I mentioned It will be appreciated

  13. My Friend BMW X1 2018 has all 3 Faults lights on
    1- Engine light on
    2 – Brake Light Fault on
    3 – Transmission Fault light
    BMW service said comeback in the End of June

  14. Love your videos buddy and the amount of research you are putting in. I own a 2017 X1 expedition, though it’s basic model but I just love everything about it.

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