2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon – Long-Term Ownership Intro

2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon – Long-Term Ownership Intro

Would it be absolutely bonkers to add a
2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon to Kelley
Blue Book’s long-term test fleet? Yes it would and yet here we are. To be a little
more clear, we’re gonna treat the demon like a normal long-term car but it’s
actually owned by my boss Karl. As the guy who researched, specced, and paid for the thing no one is more qualified to tell you about this 2018 Dodge
Challenger SRT Demon than Karl Brauer. Here then, is a speedy jump-cut montage
of him explaining all the features. 0 to 60 in somewhere around 2.3 seconds. The quarter-mile in potentially 9.5 seconds at 140 miles an
hour. This one’s Tor Red with flat black treatment over the top. If you’re
enough of either a Stranger Things or a Dungeons & Dragons geek you will
immediately get that and if you’re not you’re gonna wonder what the heck it
says. Tim Kuniskis came up with the idea that we’re gonna make this over-the-top
drag car that happens to be street-legal. So everything from the Demon crate that
you can get as a add-on for a dollar with skinny front tires, everything you
need to swap those tires at the track, to an upgraded PCM that makes the car go
from 808 to 840 horsepower. Pull up to the drag
strip, you hit drag mode, it turns all these
things on including AC diverted to enhance intercooler performance. First
time in the history of automobiles that they have a system that can switch
between cooling me in the cabin and cooling the intercooler
on the car using the air conditioning system. Muscle cars aren’t known for
being very technologically sophisticated, this one actually is very sophisticated. It’s got drag racing technology I couldn’t have imagined back when I got
into this sport 30 years ago. With all the options Karl’s Demon rings
in at $92,949, a roughly $10,000 premium over the base version, if you can consider the base
version base. As stated upfront, a long-term Challenger SRT Demon might
seem absurd but if we wanted to justify that absurdity here’s how we do it. Kelley Blue Book’s long-term ownership reviews illuminate the gap between
expectations and reality when buying a new car. And few cars come primed with
more expectations than the Dodge Demon. Like in malevolent netherworld hellbeast,
the demon has sparked an inferno of questions that demand answers. Is 800
plus horsepower a blessing or a curse on the streets? As responsible
owners can we exploit the Demon’s abilities without endangering its resale
value? That’s a good tease. Can month 12 possibly be as thrilling as month
1? Those are all great questions that we promise to answer. Now if you’ll
excuse me I’m going to respectfully drive the boss’s demon

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Before recommending the purchase of such crap the KBB website should at least consult the IIHS website. You know how it is, website that talks about cars and recommends buying them should be safe because these things affect the credibility of the website.

  2. I'm guessing this will be a future collectors car as they are very expensive and very rare, I doubt they will lose much resale value vs a standard Dodge car.

  3. Thank God he took off those ugly yellow bumper guards that for some reason people leave on. The demon is def a badass whip. Love that sound!

  4. Haha tell Carl Cassius said hi. Haven't seen him in a few years. Congrats on the demon buddy. The demon in the Hellcat will have to meet up soon for some coffee

  5. вот это мне нравится говорят что там половину клапонов можно выключить что бы по городу кататься

  6. I'm been in car market for a year, I really wanted the Challenger but not sure it's practical in today's age.

  7. Reticulous amount of power , i think half of that power is enough for the ultimate fun , and event quarter is enough for a hot hatch

  8. Why does everyone care about turbo spool when you can have supercharger wine like whyyyy? wrrrrrrrr or pshhhhh

  9. These color red are like eye candy for cops they can spot you all the way from mars before your radar system can detect their radar guns

  10. What abilities does it have other than going fast in a straight line? it's a one trick pony, a overpowered boat anchor death trap, a widowmaker, a unreliable POS from Fiat that can't take a corner, the people that buy this junk have more money than brains

  11. Just like how harley riders are typically dorks trying to look cool, that dude and a Demon make all the sense in the world.

  12. $100GZ huh. Ill rather keep my Paid off 2006 Chevy Impala I bought for $300. Running great! with 225k on her! Plus no PAYMENTS!

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