2018 Dodge Demon – Long-Term Wrap-Up

2018 Dodge Demon – Long-Term Wrap-Up

What’s it like to live with a Dodge
Demon for a year? I don’t know. I barely drove the thing, but you know who does know,
Kelley Blue Book’s executive publisher/ demon owner Karl Brauer. So Karl
how’d your unholy year with the demon turn out? What’s fabulous is that this
car was supposed to be the fastest street-legal drag car ever made, and
essentially it’s proven that it was. I’ve had it to the track four times. I’ve put
over 60 or 70 runs down the track best being a 10.23 ET at 135 miles per hour,
so that’s a very fast car to have. A car that fast that you drive to the track.
Yank the front wheels out of the trunk, put them on the car race, put them back
in the trunk, and drive home. To me that’s what it’s kind of all about, a car that
you can drive by yourself to a track, race and drive home without even a
support vehicle. That’s probably my single favorite thing about this car and
being able to say I did that. The tires have held up really well, a
pretty long dedication to going to the track with this several times. Burnouts
every one of the times I went down those 60 runs and the tires with zero tread
rating are still totally functional, and actually are hard to tell they’ve got
any wear on them yet. So I think you could get hundreds of runs from these
tires as a as an owner. If you just keep going back to the track it’s gonna take
a while to actually make them go away through the burnout process. I’ve been in
a lot of cars at a lot of different price points. This is some of the best
interior leather I’ve ever seen, not on the Dodge, not an American car, on any car
I’ve ever been in. The suppleness, the smell, the look, it’s fabulous leather. I’m
kind of surprised they put that much effort into a car like this, but they did.
I just had the oil changed for the second time. You’re supposed to do it every six
months. The total maintenance cost for one year
and about 4,000 miles on this car was about $230.
Nothing went wrong with the car. It had two recalls they were both related to
the ECM. One was addressed yesterday the other was addressed few months ago.
Neither had anything to do with how the car drove it was just something related
to the cruise control to make sure it worked properly, so the cars been easy to
drive, easy to race, easy to live with, nothing but upside and fun is what I
would say is a Dodge Demon. Given Kelley Blue Book’s focus on
vehicle values we should mention that Dodge simply didn’t make enough 2018
Challenger SRT Demons for us to properly track values. That said eBay and
Barrett-Jackson transaction prices regularly meet or exceed the original
purchase prices for these cars, so good news for Karl if he ever decides to offload
this sweet Demon you should recoup his $92,947 investment, though if you know
Karl it’s clear he loves owning and driving his car. It’s not just an
investment. You know the other thing that’s fascinating about this car I’ve
had it at Cars and Coffee multiple times and I was the only one there, and I’m not
sure if I’ve seen another one in the wild driving around.
They went into a shrink wrap in a garage somewhere, but this one didn’t, and I’m
really glad and I’m one of the few that I see out there when I’m driving. Who’d have guessed 12 months driving around
in an 800 plus horsepower uber coupe would be so much fun?
You know another lap around the block beforehand the keys back couldn’t hurt. Okay, Micah, do not crash this

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  1. I’ve considered this car not this variant multiple times, but doesn’t seem like a smart buy for a fiat car lol

  2. So after a full year u gave is a 3 minute review? What a waste time companies are probably gonna start noticing this

  3. I saw a Hellcat at the gas station this past weekend. My dad had no idea why I was so excited or why a couple of guys pulled their van up behind it and got out to look at it. It looks just like any other Charger until you see the Hellcat on the front fender. To the guy in my hometown driving the bright orange 2019 Hellcat: Sorry I stared at your car, dude, but it's a sweet ride.

  4. Despite the cost, both the Porsche GT2RS and McLaren 720S are faster in the 1/4 mile. Not to mention their other attributes.

  5. Anyone else notice that’s a Hellcat going down the strip at the beginning of the video? And not the Demon 😂

  6. Now that Dodge stopped selling the demon let’s let about the reliability lol. We already know that this car is a good investment since they are now shooting up in value.

  7. A demon would be too much car for me. Hellcat would suit me better…… but I cant afford either, so scat pack for me …… which I also cannot afford.

  8. It is a shame that most of them go into some garage and never really get driven. I have only seen one in the wild. Props to this guy for actually driving it.

  9. Which would be the best car in the budget of 20k dollars I am an international student looking for a head Turner with power

  10. 2:09 There's your FCA quality, left side taillights match up to each other, right side taillights are offset, lol. It's fast, but it's still a giant turd.

  11. Ur definitely not the only one driving a Demon…. Just watch #Dragtimes and watch it get beat up by a stock Mclaren 720S over and over again

  12. I know this only a long term loaner.. can you tell dodge I would love to have this after you return it!! Thanks

  13. Right not to many owners in the wild! To much money! But you will see alot of modders in the wild lol

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