2018 DRV Mobile Suites 36 RSSB3 Luxury Fifth Wheel Video Tour • Guaranty.com

2018 DRV Mobile Suites 36 RSSB3 Luxury Fifth Wheel Video Tour • Guaranty.com

Good morning Clay Thompson here at
Guaranty RV Center. Today I’m going to show you a brand new 2018 DRV Mobile Suites. This is the 36 RSSB3, come on inside show you the
features. This is a great floorplan you come inside we get the door closed got a
nice place to hang up the coat. A nice little lit area there and then as you
can see nice dinette area pull-out table with a leaf that expands. Two solid chairs,
two folding chairs that come with it. Function able drawers and cabinets behind
the dinette and cabinets throughout. Plugins a nice area for if we want to
get the computer set up we got plug ins. Insulated windows, the MCD duo shades
blackout shade this one has the optional wood valances. Cabinetry all the way
along the whole roof line of the slide out here. USB and 12 volt plug ins over
here next to the dinette as well, more cabinetry and drawers, nice residential
furniture. The back end of the fifth we’ll hear we got cabinetry above with
the backlit Center cabinets with the etched glass. Nice and tall cabinetry out
of sight out of mind but always have it with you. Notice everything is solid
woodwork no photo finish. Everything’s LED lights nice view out
the windows very quiet for those of you not familiar with the area we’re 25 feet
from a major highway it’s very very quiet in here because of the insulation
and the dual pane windows. Nice big couch so as
we sit here in the living room area we have a nice view of the high-end
furnishing the countertops, the the living area. The structure is a 15
inch triple box tube chassis, it’s got the all-weather heavy-duty aluminum
floor system, floor screwed and bolted together and will not rot over time. Also
they do not use staples which eventually work out through the floor covering so
you don’t have to worry about that either. The new state-of-the-art level up
system when we go outside I’ll show you some of the features that’s neat about
that as well. The new style Kodiak disc brakes limited
lifetime warranty smoother stopping shorter stopping distance and low
maintenance costs with that set up. The H rated tires that are 17/5 aluminum wheel
and tire with the 8 lug nuts for a heavier load capacity, a special tread
pattern to dissipate the heat and their groove able. They’re good for miles and
miles I don’t know that you would ever have to replace the tires on this unit.
The sea level tank monitoring system uses a sonar to provide instant and
accurate readings in all tanks. Screwed and glued construction, solid 16 inch on
center stud spacing with a three and a quarter inch aluminum walls, exclusive
foam core vapor barrier lightweight lower heating and cooling cost noise
reduction and elimination chance of condensation. So they do a handful of
things that a lot of people just do not do which is why this is such a nice
high-end, high level, full time RV. The raised aluminum roof rafters on 16 inch
centers more space, more insulation. Improve water runoff and maximum
low capacity per square foot on the roof. Soft touch ceiling, high pressure
hydraulic lines with metal fittings Industrial stabilizer jack location wind
tested and provided for maximum stability which again I’ll show you when
we’re out there. Residential copper water manifold system, the plywood roof decking, ultra quiet ducted low profile AC. Automotive disc brake system, oversized
basement storage doors and in gas lift cylinders. Custom painted exterior
graphics it’s an automotive finish as well and so on so I mean there’s just a
lot of features on this unit that you’re gonna find that other manufacturers
don’t put in their RV that DRV does to make it an exclusive full-time unit. Over
here at the entertainment system we got the large LG smart TV. Area here for the
pull-out desk area. Soft touch closed handles the subwoofer
down inside here this is adjustable to our likings for our surround system on
both sides. Here’s our sound system, blu-ray DVD player, Sony am/fm stereo
system. The Weingard power antenna and our pre wire if we’re gonna do the
satellite system on the roof. More cabinetry, tons of cabinet space
throughout backlit above with the glazed cabinet fronts, adjustable shelving. The
appliance garage here with the pull-out plugin inside for our toaster,
coffeemaker, what have you. What do you say margarita blender as well. Nice
kitchen area solid surface ceramic backsplash,
nice big cooktop cover I call this the griddle top one two three burners but if
we want to use a griddle we can. Cast iron covers on top for your grates the
new Furion oven, very very nice kind of a residential look and style. Cabinetries throughout on both sides, did
overlook the nice big drawers here and notice the very clear plywood that they
use nice and sanded smooth I’m not going to get slivers but very clean clear-cut
plywood and deep drawers. Over here in the island
we got drawer below the dishwasher, the dishwasher here. Nice big center island area with the
double sink it’s a squared one-piece stainless. Residential faucet and spray nozzle, cabinets down below
built-in garbage drawer out of sight out of mind. Nice residential refrigerator by
whirlpool. The cabinetry above all the LED lighting that’s the kitchen area on
a dimmer switch and then the overhead lighting above so different variations
of lighting that we can use with the backlit island countertop area. Nice big area here that could be used
again as a pantry with the adjustable shelving. This has the voyager digital
wireless observation backup camera system. More cabinets below all lit so we
can see what we’re looking for. Notice the hinge work nice hinge work on
throughout solid cabinetry and then this is our command center right by the door
where we have all our of our on off switches, our c-level tank monitor again
like I said reads off a sonar so we don’t have solid things in our tanks
giving us false reading. The furnace unit here, the power control system here and
the built-in surge protector as well. Down below we have our fuse panels and
breakers right by the door as well as this one has the they all have the
central vac but it also has the 12-volt tank heaters as well. Next to the
refrigerater before we go upstairs again small little cabinet area but again we always
find places, need places to put things so. Walking up into the bedroom
area on/off switch with the dimmer switch for the bedroom. Nice area here
for the we can put a side-by-side washer and dryer or a single or none at all and
just have a nice big extra cabinet area. Walking into the bathroom, porcelain
toilet, backlighting at the floor so again we can walk in the middle of the
night and not you know light the whole place up we can see what we need to do
and get out. One piece basin sink nice corner glass shower enclosure.
Plenty of storage for towels and whatever we may need put in the bathroom. We walk into the bedroom, king bed, nice
window on the side there that we can open and close turn the fan on get some
cross ventilation or turn the a/c on or the the furnace it’s all ducted
throughout very quiet so we can sleep with it running. USB, 110 plugins very
accessible around the bed with the overhead cabinetry above. Nice style
headboard, nice lit closet area with the two big drawers, cedar-lined, shoe
cabinet, built in safe, several clothes rails to hang your your hang up stuff on.
Again more cabinetry in the bedroom. The other LG TV, everything backlit here as
well. Nice big drawers, again notice the
clear cut. Nice padded carpeting in the bedroom area. You’re going to notice this
is a very well-built very stylish fifth wheel. Made for long extended use if need be or
the short term but you’re going to be going in style. This has got the door
with the big window and there’s a dark blackout shade
in the door so if we want to darken that window out we can as well as having this
storm panels on the screen door. The nice big step system very solid. Then what I was talking about here with the storm doors that are
removable in the screen door and the big window in the exterior. We have the
keyless entry system, the large step. The very large basement with the
heavy-duty gas struts. You’ll notice this one has the inverter for the
refrigerator that’s dedicated to the refrigerator system. This is your floor
furnace ducting system just like what you would find in home. The furnace with their modified plenum
larger tubes going longer distances, smaller tubes going shorter distances.
Tank area very easy to access, one straight shot from the toilet to the
black tank no elbows so it makes it virtually impossible to ever have a plug
up. Automotive paint clear coat full it is basically a full-body clear coat,
partial body paint on this one. All LED lights interior and exterior. This one
has the double awnings with the Uni-guard awning protectors as well as on
the mobile Suites you’re going to notice we have three individual caps on here.
one front nose cap, the other 5th wheel pin cap with the rock resistant paint on
here and we would get to the back I’ll show you the third cap. The MORryd pin
box which is takes up it’s a it’s a rubber cushioned flexible pin box so
it’s gonna dampen a lot of the herky-jerky motions that you get while
you’re traveling. That you will not feel in the mobile Suites when you look at
Brand X, you know it’s going to be a solid rigid system. Very beautiful end
cap, stylish LED lights. That’s what I call the cold storage or
where the generator would go if we opted that option but it is gen ready so if we
wanted to add it we can or it’s the cold storage. Battery box, disconnect switch
inside. Two great big 10 gallon propane tanks on a slide-out tray. The other side
of the basement. The full house water filtration system
the copper manifold system I talked about,wool insulation instead of fiber
insulation, tank settings being in a well insulated heated area. Want to move back
here one second the level up system you’re gonna notice on here when you
look at it from the front they are at an angle therefore that’s where they’re
gonna hold solid versus the guys that put their landing gear straight up and
down. When the wind blows or there’s pressure against when they’re
out of an angle you get a lot less movement or even it’s just not going to
move versus one straight up and down you’re gonna get it feeling rocking back
and forth. Large water heater, these also
have a gray and black tank flush system. yes, I said gray and black with your
gate valves there you can turn the water pump on out here exterior shower
exterior cabling hookups all come up through the bottom. The large 17:5 wheel
and tire I talked about with the eight lug pattern and the tapered lug nuts
therefore they’re not going to back off on you they’re always going to be tight.
The large 50 amp cord reel that’s electric just like you’re going to get
in your high-end motorhomes. The end cap on the back one-piece, large ladder to
assist for roof maintenance. Receiver hitch two by two receiver on
the back end in case we want to put a rack bike rack and or plugged in with
the plug built in. The large scare light out the side, the frameless windows. This
one has a new three-year limited structure warranty and I know that I’ve
kind of ran through this video on this unit rather quickly and I know that I
didn’t point out all of the features. I’m telling you there’s just a lot of
features on this unit I can go on for a long time but for those of you that
would be interested, again my name is Clay Thompson with Guaranty RV Center.
Please look me up or give me a call you can reach me at 541-979-1770. Again, Please ask for Clay Be happy to assist, We have these in stock and they are available so don’t forget to ask for me. Appreciate it, thank you and have a great day. you

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  1. Clay, you do a great job on your videos, I forget to thank folks like you. You didn't mention a price or at least the MSRP on the unit.

  2. In about a year to a year and a half I’m either going to buy the Cumberland the Atlanta or the Nashville but the Atlanta is my favorite

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