2018 Ford F-150 – Review and Road Test

2018 Ford F-150 – Review and Road Test

If you think modern full-size pickup
trucks are big and dumb you’re only partly right. Case in point, this F-150. It might be big but it is not dumb. Quite the contrary
Ford has approached this generation F-150 as a literal test bed, switching its
bed and cabs construction from steel to lightweight aluminum helping improve
fuel economy and performance. Inside the aluminum body is a seriously functional
cabin. The seats are comfortable and supportive, the armrests are well
positioned, even though that one is way over there, there’s lots of door storage
space, and a really huge bit of storage here in the center console. Look there
goes the medical tape. Up front you’ve got a couple of itemized spots where I
guess I can put my wallet with more space than I really need. Up top
yet another – storage bin. The F-150 is a little like an industrial loft. It is a
great place to live and work. Buyers can spec their F-150 in regular,
super cab, and super crew layouts but for carrying people the super crew is
definitely the play. Legroom is outstanding, unlike the cozier super cab. A flat floor means sitting in the middle position is not some sort of punishment
and easy flip up seats mean you can store your gear safely inside away from
the elements and thieves, Tim. And these channels look like they’re expertly
crafted to carry, I don’t know, large shipments of wine. Maybe my mom needs an f-150. Sorry, mom. Of course cabin plushness varies by trim. The basic XL trim comes drenched in easy to clean plastic but higher trims offer
increasingly luxurious appointments. Nothing caps a hard day on the job like
cooled and massaging seats…I’m assuming. Reviewing cars isn’t a real job Speaking of real jobs if you plan to
haul more than just air you’ve got three choices. A six and a half foot bed or
optional 8 foot cargo box come on the regular and super cab models while the super crew offers bed lengths of five and a half and six and a half
feet. The F-150’s bed is a perfectly functional
space to haul stuff but it should be noted that a damp tailgate does not come
standard. F-150, dropping at old school. Also, the optional tailgate step does
make it easier to get in and out of the bed but this one doesn’t have it so roll
the b-roll while I parkour my way into the bed. For easier bed loading check the option
sheet where you’ll find pop-out side steps, integrated loading ramps, a bed
extender / divider, and a damped remote release tailgate or an assistant closing
tailgate with an integrated step. As a big capable truck you might expect
the F-150’s road manners to be unrefined but that’s not really the case. Okay
there are the normal live rear axle jitters over bumps but otherwise ride
quality is good. The brakes feel confident, interior noise is suppressed
unless I’m making my bag bounce around in back, and outward visibility is
surprisingly good in all directions. A PT Cruiser! I’m so sorry.
A slow steering ratio and comparatively wide turning circle make confined maneuvering a challenge but if you’ve got the dough the option list makes nearly
every aspect of driving much much easier. Ok, not this one. All the others. And, I’m up over the curb. There’s a 360-degree camera system for confident parking, automatic Park Assist for
effortless parking, and Pro trailer backup assist that makes backing up a
trailer as simple as turning a knob. On top of that there’s full range adaptive
cruise control, pre collision assist with pedestrian detection, Lane Keeping Assist,
and blind spot monitoring that even accounts for a trailer. Clever. Where
engine choices are concerned there are plenty including an eager and reasonably
efficient 3.3 liter V6, a 2.7 liter EcoBoost v6, a 3.5 liter EcoBoost v6, and
for those who hate forced induction a naturally aspirated 5 liter V8. The base
V6 features a 6-speed automatic but the rest of the lineup uses a 10 speed unit
that knocks out nearly undetectable shifts. Standard on all engines is a fuel
saving automatic engine start/stop system though you’ll need to deactivate
it on hot days to keep the air-conditioning working at stoplights.
To exploit the F-150’s 13,200 pound maximum tow capacity choose the 3.5
liter but for less extreme towing we highly recommend the 2.7 liter EcoBoost.
The two-seven will tow 8,500 pounds, it costs a modest 995 dollars versus the
base engine, and it returns the best fuel economy in the f-150 lineup…at least
until the 3 liter turbo diesel finally shows up. Before moving on we should mention the
$51,000 f-150 Raptor whose wide track, high output 3.5 liter EcoBoost v6, and
Baja-worthy suspension enable unsurpassed off-road thrills. Seriously
don’t you wish this was you? For more-grounded off-road adventures non-Raptor f-150s can be equipped with four-wheel drive and an FX for off-road
package. MSRP for a regular cab XL trim with six airbags, trailer sway control,
manual AC, an am/fm radio, and a backup camera with dynamic hitch assist begins
below 29,000 dollars including $1,300 worth of destination chargers. However we think the volume leading XLT is a worthwhile upgrade. It starts around
$34,000 for a regular cab with power windows and mirrors, a power tailgate
lock, and a six-speaker audio system featuring bluetooth and USB ports. Budget an extra $2,900 for the Super Cab and $5,200 for the super crew. With even more budget you can nab an intuitive
eight-inch Sync infotainment system, navigation, heated rear seats, inflatable
rear seatbelts, LED headlights, LED box lighting, a factory spray in bedliner, and
passive entry with push-button start, a feature inexplicably not offered by GM
and Toyota. Spend lavishly and you can spec an F-150 limited trim to the tune of
$67,000 though prices for pickup trucks are frequently
incentivized so shop around. Given the loyalties of truck buyers you probably
already have a brand allegiance but if you’re curious the full-size pickup
truck field includes the GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado twins, the RAM 1500 with
its smooth riding coil spring rear suspension, the Nissan Titan with its
standard 390 horsepower v8, and for resale value enthusiasts and Toyota
devotees the Toyota Tundra. Each entrant has its strengths but the Ford stands
out as exceptionally well suited to the needs of truck buyers. The Ford F-150 is smart, capable, and
ruggedly-styled. In essence it does all the things a pickup truck should do and
it does them really well. It’s also a handy reminder that innovation comes in
all sizes.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. My 2016 F150 has been anything but a good truck. Berliner peeled, turbo problems, electronic problems of all kinds, doors freezing, my next truck will not be a Ford.

  2. Ford try copy Nissan titan interior. Your videos are stupid .Smashing everything. Take hammer show as how is paint

  3. Not Worth th price…light Duty class trk, in a moderate Accident they'll just Disintegrate into Nothing but Parts trk…@ Best.

  4. This truck is the best for 2018. It looks the best and it’s ford. Quality. Precision. Excellence.

  5. The XLT FX4 3.5 Ecoboost is on my very short list, to be mated to a cabover pop up camper that I'll be traveling in extensively when I retire. I've looked at all the current 1/2 ton trucks, but I keep coming back to the F-150. The new Ram, with its innovative rear suspension and class leading interior, is a very close 2nd. I've never owned either of these trucks, but whatever I choose needs to last 20 years and it will spend a lot of time off-road, so it needs to be well put together. Between the two, I probably trust Ford a little more to last long-term. I like the fact that it's aluminum, a huge plus for longevity and weight, which is important since the lower weight allows more payload capacity for the camper. Anyone have an opinion… F-150 or Ram for hauling a camper and moderately frequent off-roading?

  6. "Drenched in easy to clean plastic". That's a polite way to put it. This absolutely atrocious interior is brought to you by Ford. My 2010 Ram SLT has a way better interior and still beats the F150 in Quality.

  7. I love that color of blue, but a dark gray would look nice too. I just wish Ford would bring back the manual shift transmission. Will it ever make a come back in the industry at all in this country. It's still alive and well in Europe and Australia, maybe Asia? Better yet, I wish Ford would bring back the 2007 style of Ford F250/350 trucks. I really don't like the look of the new F250/350.

  8. I fell in love with this beast when I saw my friend's uncle park it outside their house! I came here to see what's it actually like.. And i fell in love even further

  9. Just had the Intercooler , High Pressure oil pump assembly and all the seals and up grades along with the rail assembly etc… replaced on my 2005 6.0 with some front end parts like Tie Rod Ends and drag link. This cost me 7300.00 from Victorville Ford in California! Now here I am three weeks later with it back in the shop for oil smell and slack in steering at highway speeds and a loud squeak when the fan comes on. I told the service advisor, this is the last ford I will ever buy and he says, WHY IS THAT! MY TRUCK HAS 82K MILES ON IT AND HAS COST ME 13,000.00 IN MOTOR REPAIRS TO DATE AND HE SAYS, WHY IS THAT! ( GOOD BY FORD ) DID YOU HEAR THAT! I SAID GOOD BY FORD AND GOOD RIDDANCE! DODGE OR TOYOTA HERE I COME! THE MECHANIC AT FORD EVEN SAYS TO ME, EVERYONE KNOWS THE 6.0'S HAVE PROBLEMS! LIKE SAYING YOU SHOULD EXPECT CONSTANT PROBLEMS! Update: Now Ford says the play in the Front End is in the steering box and will be another 1200.00 to replace! So, what he is saying is that the other 1200.00 of front end repairs was for nothing because the mechanic replaced the wrong parts! GOOD GOING VICTORVILLE FORD! ALSO, OIL IS LEAKING SOMEWHERE ON THE MOTOR BUT FOR SOME REASON THEY CAN'T FIND IT! NEXT THEY KEEP IT OVER THE WEEK END AND WON'T RETURN CALLS OR EVEN TELL ME IN THE FIRST PLACE THAT THEY ARE KEEPING IT FOR THE WEEK END! GOOD RIDDANCE FORD!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hey, I need some help, Im trying to find a 2017-2018 F-150 that has a 3.5l Ecoboost V6 4X4 Lariat if anyone knows of this existing pls let me know, thanks!

    Also, I just posted a video of my trip to Europe! We went to London, Paris and Amsterdam! The London video is up if you'd like to watch it! Thank you!! 🙂

  11. Great video. Very informative, knowledgeable and hilarious. Found myself laughing a few times. Thanks for the great video.

  12. Load up an unreliable vehicle with more stuff that breaks. This channel is pure garbage now. Sounds like a prepared script given by Ford.

  13. An F-150 was towing 2 dirt bikes here in Europe, and everyone was staring at it. A Bentley Continental passed minutes later, and almost nobody saw it. Strange.

  14. I have the 2006 version of the truck in the video. XLT 4×4 Crew Cab 5’ 1/2 bed. The difference is that the one in the video still has more, but is basically the same.

  15. Another great review! I am thinking of adding a truck to my channel which is currently about my 2019 Corvette GS experiences. This truck is on my short list! Thanks for posting such a great review

  16. Man I can't wait, I'm gonna be looking at one and see what can be done to get me into a truck like this. Will most likely have to get rid of my 08 Dodge RAM but Ford just looks so good and have plenty more options available compared to a Dodge

  17. I bought an F150 XLT super crew shadow black 3.3 L V6 XTR package just 3 months ago and I'm so impressed with its power,efficiency and comfort for its size even though I choose only a base engine. I also liked its 4×4 system which is perfectly fit for the slippery and snowy roads here in Alberta,Canada.

  18. Great video! Getting ready to get a new one and with all those engine options and trim levels the video was very helpful! Love the Blue Oval🏆

  19. I just made a video review about the my 2017 Ford F150 after 2 years. Lemme know please. https://youtu.be/1O7LXFAY8Eo

  20. I have 1999 f150 v6 316k miles
    I want a newer truck but mine just keeps on an on and on, what an amazing and reliable truck, when the time come, have to be another f150

  21. Don't buy Chevrolet or Ford, buy Toyota, I believe that Obama's gang embezzled $50 billion dollars in 2008 or 2009 from the federal government tax accounts in Washington D.C. and bought out General Motors and that GM is now owned by Obama's gang and atleast one GM manufacturing plant is in Mexico, the CEO of GM is an Hispanic woman, her last name is Barra I believe that she is a 6in9 gang criminal and that she is part of Obama's gang who I believe also owns AIG, CNN news co., Fox news, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, and could Obama's gang could be invested in Ford, Dodge, Jeep, and Chrysler. I believe that Obama's gang made fraudulent news in 2008 or 2009 saying that GM and AIG was to big to fail, there's no such thing as being to big to fail, businesses that are failing would file Chapter 11 federal bankruptcy law, I believe that to be lies from Obama's gang. GM and AIG might not of been going bankrupt at that time, that could of been a lie.

  22. That blue colour is very electric…. Wish we could have such a car for the price you pay for it in the USA…
    Here in Europe the Thunberg loving, tax thieves price it out of our range…

  23. I love my 2018 F 150. The 2.7 litre turbo is a great engine with lots of power and great fuel economy. (25% better than my 2014 5.0l F-150). Two things I'm not fond of is the little emergency break switch. No more pedal. The other thing is Ford needs to redesign the tailgate a little, it has an inward swoop if you look closely. It means when you go through a car wash the brushes don't seem to be able to clean the rear properly. Otherwise it's a fine truck.

  24. Sitting in the middle on any model that has the cup holder that can be pulled down is still a punishment. That thing is like sitting up against a rock

  25. Incorrect regarding the stop/start feature on the F-150. In addition to ANY steering wheel input the vehicle will start when the climate control begins to be affected. In Florida during the summer, it’s rare for the stop/start to stay engaged for long.

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