2018 Honda Accord & Tips for Dealing with Dealers | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #124

2018 Honda Accord & Tips for Dealing with Dealers | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #124

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the costs of your travel. Hope to see you there. On this episode, we talk about
the all-new Honda Accord. We give you the inside scoop on
some hot October new car deals, and we tell you
how not to be taken advantage of at the dealership. Next, on Talking Cars. Hi everybody,
welcome to the show. I’m Mike Monticello. I’m Ryan Pszczolkowski. And I’m Jake Fisher. And today we’re going to
start off the episode talking about the 2018 Honda Accord. The Accord has been a popular
car for decades, one of those go to mid-size family sedans. But this time around, with
this redesign, I mean, they made wholesale changes. We’re talking all new
styling, all new drive trains. So some really big changes. So we rented an
early one from Honda to get kind of an early
impressions of the car. So the first thing you see
in a car is its styling. So you’re kind of a stylish
young buck, Ryan, why don’t we start with you. What do you think of the way
this new Honda Accord looks? Well, I think it’s ugly. Just come right out and say it. No, I don’t hate it,
but I don’t like it. I don’t care for the
nose is big and chunky– It’s kind of snub nose. Yeah, and it’s got that you know
that fast back kind of A7 thing going on, and I
like it on the A7, but it just seems like
they put two cars together in this thing. So it just doesn’t seem like
the continuity is lacking? Yeah, exactly. For me, it’s just– yeah, I find that, like,
Chrome bar across the front is kind of a little there. I can look at it from one
angle, and I’m like, eh, OK. And then I see another angle,
I’m like, what is that? Almost looks like
the cross tour? Oh don’t say Cross tour. You know what I mean? I said it don’t know. Now you’re being offensive. I’m sorry, guys. But I actually kind of
like the rear styling. When you look at
it, they clearly were trying to have it
look like an Audi A7, which actually is a hatchback. They were trying to make it
look like a hatchback, I think. But this one has a real trunk,
and it actually– the trunk is actually even a little
bit bigger than before, according to Honda. Where are you with
the styling, Jake? Well, I think when it
comes to the styling, I think you’re both wrong. I’m shocked that he
doesn’t agree with us. And the issue is that,
I mean, I don’t know. We’re Consumer Reports. I’m not sure if everyone’s
looking at Consumer Reports to think about what we
think about the styling. And that really doesn’t matter. I mean, the thing
about the styling is not necessarily whether or
not it looks good or looks bad, it just looks different. And I think that’s where they
made a win here because there are so many mid-sized
sedans that just– they’re cookie cutter. Right? I mean, they all look the same. They get different badges. And this does stand out
of the pack a little bit, which I think is a good thing. And if you could do that
without screwing up something– That’s the key. They didn’t compromise anything. As far as we can tell, again,
limited time in the car, but unlike the new Toyota Camry,
which has gotten a little more low slung, is actually a little
harder to get in and out of, a little less rear seat room,
from what we’ve seen so far, there is very little
bad side to what they’ve done with the styling. You know, other than
that you don’t like it. But you know– I’ll get over it. There’s people that
are going to like it. There’s people aren’t
going to like it. No, and it turns heads. I mean, I drove
it one afternoon, and people were looking
at it because they see it’s a new Honda, and
it looks like an Accord. What is it? You know, it’s different. There’s no doubt. Well let’s get into
the good stuff. Let’s talk about drive trains. You know, turbos for everybody. You get a turbo. You get a turbo. I’m channeling my inner Oprah. Nice. So what they’ve
gone, they’ve got to smaller engines
with turbochargers with the point of putting
the turbochargers on to try and get
about the same power as what they had with
their old engines. Why would they do this, James? Well, there’s a couple
things going on. One is the small
splicing of turbo. They do have the potential of
getting better fuel economy. And as we saw with the CRV that
we tested with the 1.5 turbo, which is pretty
very similar to what we’re seeing here
in the mainstream engine in the Accord– I mean, it was very fuel
efficient in the CRV. I expect we’re going to see
some really good numbers with the Accord, too. But the other interesting
part– it comes down to that packaging, not
screwing up stuff– when you look at
the Camry, they’ve still got that big V6 in their. by actually packaging
this vehicle only for four cylinder engines,
they could actually maximize the interior
volume of the car and keeping the outside smaller. Right. Now do you think they
did this largely for fuel economy reasons, or
more for packaging? I mean, what’s– I think the 1.5, I mean,
what they’ve been able accomplish with that 1.5
in terms of fuel economy, it makes sense. They’ve really taking
it to the next step. In terms of not having that V6–
and they still make the V6’s. And we saw the Odyssey,
and it’s silky smooth, and it’s got power– I think that becomes
a packaging issue. Because, really,
there’s not a lot of high volume in the high
performance engine, right? But that’s the one that
we rented from Honda, was this, the bigger
engine, the two liter turbocharged 4 cylinder with– let’s see I’ve got it
written down here– 252 horsepower, made it
to a 10 speed automatic. And let’s be specific. I mean, that’s the one
that Honda goes and says, here, try out our new Accord– with all the options, and
the leather, and the sport– It was the top of
the line [INAUDIBLE].. Right. But just, as a drive
train, you know, with this bigger turbo engine,
and the 10-speed automatic– I mean, that’s
new to the Accord. What did you think
of that, Ryan? I thought the engine
was quite powerful. It was fun to drive. I mean, the transmission was– you tell me 10 gears, and
I think, that’s ridiculous. What am I getting into? [INAUDIBLE] When is it going to end. I know. When is it going to end, though? 10 gears. I mean, I don’t know if
I ever got in 10th gear, but, I’ll tell you what,
they did a good job, wherever I was in the middle. Because it was
decisive, good shifts, it just made it well
with the engine. I mean, I think you
mentioned the other day, this is a Honda-built
transmission. That’s right. Yeah, and that’s a big deal. And so I got into the car. And I was ready to
be under impressed, and I didn’t even know– the first time I got in it,
I had talked to Gabe about– and he’s like, I don’t
want to tell you anything, just go drive the car. And so I went out there,
and I started driving it, and, initially, it’s
like chirping the tires off the line. And then, as I’m driving it,
I’m thinking, this isn’t a CVT. This is a real automatic
transmission with real shifts. That, said the shifts
are nearly imperceptible. I mean, it, so far, anyway,
seems like a really good transmission. Do you miss the V6? Well, I mean, I
just want to hold on to those transmissions
for a little bit. We’ve all gone biking together. And it’s like, you go
back to our parents’ age, they had three speed
bicycles and they had three speed
automatic transmissions. And then there was
10 speeds, and we got 10 speed automatic
transmissions now in cars. And now, I mean, the people
I bike with, they’re like, oh, I want to switch the
10 speed to the 11 speed. They’re up to 12 speeds in
mountain bikes now with the 1 by 12’s. They’re up to 12 speeds. And why’d you do that? You get more efficiencies. You’re able to have that
really slow high speed gear. You’ve got the climbing gear. And plus, in the
middle, you’ve guided everything along the way. So I mean, it is functional, as
long as you can make reliable. I think the key, though, is, it
knows what gear to be in, too. When you have that
many gears, it has to be intelligent
to know what gear you should be in,
so it’s not constantly changing its mind. That’s what you don’t want. You don’t want it shifting. If it’s shifting all the
time, that’s annoying. So this one was doing
a pretty good job. And I guess with time they
iron those things out, and they’re getting better. And we’ve seen that before. Like even when we first saw
the first six speed automatics, there was confusion
of what gear to be in. So it was impressive, at
least initial impressions, driving this around, it
seemed pretty decisive of what gear it wanted to be in. So let’s talk about
something else that is really big news for this Honda Accord,
which is advanced safety systems, what they
call Honda Sensing is their suite of advanced
safety systems. We’re talking forward collision
warning, automatic emergency braking, lane keeping assist,
adaptive cruise control, all standard, for
the Honda Accord, no matter what trim you get. That’s a big deal. And not only that, but
they’re standard even on the manual
transmission models, which wasn’t the case with
the Honda Civic Si, which only comes as a manual,
and even the regular Civic, if you’ve got the
manual version, you couldn’t get automatic
emergency braking. That’s all changed now. So fundamentally,
first of all, you do get manual transmissions
with the Accord. Yeah, that’s new
in and of itself. Even with the two liter. And that two liter
turbo, I mean, that’s kind of related
to that the Civic Type R. So I mean, this is a powerful
engine that you could still get, and, when it comes to
manual transmissions, I mean, I would say there’s two
manufacturers that really get manual transmissions right. It’s Honda, and it’s Mazda. And they make– just
transformed the vehicles. I mean, just make it
so much fun to drive. And it’s great to have them. And there’s no excuses. So we’ve seen, like you said,
we’ve seen some manufacturers, and Honda before said,
oh, well, you know, if you’ve got a
manual transmission, we can’t figure out how to put
FCW and AEB and all that stuff. And they’ve got it. Every single version,
every single– it doesn’t matter which
Accord yo get, you get that. We addressed this
question before. We had a question, we
dealt with it on the air, where the person said,
you know, you can’t, they can’t put automatic
emergency braking in a car with a
manual transmission, and the reality is, they can. And if you don’t
push in the clutch, it’s just going to stall,
which is still way better than crashing into another car. It’s stopping, at
the end of the day. So yeah. So I mean, so that’s big
news, and that’s really good for Honda. Let’s talk about something else
on the interior of the car, I think, it seems
like, so far, I mean, that was a top end version, but
nicer materials, a pretty nice design, comfortable seats– what did you think about
the entertainment system? Yeah, I’m going
to interrupt you. I’m going to go back. I noticed, when
I drove that car, one of the big things I noticed
is, it’s more substantial. I felt like the Honda
Accord used to be– well, any of the Honda’s, were
a little tinny maybe a little light feeling,
which wasn’t a bad thing. They were fun to drive. But this thing is, like,
it’s grown up, in a sense? I don’t know if we
want to say that. But it feels substantial. It felt a little more
European, almost. I thought it was quieter, too. And you and I were
talking about, Honda’s haven’t been known for
being all that quiet, usually. And this one this one
really was pretty good. I think that’s exactly right. And that’s actually the
most fundamental thing that you notice when
you drive the car. It’s not that kind of
light and you know, tiny. I don’t mean that in a bad way. Honda’s are not terrible. But it’s like, again,
Mazda to Honda. They tend to make, kind
of, their reputation is for lighter vehicles, less
sound deadening, noisier, and it’s a little more
Passat than a little bit less Mazda 6 at this point. You know, it’s quieter,
and rides better, but still does feel very substantial
and drives very nice. It does feel sporty. Would you be OK if we talked
about the infotainment system now? We can go there now, yeah. I would like to actually
say one other thing. No seriously, so all
new infotainment system in the Honda Accord. It’s actually very similar
to the Honda Odyssey minivan. And on higher trim
versions of the old Accord, it had this odd, wonky
dual screen setup, which we never really liked. And this one, where do we stand? Is it improvement? What do we think? I think it’s gone from– I think it’s a the love it
or hate it kind of system I think before it was kind of
a hate it or hate it system. It just wasn’t good. It’s better than the last one. I will say that. It’s better than the
last, but it’s like– I don’t know, what do you think? I thought, it’s certainly
better than the two screens that weren’t even like
matched, they looked like they were from two
different manufacturers. Different graphics. Exactly. It didn’t make sense. This is one screen. It’s pretty. It’s little busy. There’s a lot going on. But I think, with time,
you get used to it– There’s a learning curve. There is always
a learning curve. There’s a lot of functionality. I think it looks very nice. But I think some
people are going to really like it
because it gives you a lot of customization. I think a lot of people who just
want to get in the car and go, and don’t want to mess with it,
they’re not going to like it. So I think it’s kind of, it’s
kind of your level of, are you an Android person, or you
still have your iPhone 5. You know, I mean, that’s
kind of where it is. Potentially distracting? Potentially, it could
be very distracting, because there’s a lot
of stuff you could do. A lot of customization, a
lot of moving things around. You know, I think
there’s a good argument that for, it’s nice to
have very simple controls, and I could do whatever I need
to do and get to it quick– you know, again, kind of
like the Apple iPhone things. You can’t really
customize the screen. It’s just, it’s that way. And then this is a
very much Android, it’s like, I can do all these. They seem like they want
to wow you with the tech. There’s a lot of wow-ing,
and it’s not just with that. It’s also with
the gauge cluster, where the tachometer goes away
and turns into something else. Yeah they’ve got digital
on the left side, and regular analog
on the other side. So, you know, we’re going to
buy our old 2018 Honda Accord, as soon as they’re
available, they’re going on sale in
a few weeks, we’re going to get a 1.5 liter with
the CBT, the continuously variable transmission,
because that’s going to be the car that the
drive train configuration, most people are going to buy. So we’re going to get one as
soon as we can, and put it through our paces, and then
we’ll see how it stacks up against its competitors. And that kind of brings me
to our next segment, which is, when the 2018s start
arriving at dealerships, there’s a good
chance you’re going to be getting some really great
deals on a 2017 Honda Accord. And you know, we’re getting
into October and November, and this is typically
a good time– come on in, this is typically
a good time to get a good deal. Do you want to talk
about why that is, Jake, and what’s going on
with this time of year? Yeah, sure, well, I mean,
look, every year the 2018s, the next model years
come out, and, you know, generally, they’re coming
out before the actual change of the year. It’s around this time that
they’re hitting the showroom. And what’s going
on is, those, you know, no matter
what you’re buying, they’re trying to get
rid of the old inventory, because, when you’re
sitting there, and you’ve got the
shiny new 2018 Accords– It’s hard to sell
the other one, yeah. 2017s, everyone wants to
buy the shiny new one. And because those
automakers don’t really raise the price a
whole lot, you know, if you’ve got a $24,000
’18 Accord, and a $24,000 ’17 Accord, what are
people going to buy? Right. So they take those ’17s,
and they drop the price. And there’s some
amazing deals to be had. And there’s a couple of
reasons why you actually might want to get that older vehicle. And a lot has to do
with reliability, not just getting that
good deal, but we see, over and over and over again,
when they introduce that redesigned model, that’s
when you have the most amount of problems because they’re
kind of working out the details, working out the bugs,
whereas that outgoing model, that ’17 Accord, it’s
been around for so long– It’s typically
the most reliable, the last year is typically
the most reliable you’re going to have. Now, our analysts, Mel,
did a little research for us, just actually
just a quick search to see what some good deals
were going on out there, and he looked– so they just a little
while ago came out with the 2018 Toyota Camry– and so he looked around for
some 2017 Toyota Camrys. And this is something
you’re going to want to jump on
pretty quick if you want a Camry because
they won’t last forever. But he found some that were as
much as $5,500 off their MSRP. You know, and that’s a
brand new 2017 Camry LE. He found one that was $5,500. Another one was $5,300 with
dealer discounts, factory cash, all that kind of stuff. So you’re talking,
like $17,000, $18,000. We’re talking $18,600 for one
and $19,000 for the other. And if you don’t have to have
the latest and greatest, I mean, that’s a deal. That’s ridiculous. And it’s probably going to last. It’s a reliable car. It’ll last forever. And with these things,
it’s like, we’re– not trying to send you
to the local dealer here, but it’s like, you
could go on the sites, and there’s local
inventory that you could– virtually all the
automakers do this. You check out the
inventory, and you could search those local inventory. You might have three Toyota
dealerships around you, or three Volkswagen
dealers around you, and you could find
and see if they have any of those
’17s left over, and they’re going to wheel
and deal on that car. And you know, BMW’s coming
out with a new X3 pretty soon, so there’s 2017s that
they’re making deals on. He found an X3 X Drive 28i that
was $6,000 off the MSRP right now. I mean, that’s a smoking deal. How about trucks? Everyone likes trucks, right? I like trucks. John Linkov likes trucks. So Mel found a 2017 Ford F-150
ecoboost with a 2.7 liter V6 four wheel drive– now they’re coming out with a
2018 that’s a little different. It’s got– Well, they’re gone from a 6
speed to a 10 speed automatic. 10 speed automatic. We were talking about
10 speed automatic. A little different
front end styling. So you can get a 2017, if
you don’t care about that, tried and true 2017, with– it was a $45,000 truck. It’s on sale for $35,000. So you’re saving
$10,000 off this truck. And it’s even better if
you want a Chevy Silverado. Apparently, there’s a lot of
them hanging out on the dealer lots right now, the 1500s. And he found one that was as
much as $13,000 off the MSRP. I mean, that’s
just a killer deal. So last year, we bought two
Silverados for tire testing. And we were going to buy
used ones to save some money. And we wanted low mileage. We could get a used one for
the same price, a used one with, maybe, 10,000 miles
on it, for the same price as we could get a
leftover brand new one. Brand new. I think we saved like
$9,000 on both of them. That’s crazy. Each. I mean, it was unbelievable. Well, so that kind of brings us
to another segment, which is, so we’ve told you that
some great deals out there. But what about how do you
how you deal with the dealer? You know? And so we actually had a
viewer question about that. And this person
says, my brother is about to buy his first minivan. How do you get the best deals at
the dealer and not be cheated? And you know, we buy
what 50, 60 cars a year, and what we do here is,
we buy them anonymously because we don’t want
any manufacturer bias. We don’t want them to
tweak the cars at all. We just want to be
like a normal person and go in and buy the car. We desperately want to
be like normal people. Right, we do, and it’s
never going to happen. No. So one thing that
people may not know is, you can basically do just
about everything remotely. You don’t have to spend much
time at the dealer at all. If you need to drive
the car, which– if you know you want a car,
you could do it all remotely. But if, you know,
we really still recommend going to the dealer
and taking some test drives, so we have a list of three
things, three suggestions, and we talked about this
a little bit before. But the first one is,
we were saying something like, if you’re going
to go to the dealership and do some test drives to
figure out which car you actually want to buy,
you want to make sure that there’s no way you’re going
to get locked into possibly buying a car, right? So your suggestion
was, bring nothing more than your driver’s license. Isn’t that what you
said the other day? I think it was actually
Dave’s suggestion. Blame it on producer Dave. The man behind the camera. But yeah, we talked
about, was, you want to separate the
purchasing and the shopping. Because the purchasing, and
figuring out all that stuff, you can do remotely. You could do over the phone. You can look at the
online inventory. But, unlike us, you know,
we go, and we’re like, we’re going to buy
an ’18 Accord– you may not know if you’re
going to buy an ’18 Accord. You want to drive the car. I get that. But to get to that
point, make it clear, when you walk in the dealership,
you’re not here to make a deal. You’re here to just evaluate
and look at the car. But the problem is,
once you do that, they are going to be on your case. I mean, they’re going to
be like, hey, just today, we’re going to be
a special deal. And just promise yourself,
and promise them, and Dave actually has a
really good suggestion– walk in there, have your
license, do not bring– No credit card. No credit card. No checkbook No nothing. And that way you can’t
even possibly put a down payment on a car. There’s nothing they can do. And so, I mean, so
that’s one suggestion. Once you’ve done
your test drives, if you need to– which
you really should– now you’re to the point where
you can do it all remotely. You can do it via email. You can call a person. You can text the guy– or girl– however
you want to do it. And you can choose your color. You can choose your trim. You can choose what
option packages you want. And you can be all set to
go, with all this stuff, and once you contact– then look at dealer
inventory, figure out which dealers you
want to deal with, and then just start
e-mailing those dealers, and now you can even do
your haggling via email. You can do it all like that. And the beauty of
this is that, I mean, nobody wants their time wasted. Right? You don’t want the dealer
to waste your time. You don’t want to waste
the dealer’s time. And when you’re making
a deal online like that, or you’re talking to
someone on the phone, they’ve invested
five minutes in you. The salesmen, you’re
talking about? The salesperson. Exactly. So I mean, if you
go there, and you’re spending six hours with them
talking about lease deals, and figuring out all these
things, it’s like, OK, they’ve invested
six hours in you. They want to make a
decent amount of money. And sometimes, I
don’t know about you, I sometimes feel
a little guilty. I’m like, oh crap,
I’ve been here so long, I’ve kind of got to do
something for this guy. You know what I mean? I feel guilty. I don’t know. And they want they want you– they want your blood. They want you to sign
the papers that day. And they know what
they’re doing. They know how to make
you feel that way so that you should buy this car. My number one goal is to go to
the dealer once, to pick it up. Just the day of. Then you’ve won, and
the dealer has won, too. I mean, I’ll give you one tip. And this is what I normally
do when I actually get on the phone and make a deal– is this. First of all, get a pretty
good idea of what the price is. Because you can
find that stuff out. And we have online tools
at Consumer Reports, and you can see what the
dealer is paying for the car. But here’s the deal. You’re buying a
Honda, or whatever, you’ve got three Honda
dealers that you go to. You call them up, you
talk about the car. And you say, OK,
what’s the best price you can give me on this car? I have something in my mind. If it’s not a good deal, I’m
not going to counteroffer. I’m not going to
get on the phone. I’m going to call
another dealer. So this is your one choice. I’m going to call
up other dealers. You’re going to get
a really good prize. You’re going to because
you’re on the phone, and you can easily
hang up that phone. Well, exactly, you
can hang up the phone. He can’t hold you hostage there. He can’t go back and forth. And once you’ve hung up
the phone, it is done. And he is also, how much
time has he invested? He could make $150? Done. That’s a good tip. So before we go, we want
to tell you about something new we’re trying. We want to hear from you. Tell us about tips you
have about how to not be taken at a dealership. So make a 30 second
or less video, go to cr.org/talkingcars,
upload it there, and maybe we’ll use
that on a future show. That’s going to do
it for this episode. If you want to learn more
about the cars we talked about in this show, click on the
links in the show notes below. And as always,
thanks for watching. And next time, there will
be a prettier host, probably Jon Linkov or Jen Stockbroker. See ya.

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  7. Make sure you guys read the fine print on the big discount internet prices, must of the time you have all the rebates included and some customers dont quilify for them.

  8. I found that the longer you do waste the dealers time, the more eager they become to sell a car, and agree to a better deal from the buyer.

  9. Nobody pays MSRP for a GM product, especially their trucks. If you have a pulse and good credit and a dealer won't sell for at least $10K under MSRP on a 1500 find another dealer. That $60k truck can't possibly cost more than $20k to produce/ship/prep for sale.

  10. If you tell a dealer you're only there to test drive, they are pretty much going to sign you off and not pay attention to you if they are busy, I've waited nearly an hour just to test drive a car. When I go to the dealer now I say i'm ready to buy today, they get the car ready for a test drive in a few minutes.

  11. cant wait to get my own. My wife loves her 2017 Accord Hybrid Touring. When do the Hybrid version of the 2018 go on sale??

  12. I like the new accord styling…. but I still prefer the Toyota Camry’s styling over this. I also prefer Lexus styling over Acura Styling…..

  13. I suspect I am in the target demographic for this car, and I think it looks fine (except that it seems something fell off under the chrome "bar"?) But that trunk? Why is it so narrow when the seats are down? What has the US got against hatchbacks? I'm OK with a faux hatchback (window stays put but you still have load space) but this just seems mean. I love you guys going "10 speed transmission – almost imperceptible shifts" while at the same time dissing CVTs. Explain, please. And remember, the shift points are all about economy ratings – not the driving experience

  14. I don't want turbo .. I don't want 10 speeds , I don't want infotainment .. I want a regular radio with knobs and analog clear gauges I can see .. I hate new cars !!!

  15. Read the book "Influence" by Robert Caldini. In it he researches thought process, sales tactics, and even involves himself in jobs where persuasive tactics pay off. Quick story. I went to finalize the purchase of a 2017 Toyota Limited today. Great deal, as I received $4100 off of the $45600 along with a couple of accessories equaling additional $400. I went in to financing manager's office where he began to be much too chummy chummy and buddy like. It was so much unnecessary talk that I had to keep him on target. But the tactic is, and Robert Caldini's research confirms this, is that a person is far less likely to say no, or disagree with someone whom they think either 1) likes them, or 2) that said person has been 'nice' to them. It is the unsaid rule of reciprocity! And it lurks in the shadows of nearly everyone's subconscious. It normally shows itself in the form of biting one's tongue or turning a blind eye to things that you are actually uncomfortable with. Fast forward: I was interested in an extended warranty (just wanting to know the numbers). Before I knew it was on my sales contract that I was about to sign. I looked at the guy and I said "How come my out the door price of $25K (after trade) ballooned up to $28K?! He proceeded to hit me with his best fast balls as explanations, then pointed at some of those interests that I had and that he put in my contract. I said "I feel really uncomfortable now, listen, remove every thing added so that I am back to my out the door price! He looked stunned and disappointed, then spent the rest of our time trying to make sure that I wasn't offended by his tactics. Brutal.

    So be prepared to stop negotiating at any point, have an out the door number that is written in stone, and don't fall for the "I like you" and "I think you are a good guy" sort of tactics. Hope that helps someone. Cheers

  16. I like Ryan answer and I'm a current Accord owner. So, is just not me but again looks is a personnel preference. Good review and thank you!

  17. When is Toyota going to have a Camry with 4 cylinders or
    hybrid model that has embedded NAV that works with the head up display ?  Or when is Honda going to have an Accord with
    a proper bird’s eye 360 degree camera not that I will buy another Turbo engine
    anyway.  Honda has a 4 cylinder with
    embedded NAV that integrates with the head up display but it’s an unreliable
    1292 degrees Fahrenheit 100 thousand RPM Turbo and it has no 360 degree bird’s
    eye camera available on every other car 2018. 
    And Toyota only provides a CD player and embedded NAV for $ 940 option
    called Entune Premium only on 6 cylinder 2018 Camry models that only get 32 mpg
    highways and that unit integrates with the head up display option.  You know what is worse ?  Neither Toyota nor Honda are listening to us
    tell them these glaring red flags. 
    Imagine how many 2018 Accord users get home and find out they don’t have
    bird’s eye camera like EVERY other car 2018. 
    Imagine how many 2018 Camry users get home and find out they don’t have
    a reliable NAV at all.  Drive the car for
    a decade and either never be able to see what is around you in a garage or in
    tight places or not be able to find directions of where you want to go.

  18. IF THE SCREEN of the Accord IS ANDROID then, the Accord can go to hell. I will remove stupid android and install an IPAD – People Love APPLE iPhones – JAKE FISHER "FUCK YOU" AND FUCK ANDROID

  19. Bring back the coupe, and the ability to get a manual with the top trims, like touring.
    Are there any front drive coupes available in America anymore?

  20. Honda is saving money BIG time.
    This is the" civic platform" just slightly stretched.
    Same chassis, same engines, same transmissions, aside from the 10 speed.
    They could not fit a (financially speaking) the V6 in the civic platform, hence no V6, because no room or beefy structure for it.
    Nothing wrong with that, simply platform sharing at it's finest.
    And the 1.5 litre turbo is derived from the Fit and used in the CRV, civic, civic sport, civic si, accord.
    The 2.0 is used in the type r and accord.
    And you can best believe Acura will be next in line.
    The old accord platform that handles the ridgeline, oddesey, TLX, RLX, MDX, and to a certain extent NSX (accord in reverse) will still be around for a while though for heavier engines.

    Acura did the same by combing the TL and TSX into one model the TSX

  21. I am on my fourth Honda Accord V6. I would NEVER buy a turbo charged car and accordingly (no pun intended) will not buy the latest iteration of the Accord. The new high end Accord is less powerful and if I am not mistaken the fuel economy differential is marginal and probably non-existent in the real world. In addition the complexity and additional load on the diminutive engine to perform not even as well as the V6 portends reliability issues in the future. I recently purchased a Ford F150 to be used as a recreational vehicle, the one I bought was the big V8. I surveyed the reviews and watched a lot of Youtube videos on the vehicle and the one that determined my purchase was one where the mechanics in a Ford dealership were surveyed. There were asked given the choice which F150 would they buy for themselves the Ecoboost or the V8. All the techs but one said they would buy the eight basically citing the complexity of the turbo as being less reliable without the advantage of any real fuel economy benefit. It is my belief that the Accord, both versions, are inherently going to be less reliable with marginal fuel economy benefits. I think Honda has made an error that may end up with them losing a loyal customer base to other manufacturers, most likely Toyota. I look forward to test driving a V6 Camry in the 2019 model year when I trade my 2014 Honda Accord.

    It did not escape my notice that the discussion never addressed the engine and diverted to some other less important issue.

  22. Honda, bring back the V6, turbo charged, inline, true dual tuned exhaust, RWD/AWD and instantly create a market for a performance mis-size sedan and steal the thunder from the Stinger GT2

  23. Lol wow when a customer tells me give me your best price or im hanging up i actually want them to hang up i dont need to deal with people like that salesmen are humans also dont need to be treated rudely the best way to get a good deal is to have a conversation with your sales person as to what you are comfortable paying for the vehicle and see how close the dealership can get to the number society now a days lacks in communication skills

  24. camery is far better than this car. when you step in a camery, it's like you're in a bmw m5. the accord inteior looks like it was drawn by a kindergarten. the new accord looks very similar to the civic. its basically a hatchback that got a growth spurt.

  25. Where do your elbows rest when youre driving? I have a 2016 accord ex-l and I've been bummed that the center console and left door panel arm rests are too low for me to really rest my arms on them.

  26. This is a beautiful Accord , with great interior space and great performance. Thumbs up Honda – Job well done!

  27. I'm over 60 years old and have driven family sized manual cars forever. A lady collided with my last one a '99 Toyota Camry Solara V6 with 5 speed, in Dec. 2016, that had achieved 297,000 trouble free miles. Been looking for one ever since. My favorite manual was a '90 Accord Coupe 4 Cylinder, that exceed 307,000 trouble fee miles. The new Accord excited me, but I can tell you now, that I've looked at multiple dealers and none of them have a 'manual' 2018 Accord. A dealer database search throughout the SE states, also proved fruitless. They don't even want to discuss it or even encourage you to buy one.

    So even though you are excited as me about a manual Accord option. It seems to be more of a marketing appeal gimmick, not a reality.

    So to get my '99 Solara V6 manual car, I ran into the same situation. I literally wrote the President of Toyota in American (Torrance, CA) insisting that they make one available. Do you know, his office responded, and had my nearest dealer actually 'order one' just for me. It took more than three months for delivery and I received a requested color combo, that wasn't standard for that year. I absolutely loved that car, crying as I crawled out of its wrecked body.

    Don't think at my age, I have the patience to go through that whole 'begging' process again. But I wish manufacturers would not offer things, that they don't really plan to build.

  28. Who needs a 10 speed trans. I wonder how much trouble they will have with that. But most of all how much will we have with it after the warranty is gone ?

  29. 8:44 if I had to guess, I'd say that was a development issue. Honda probably couldn't get the system to work with a manual transmission for the civic, but manage to get the two on talking terms by the time the accord's system hit the market.

  30. Traffic Sign Recognition needs work; it does not work well. Example: driving on highway, car speed limit is 65mph. Accord shows 65. Then, a truck speed limit of 55 sign is passed; Accord shows 55. Or, a car towing speed limit is passed: Accord shows 55. The Accord is NOT a truck, nor built to tow, so why can't the 65 mph (car) speed limit stay set at 65 instead of changing? PLEASE CR, let Honda know this is quite frustrating!

  31. Honda owner since 1993 and have loved them all. Have not drove this new model but just to comment on styling, the front end is horrible. Uni-brow instead of a grill??? The balance of the car is ok to good looking but that front end is simply ugly. they did the same thing in the Acura's with that damned smiley face grill! Instead of my current Accord I would have gotten the TL but that smiley face is so ugly, I just bought another Accord instead. Honda please, please, please quit screwing up trying to get rid of the grill. Tweak it's design ok but smiley face and uni-brow crap is just that crap! #hondadesign #honda #acrua

  32. I purchased my 3rd accord 17 ex with sensing through AAA club and paid $1400.00 less than the so called largest honda dealer in SC east coast honda not counting the extras they threw in and drove it to my front door. NO HASSLE at all dealt with a pro. over the phone easiest way to purchase a car . How can you beat that plus i purchased my 14 from east coast so i was going to be a repeat loyal customer but the dealer more than likely because i did not offer him a trade in decided not to match, because we know they make a fortune on a trade in.

  33. dumb if u don't get the 2.0T Sport.. new real automatic transmission 10 speed with paddle shifters not that garbage CVT! PS not to mention not that much more $ over the 1.5T sport

  34. the Camry is not worth the price, i tested the Camry its slow and lags boring car, The accord has more power and its much nicer car to drive and a lot of space the engine has a lot of power, so i purchased the Accord, Ryan has no idea what hes talking give the kid a Prius keep him happy,

  35. Luv this video. I have purchased over 15 cars in my life and the best deal is using internet best price from dealers. Test drive cars at dealers, leave, make decision on what car and trim, email dealers for best price, go to dealer with best price, get best finance rates with warranty, sign and leave.

  36. Don't go to Culver City Honda – some of the sales people are exactly the sort that give car salespeople a bad name.   Furthermore what should be an hour long transaction may take 12 hours.

  37. What I did was do all my home work including printing out a list of every dealer in my state, this took weeks to nail down every option.  I then figured out what I'm going to pay for the truck, in my case it was $100.00 over invoice.  Then I started calling every dealer one at a time making them an offer right on the phone.  Let me tell you, they hated this and some refused to even talk to me.  I also recorded and took notes for every call so I could keep everything straight.  I bought a new Chevy Suburban LTZ 4X4 for $100.00 over invoice five weeks after they announced the new body style.  Within three months my wife hit a dear, we had it fixed then sold it, so it was all for nothing.  LOL!

  38. Old people always think new cars are horrible looking… Can you always go to 70-80s to get the horrible cars they had.

  39. When you get to a price you're comfortable with on a vehicle tell them you'll do it if they throw in a tow hitch or some other accessory you want. After that tell them you refuse to pay for the newly added bogus dealer documentation fee. Also don't let the finance guy add on ANYTHING else. No gap insurance, ni extended warranty NOTHING.

  40. How many mid sized sedans can you buy with a manual transmission? Not many. This is why I am considering getting a Honda Accord. I was close to getting an Acura TLX but I really wanted manual transmission so I decided to wait until the new Accord came out. To those who think the Accord is just a Civic in disguise, well, just go to a shown room and you'll see that although the new Civic looks great, it's still made with pretty cheap material.

  41. Has anybody ever bargained for a discount for parts and service when buying a new car say 10 or 15 percent?

  42. Audi A7 looks like a dog with its tail between its legs. It’s fugly. People only buy it because for its badge. Accord is much more stylish.

  43. Forget the 2018 Honda Accord if you want Apple Carplay to work. I have owned the car for the last two months and Apple carplay has never worked right for long. According to Honda Tech they are aware that it's an issue but have no idea how to fix. Then they became belligerent when I tried to ask a follow up question. My local dealer were aware of the issue but chose not to disclose it to me despite me insisting that I wanted a vehicle that has Apple Carplay. Also see this thread, still no long term fix: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/8173876?page=11

  44. So much negativity towards any car seller, dealer or private. The buyer really need to do is figure out what you want than do some consumer research before wasting your time or the sellers time…..don’t walk in blind. And don’t be an ass hole to the seller too.

  45. I am getting ready to buy a Honda Accord in Theo months or sooner,can you help me d the best deal for two vehicles

  46. We had brake hold or hill holder as it was called on our 1953 Studebaker and an overdrive gear with the manual tranny which shifted by letting off the throttle until it shifted up. Studebaker was a very forward engineered car.

  47. The CVT will get you past warranty but when it fails it MUST be replaced expensively. Ask transmission shops..they will touch them to repair. I will not buy one..period. Honda makes a good manual because of people like me who will not buy CVT.

  48. We just bought the Accord Hybrid because of the massive amount of rear legroom and headroom. The ceiling is sculpted to provide headroom for anyone 6'2" easily. I know because our teenage boys sit in the back and are both over 6'1" We've been waiting for this redesign and it is amazing. The shifter is stupid and the sound system is hot garbage but everything else about the car is amazing. The interior is quiet and better than any other interior we've looked at in this range. I'm getting used to the front chrome unibrow and the rear Malibu styling but we buy a vehicle because of what it provides above everything else. The Hybrid gets close to 50 miles/gallon or 5.1L/100 klms and the torque off the line is unexpectedly impressive. Nice car.

  49. First I want to say that I really enjoyed your video. May I suggest, however, that you give a number to shoot for when dealing with a salesperson. For instance after some wheeling and dealing I was offered a 2018 Honda Accord Turing 1.5T for $31.113.29 out the door. That didn't include any accessories or extended warranty. Now, I think that is a good deal compared with the other offers I've received but I'm not sure. Should I stop looking for a better deal? What do you think? I live in Portland, OR.
    By the way, there are some dealers in this area that to sweeten the deal offer a free lifetime drive train warranty. With a big deductible is that of any value?

  50. I was in the market this year to replace my Toyota. It had given me 13 years of great service. When it came to putting my money down, I drove away in a Honda Accord. The Camry looks hideous to me. The styling of the previous generation was great. No way I'd go with the new one. I'll likely pass on my Accord to my daughter in less than two years at which time I'll get myself another Accord. It's that fantastic.

  51. I can't stand the large center console. Most companies are doing the same. They are too wide and too tall, restricting the ability to move one's right leg, to the right, especially important when taking a road trip.

    This is :


    The Designers coming up with the stuff, I'm convinced, DON"T DRIVE THE CARS … outside of the test track.

    AWFUL Honda! Take a look at your friend Subaru. They a smarter in this area.

  52. Loved my previous Honda's, the Accord was my favorite because it was practical. While the styling is initially attractive then that sloping roof line makes that back seat uncomfortable. No more Accord for me. The guy with the unkempt hair just looks dirty to me, and not in an adventurous way.

  53. Style and beauty is subjective. What is not is performance. Just drive the 2.0l Sport or Touring. It is unreal. I am utterly shocked by the power, smoothness and overall ability of the drive-train, the quickness of the 10speed and the Accord's ability to smash speed limits and yet be a hugely comfortable commuter sports sedan. I cannot get over how fucking quick this car is.

  54. Even if ur a Honda fan boy the accord has gotten extremely ugly.. the two older model before looked way better

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