2018 Honda Amaze Review | Finally Dzirable? | ZigWheels.com

2018 Honda Amaze Review | Finally Dzirable? | ZigWheels.com

No this isn’t Honda’s second generation
amaze! Okay what I meant was this isn’t just a sub 4 meter sedan from Honda, the
amaze is a lot more so for those of us who have grown up on the genius of
Honda’s engineering a company that was led by engineers and even as customers
you knew even when you got less from a Honda you got more in that sense the
last two years from Honda have been a bit disappointing but Honda claims they
have corrected course so the Amaze it’s an answer and the
questions are first. Is Honda ready to jump to the front of the sub 4 meter
sedan pack and secondly Is Honda ready to be Honda once again
so let’s find out and for that we need to know does it feel more upmarket?
With the first generation amaze until the facelift came around the experience in
the cabin was really quite disappointing but now with this second generation
amaze things have changed. I’d start off with the downsides first,
first and foremost you can see some of the shut lines like here for the
glovebox it’s not fitting quite as flush and you can see some more along on the
other side as well and the second thing is the design now this isn’t something
that will put you off but it takes some getting used to as well. Some of the
plastics feel a bit flimsy but most of the plastics in the cabin feel tough and
in fact are hard to the touch however the piano black inserts on the
dash and on the dough pads add to a sense of premiumness. Now to the things
that we do like you can see that there’s inspiration taken here from bigger
Honda’s like these aircon vents on the top over here these are straight in
terms of design like you would see on the crv sitting up on the dash over here
jutting out and the same goes for this touchscreen infotainment system with
juts out of the dashboard and looks pretty cool because of that you also
have the gear leaver which has a slightly smarter look, looks more premium
because of that and then you have the steering wheel, a new design looks chunky,
feels nice in your hands and of course you’ve got controls here for your music
system telephony and even for the cruise control the buttons work well but a
small thing here you can see that the fonts look a little fuzzy in here the
plastic quality doesn’t seem as clear and crisp as it should have been now the
new instrument cluster gets a cleaner layout they’re just two dials rpm and
speed and in the center is the mi d it’s got white lighting now just helps
it look a little bit more mature because of
and our next question is is it better equipped in terms of features the new
generation amaze is clearly making a leap forward you’re getting abs with EBD
and dual airbags as standard across the range on the top-end variant you also
get reversing camera along with rear parking sensors that’s something even
the city doesn’t get and another thing which some people will celebrate is of
course the cruise control that’s offered on the Manuel variants but strangely it
isn’t offered on the automatics what else does it miss out on well the amaze
doesn’t have automatic headlamps and why it has LED DRLs it misses out on the wow
factor of LED headlamps of projectors but that’s it
digi pad now that’s been a bad word in our books but Hondo say this is digi pad
version 2.0 what does that mean let’s see one thing we can tell you is that
dust responsiveness is good and we bumped up the brightness on this and
along with that it just becomes easier to see even in bright sunlight and the
colors look richer and of course this gets Android auto and apple carplay the
music system comes with four speakers Oh however the infotainment system lacks in
a smart user interface that allows you to easily set up audio quality which was
all right additionally it also packs in inbuilt maps and there’s more this being
a Honda practicality is very important which is why you get lots of storage
spaces here you’ve got two cupholders here and the place system phones or
coins and you have two USB charging points here one especially for a phone
connection one power point as well and all four door pockets can take one liter
water bottles and of course are large enough to hold bigger items as well you
also get a power outlet here at the rear along with a cubby to store your phone
and on the topic of storage what you also get is a 420 litre boot which is
class-leading it tops the tagore by one liter and as you can see it can pack a
lot Kandee amazed make the leap from being a
compromised sub 4 meter sedan to offering the experience of a proper
sedan the answer to that is here in the
backseat you see how much room is an offer over here the knee room has
increased further because the veal base is longer by 65 millimeters and this
seat is set to a position where I would be comfortable and look at the amount of
room and that’s not the only thing the room under the seat also is plenty so
you can really push your feet forward and stretch out so even if they were too
tall occupants here sitting back-to-back they would be fairly comfortable also
keep in mind that Headroom has increased by a few millimeters and that aside the
newer maze is wider as well so there’s more shoulder room too now the seats by-and-large generous and
the back is scooped out so you get a good amount of support even for wider
frames the only thing missing here is that the headrest isn’t adjustable this
is a fixed address and the cushioning is a bit soft so getting comfy on that
would be a bit tricky of course it has an armrest with two cupholders uh-huh we haven’t forgotten yes there
are no air convents for the second row of seats but Honda has operated the
compressor for the cooling on both the petrol and the diesel significantly so
much so they say that this can tackle Indian summers easily now and in our
experience it’s not been terribly hot here right now in Bangalore but it has
cooled the cabin quickly and we even haven’t dialed it up all the way up to
get the cabin cool but what seals the experience here in
the back is the right quality now this duo platform is lighter its stiffer
suspension has been completely reworked and the result is go really bad stuff
and you don’t feel it those 15 inch wheels the slightly altered geometry for
the suspension everything helps in soaking up the bumps better and that
just makes this a nice of backseat to be now let’s get to the business seat and while the suspension is capable of
keeping the rough stuff away from you letting you just float over it all at
the same time and IV speeds this fields composed and in terms of its high speed
confidence this feels like a car that’s bigger than for me it’s nice to see that
the details have been taken care of with the Amaze the steering is light at low
speeds raised up a high speeds and lets you know what’s happening at the front
wheels which always makes it nicer to drive over longer distances and gives
you more confidence the only thing you need to get used to is the brake pedal
as the bike comes in only as you push a bit deeper than expected and now the
engines Honda continues to offer the 1.2 liter petrol this is offered with a CVT
transmission or a 5-speed manual we focused on the manual transmission
variant now this engine is fine for calm
commuting in the city if you want something to drive fast or if you plan
to make quick overtakes or travel with a full load of passengers and luggage you
will have to work this gearbox because once you put your foot down hard there
is much but on the upside it feels smoother and
quieter now and talking about noise levels Honda’s 1.5 litre idtech diesel
engine is offered here as well but now it’s starting to feel like a Honda okay
the diesel surprised it’s not loud and gruff anymore
sure it’s not whisper quiet either you know it’s a diesel under the hood but
it’s not for me that is a massive bin especially when you continue to get the
full drivability that you had on offer from this 1.5 id Tech from Honda Honda said they made a whole lot of
changes to the way the block was built the internals of the engine lots of
sound deadening on the bonnet inside the engine bay under the engine bay all of
that and the end result yup this doesn’t feel annoying anymore of course you know it’s diesel under the
hood but the lower levels of noise along with that
excellent gravity that it always had makes this a likeable drivetrain now it’s got the punch on the open roads too
and the new five-speed gearbox is slick to use however top speed remains gapped
to an indicated 145 kilometers an hour even now if you had to recommend a
manual in the Amaze family it would have to be the diesel it can do City duties
just fine it can do highway duties just fine with or without a full load of
passengers and of course it is frugal so what remains the diesel engine with the
CVT gearbox and in terms of noise levels that would be an interesting combination
maybe well let’s see what it’s like what it felt like was deja vu now this it is
a pleasant surprise the refinement levels the NVH the noise vibration
harshness levels like you saw on the manual diesel or much lower and here
with the CVT they don’t feel significantly higher and in fact in
terms of drivability this works very well with this combination if you’re looking for a refined diesel
commuter this would definitely be it because there’s so much talk on offer at
lower rpms even when you put your foot down it doesn’t have to rev up that high
and because there’s so much torque on offer it gets the job done really quick in fact Honda claimed that accelerating
from 4200 kilometers in are the CVT is a few seconds faster than the competition
which would be the desire AMT but there are a couple of shortcomings you do not
miss having a manual gearbox or paddles to control it for the most part this
will do what you want as quickly as you want it to do it the fuel efficiency of
this automatic is lower than the manual by about 3 kilometers per liter 4
importantly the CVT s power is down by 20 PS and torque is down by 40 Newton
meters when compared to the diesel manual of course if you’re looking at
doing a lot of higher usage that’s where this engine would fall a little shot
because in terms of overall power and torque
this is capped at a lower level when compared to the manual transmission
option now if you choose to opt for the diesel CVT keep in mind that it’s only
available the B variant which is one below the overall top-end version which
is the VX and this is to keep the price on the right side of 10 lakh rupees so
what do you miss you don’t get the touchscreen infotainment system no
reversing camera of course the diesel cvd does not get paddle shifters and yes
there’s no use either and that is going to be quite
disappointing for what is likely to be the most expensive amaze you can buy so the Amaze sets new benchmarks in some
areas and scores very high in others basically it can’t be ignored but to
really make a mark it needs to be priced alongside the very capable desire and
not above it so the two key questions the Amaze has answered them quite
clearly for sure this honda deserves to be towards the front of the subform
either back it has everything that it needs in terms of spaciousness the right
comfort the features and definitely the sense of preeminence on the inside along
with that it is very practical with the diesel engine options and of course now
the CVT on offer as well what it lacks a bit is on the petrol front that engine
is just fine facili commuting so if you’re looking for something peppy this
won’t quite cut it and on the second front
the amaze shows quite clearly that honda is taking the right steps towards the
honda one spot

About the Author: Michael Flood


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