2018 Honda CB125R | First Ride | Review

2018 Honda CB125R | First Ride | Review

hi guys nothing to prove here today’s a beautiful day because any day one could be on two wheels is a beautiful day and today I’m on the Honda CB 125 R it’s the baby brother of the other two siblings that were released also this year in 2018 which were brand new the CB 1000 R and the CB 300 R and this is the baby of the baby brother of them all the CB 125 they did a new frame new LCD display new headlights all LEDs all new as you can see it looks feels like a brand new bike but let’s see if this is what an entry level person would would look for I hope you stick around and enjoy the ride alright guys and all the videos that I shoot I like to shoot a ride by to see what the bike looks like when you’re sitting on it I shoot this in 60 frames slowed it down to 24 for your viewing pleasure as you can see right away the bike looks kind of small for me I’m a 180 pounds or 82 kilos 5 foot 9 or 176 centimeters so yeah if you’re bigger than me or my size this bike might be a little too small for you you might want to jump up to a 300 size bike alright guys let me give you a little history or a little background on this bike in 2008 Honda made the CB went CB F 125 and this 125 has been in many many versions for over three decades before so but in 2008 since 2008 this is the Europe’s best selling motorcycles since 2008 the ones the Honda CB 125 then in 2014 Honda CB F 125 they just took the F and moved it to the end instead of before the 125 they moved it after the 125 so it’s called the cb1 25f in 2014 and now in 2018 they’ve changed that F to an R and so as you can see though since 2008 this is the best-selling motorcycle in Europe this is some mighty mighty big shoes Honda needs to fill and with this new styling this this real retro sport naked inspiration if you will I think they’re going to do very very well good job Honda okay guys now it’s time to get up close and personal with the CP 125 are in 4k let’s get into the details and the nitty gritty let me walk around here and let’s right away get into oh yeah look at that that looks gorgeous I love the looks of this bike and this fly get off of there right away I always like talking about the engine it’s a 125cc of course with only 13.3 ponies in that engine and 10.1 Newton meters of torque so for you guys that are on the English system it’s just over seven seven foot-pounds of torque but Honda’s been using this motor for 30-40 years now in some form or fashion so this is basically one of your bulletproof motors you can do just about anything shoot holes on it and it’ll still run know this trellis steel tubular trellis frame is all new and and honda said that this trellis frame was designed to give more feedback to the rider and i don’t know what that’s supposed to mean I did like the feel coming out here the seat height is 816 millimeters which is right at 32 inches for you guys that are still on the English system that’s kind of high for your smaller shorter guy so I imagine you can probably get an aftermarket lowering kit so bring that down a little bit but for me yeah I can flat-footed no problem I’m so but if you’re shorter you might have problems with that seat height 10.1 liter gas tank Honda say that you can get 300 miles on a tank of gas that’s four hundred and eighty kilometres on ten liters Wow okay it’s only a 125 yeah so yeah okay let’s go over to the show us suspension as you can see there it says show uh 41 millimeters there on the front non adjustable and on the rear again Shoah and then where’s the preload it’s it’s on the other side okay now let’s take a look at the Nissen brakes we have the 296 millimeter floating road our rotors single disc there and four piston fixed now I’ve heard some complaints about that I as far as the initial grab the initial bite hmm I didn’t get it I didn’t feel it I thought it was okay it was it was vague for the first split second and then you started to feel it so this is a fixed so you should get more feel out of these four piston fixed instead of verses of floating caliper and then the rear 220 s here single piston again okay now the headlight this is that neo-classical sports looks all LED where they split where they split it and the display is only 23 millimeters thick 23.6 I think to be exact but all the lighting on this bike and everything is all LEDs as you can see and I love to start in the back here oh oh and then I have to check that okay as you guys know I like to start in the back here I’m taking a look here as we do a flyover you can see some of the curves to the bike and we come up to the LED and let me turn that on for you so you have your standard idiot lights at the top you turn signals left-right power ABS neutral but I do like this full LCD screen it is pretty interesting you got your feel time then your rpm going across here your speed how many kilometres on it what gear you’re in side stance is town so it’s pretty good for an entry level bike that is pretty good you have your standard high low beams here your pass horn left right kill switch start pretty uh pretty standard especially on a 125 like this and the mirrors actually work pretty well the mirrors do I was impressed the mirrors only about a quarter of it’s taken up by my armor shoulder the rest of them they what the mirrors worked very very very well with this bike as you can tell I like this bike I am kind of impressed what lo four grand will cost yeah there are other models out there that are a little bit cheaper but they’re all in the bolts same ballpark a little more a little less and it just depends on what styling what feeling and that is one thing I I personally have owned six bikes in my lifetime for of which have been Honda’s so I do know and love Honda’s I don’t currently own a Honda I want a KTM obviously as if you guys have watched some of my videos you know that but my last two reviews I just reviewed last week the CB 1000 are the big brother in this family to this bike and I was impressed with the fit finish and quality and the the security the the secure feeling that you get when riding this bike and that is great on an inch level bike that feeling it’s of confidence-inspiring ability to just save yeah okay we can do this let’s go a little more yeah we can do this let’s go a little bit more that’s what this bike is saying to me so all for all you beginners out there you need to really consider this bike okay that’s the walk around with the handheld let’s let me gear up and let’s get on the bike and see how all of these specifications translate into feel how does the motorcycle feel when you’re riding all right let me give up okay I oh that is a great shot look at that well with the hills in the background there and this bike oh yeah I just can’t resist sorry guys I just love a beautiful thing this is a beautiful bike with a beautiful background that is awesome good job Honda good job on this bike I like it I really really do okay let’s get on the bike I’m all geared up cameras on cameras on and bike is on there we go I’m in neutral let’s put her in gear and let’s try the turning radius on this bike and note that this is a forty degrees rotation only two point three meter circle oh yeah this is so easy wow this is a great bike and and you can blip it there and down that’s all you can yeah I wouldn’t recommend it but you can okay let’s talk about number one the powertrain the engine and transmission again this motor has been around in some fashion for the last 30 40 years in some iteration so the engine is pretty bulletproof you just got to get used to the 13 ponies but that’s the false or the lack of ponies and that’s all you need to get used to with this bike the transmission it’s two or three times I’ve found where it doesn’t find the gear and that is kind of annoying more than anything else is a deal-breaker no you just press on the on the shifter a little bit harder and then it goes into gear I do like the LCD display I like this much much better than on the on the CB 1000 R that was a little too Neel retro this is is all the basics it’s really not bad I like it especially on a bike that’s just over 4 grand this is great yeah you really have to be careful with what gear you’re in on this bike again with only 13 ponies yeah of course you have to be careful with that but she leans right over and does give plenty of confidence and the shift light is coming on but notice I am using a clutch with this I would suggest that with any beginner bike [Music] so the power train thumbs up on a good job it’s it’s exactly as you would expect okay now let’s talk about the chassis the suspension and brakes the chassis is very good for an entry level bike although it’s only a hundred twenty six kilos you really can’t go wrong with that you cannot screw that up if you do you’re really bad and believe me Honda didn’t screw it up but so the suspension is well was well well well hung no problem especially for my weight you know one of my head 82 kilos but then with all my gear I’m probably pushing 90 kilos or 190 895 pounds with all my gear on and backpack with all the camera gear tripod span etc etc so I’m probably pushing a little more weight than what this bike is designed for and but I don’t notice anything wrong with this bike there let’s flip her down a few years flip down to five but down to four flip down to three every go as we hit the speed bumps and the tires 110 on the front so 17 and 150 17s on the rear so so a thumb up again Honda now you’re not gonna get a one and a half or two thumbs on an entry level bike from me you get what you pay for and four four four grant just over 4 grand I think this is 43 ish depending on what you get and collars and all in colors you see the red here then you can get the black the white and the gray uh-uh oh yeah that’s telling me slow down the speed bumps but but I I think I like the red the best to be quite honest with you I in the show room back there they had a the gray and the black although the black looked good too yeah so and on ergonomics again thumbs up Honda so you get a thumb up on all three of the pillars powertrain chassis and ergonomics you hit and it’s part of economics I like to say what is the fit and finish and this is no bones about it this is founda you will not confuse this bike when you’re on it with anything else other than it okay it’s definitely Honda just like the CB 1000 are alright guys I hope you’ve enjoyed the review if you would like to take this particular bike for arrived give the guy’s a call over there at Hanukkah I’ll leave the link in the description below and has had to hit the mark that’s what I want to address I think they have for an entry-level Neel retro Sports Naked 2 thumbs up Honda good job no complaints I for the first time okay the Aprilia Tuono I probably wouldn’t have any complaints on that either but okay but there’s nothing in the price for 42 to 43 44 hundred euros I have no complaints for the first time hmm good job Honda as usual guys ride safe ride like there’s nothing to prove truce

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  1. You are the first person on youtube that I have found that actually takes every country in consideration while doing a review. Planning on buying my first bike next month and this one is probably going to be it. Thank you for the different shots and close up of the dash. Great job on the review! Is it doable on the motorway aswell? Greetings from Belgium. 🙂

  2. First, let me just say that your review is the best and most detailed on this bike that I have found so far; grateful for that! Keep up the great work! I am a total beginner, looking for my first 125cc bike. I am 185cm tall and weigh around 70kg, do you think this rather small bike could still work for me? Thanks again for the great video!

  3. Great review! Keep up the good work!
    PS: Just got this bike today and already love it. It's awesome to ride and sounds quite good for a 125cc bike.
    It really is a great bike.

  4. im thinking between the ktm 125 duke / MT125 yamaha and this CB125R i cant choose … the others has 2more hp but i dont know …. any idea's ? suggestions? great review !!

  5. I have to say, you have taken every research prospect into consideration while making this video, I have a height of 1,72 m and wondered if this bike (which will be my first) will be ideal for my height. You sir have answered my question, thank you and stay safe!

  6. 私もCB125Rのオーナーです。良いバイクですよね^^

  7. How this compares to a 125cc motoroller/moped? Is riding dynamic any different to a 125cc motoroller? Price-wise they are about the same. What are pros/cons of each? Thank you in advance!

  8. I have one of these, done around 1400 miles ( 2240 Km ) They're a nice bike . They look awesome, especially in Honda "Red" ( All Hondas should be RED ! ). If I have one moan , it is that sometimes getting into first gear is hard. Yes, I realise I'm a newbie rider, but I don't remember the training school bikes being quite as difficult (could be senility !). I often have to slightly release the clutch whilst pressing on the peddle with the front brake on. Quickly dip the clutch again to stop the stall. So its not too hard. Otherwise I really like it , apart from a lack of power , but that's ALL 125 cc learner bikes !

    To NothingToProve, I've a different opinion on the mirrors, I found I had to buy some extenders and raisers to get them in a position where I could see much behind me. I'm probably a bit "fatter" !
    The downside is the mirrors now don't look as good . Oh hum !

    I'm 5 foot 10 inches ( 177cm tall ) and about 15 Stone ( 95Kg ) (I'm fat and OLD !) . I didn't find this bike "small" as compared to other 125cc bikes. It felt a lot bigger than my riding schools Honda CG125s (from around 2008 ish )
    It has quite a high seat. I've sat on Triumph with a 900cc engine (The machine of my DREAMS) where the seat was a fair bit lower. I'd say this bike would suit a taller rider. Personally I found the seat height perfect.

    What I did find is that the Mod 1 UK test (that I believe is similar around Europe) moving this bike around the cones for practice was easier on this than the 180 Kg Honda CB600 "big bike" that I took my test on. Now maybe this is a bad thing if you want to practice balancing a heavier bike at slow speeds. Maybe premature Alzheimers means I have a lack of balance, and for most learners this isn't a problem !

    The KTM Duke and MT-125 are both around 147 Kg, so maybe practising the cone slalom and figure of 8 on the UK Mod 1 test is a bit more realistic on these bikes because they're just a little bit heavier than the CB125R.

    You might get a slightly higher top speed on the MT-125 and KTM Duke 125 because at speed its more wind resistance than weight that slows any 125 down, and they both have the maximum of 14.7 BHP instead of the 13BHP of the CB125R. I have managed to get a maximum of 68 MPH (108 KM/H) out of my CB125R on a 70 MPH (112 KM/H) road in the UK . Like all 125s , it took quite a while to get to its maximum speed.

    I don't think any 14.7BHP 125cc bike is really suitable for reasonable 70MPH (112KM/H) dual carriageway riding, the powers that be should really allow a small increase in power, say to about 20 BHP with say a 150cc engine, and possibly a restricted top speed of 75MPH to allow overtaking on dual carriageways. I was often stuck behind a lorry at 55 MPH because I didn't have the power to move out into the overtaking lane.

    I found this bike went slower in sixth gear at speed than it was in 5th gear. Sixth gear seems to be a bit more of an "overdrive" . Probably better fuel economy, but then this thing does 100 or more Miles to the Gallon (35 KM/Litre) . So sixth gear seems a bit pointless to me ! It would be better if they sorted out the stickiness in some of the gears (but that could be me) . I guess the issue is "an extra pointless gear sells the bike on statistics !"

    I like the brakes, anti lock is what sold me on this one over the cheaper ( and less powerful ) Honda CB125F that I nearly bought. As I understand it, you can get anti lock brakes on the MT-125 and Duke 125.
    Don't know if I can comment on the handling, my skill level and experience of other bikes almost certainly means I'm not "qualifed" . This bike handled fine to me, better than the riding school's Honda CG125 from 2008 ish (although they seemed okay).

    Would I get this again or an MT-125 or KTM Duke 125 ? I don't know , I haven't ridden them. I do prefer the look of the Honda, and I think the Honda is still a bit cheaper.
    After passing my test, I'm unlikely to be looking at other 125s anytime soon.

    The clutch compared to the 12 year old riding schools Honda CB600 is amazingly light. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing if you're buying one of these and taking your test on a bigger heavier bike and want the best "big bike" simulation possible.

    One last moan, Honda have swapped around the position of the indicator and horn switch as compared to older Hondas. My riding school bike was about 12 years old. So I'd have to familarise my self every time I swapped bikes. I'm not sure other road users know that I'm turning left or right when I hit the horn button ! One beep for left , two beeps for right , maybe …

    Overall, I've enjoyed my time with this bike, but after passing my test I want either a Triumph Street/Speed Twin , Honda CB650R or maybe Suzuki SV650 . Being OLD , I'll probably get a Triumph that looks like what my Dad had in the 1950s !

    I don't think I'll be buying a 200BHP 1 litre sports bike EVER !

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