2018 Honda CBR650F | First Ride | Review

2018 Honda CBR650F | First Ride | Review

hi guys nothing to prove here today is a beautiful day cuz any day one can be on two wheels is a beautiful day and today I ride the Honda CBR 650f in 2018 Honda updated a few things they updated the motor for more ponies they updated the exhaust I love the looks they updated the Showa Forks they updated the Nissan brake calipers the updated the bodywork based on the 2017 Fireblade looks an awful LED front and rear headlight and tail lights let’s see if that’s enough to keep Honda ahead of the ballgame here I hope you stick around and enjoy the ride are you guys know I like to see what this bike looks like while riding it so let’s do the ride bye and as you can see here it’s a first to left-hander I look about normal size for this bike I’m 5 for 10 176 centimeters about 180 pounds or 82 kilos and this is shot in 60 frames slowed down to 24 for the ride by alright guys now it’s time to get up close and personal in 4k with this bike so let’s switch over to the handheld and let’s take a look at these updates for 2018 let me get around here to the side and to the front and switch over to the handheld okay here we go this is what I like about this I always like talking about the engine first but before we do let’s get into the paint some bug death there but you can get it in red black silver or white are the four colors you can get it in unless you’re lucky enough to be from the US again or North America then you can get into any color you want as long as it’s this color red sorry guys again Honda’s doing that I always hated that when I lived in the States why do you do this well anyway but the motor let’s go drop down to the motor look at this I love this color glistening in the Sun here oh yeah with the black and the ron’s color the this my deep metallic Sparkle I hope that shows up and also the pipes how they glisten with that color from color coding matching to and the motor is right at 90 ponies at 11 grand that’s another gripe I have with this motor your peak horse is at 11 grand and our red lines at around eleven five and it’s like who actually rides a bike at 11 grand on the street come on Honda lower that give us those ponies a little lower down but the torque is at 65 but at eight grand again another problem do you really rev this bike to eight grand in in everyday city street riding no you don’t what what I would like to see Honda is for you to lengthen the stroke of this and lower that peak torque from 8 grand down to 6 grand then I would like this motor a lot better then it’s more suitable for everyday street riding and this was the aim of Honda for this bike they say it’s your everyday bike they say it’s it’s it’s your everyday sport bike that you can ride and I quote seven days a week yeah I don’t know okay let’s go from the engine over to the show of 41 millimeter show us as you can see here it’s the show will dual bending vows basically that show it’s new for 2018 that’s what Showa says they’re giving you cartridge fork inverted fork performance for not the inverted cartridge price that’s what’s show is saying and I do agree it was nice coming out here I did notice it’s it basically that dual venting valve technology means it’s more fluid on the rebound and compression as what it is it’s just a little more fluid and yes I did notice that it was nice and then we go over to the two piston nice on these are also revised for 2018 two piston and it’s one solid block of aluminum that they’ve machined out and it’s two piston on a 320 millimeter rotor there but it’s only two piston but it was excellent the feedback from the initial bite all the way through to where you let off III was impressed it’s it’s right up there with your with your four piston brake feel so thumbs up on the updates here with Honda with the Showa and the end the brakes with the calipers now my complaint though here this rear brake one piston it’s one of the worst brakes I’ve ever felt and I’m saying that with all sincerity I was totally impressed with the front brake rear brake of the 20 bikes that I’ve ridden since I’ve started this channel of the 20 bikes this is literally the worst brake of all 20 bikes the the CB 125 our rear brake was ten times better than this I yeah I don’t understand what happened Honda what did you do to this rear brake 220 mil rotor there okay enough complaining about the brakes and and for me that’s a deal breaker and by the way I love this exhaust I love that exhaust that is cool and the exhaust note since we’re talking about the exhaust let me power it up here [Music] listen to that notes and that’s nice that exhaust note is nice I am impressed with the updated exhaust Thank You Honda for doing that it gives that aggressive that racetrack sound really good okay let’s go around to the front also new in 2018 the LED front headlights I like them it’s good I love this little windshield it gave you just enough protection wind protection to throw it up just off your chest to the helmet and I also like to do the rear this is new 2018 also the LED headlights or taillights sorry I don’t like this though but you know hey you know that’s a given it takes oh I always like to do a flyover see the curves of the bike as you can see there okay as we get up to the display I don’t like how this gets in the way of the dash here of this dual display also oh yeah let’s do this and then it’ll get it out of the way also this is from about 2012 2013 why do we have a display that’s five six years old on a bike that cost 9 grand over 9 grand come on to give us a TFT do something with this give us something for this don’t give us a display that you’ve been making for six plus years ok but you have your RPM there then your your your speed left right hi you can select a set and change your kilo meters trips and so on your your fuel gauge clock what do you guys notice it’s missing here it says I’m in neutral but there is no gear indicator that’s another problem I have with us ok haptics the mirrors do you see about half of what’s behind you the other half is your shoulder or arm but their traditional honda styling eyes lowe’s horn turn signal left right off hazard although I don’t like this how the this is always the horn is first and then turn signal so often we’ll find myself pressing the horn when I want to hit the turn signal over here you have your kill switch and then your start there okay so that’s it it’s very my only complaint Honda for nine Grand give us a new display you do that and give us a better rear brake and I would consider buying this bike no problem I would it’s it’s uh yeah I’ll just leave it at that okay that’s the handheld walk around let me gear up and let’s get on the bike and get on down the road and see how all these new updates translate to the ride and to the rider itself alright let’s go let’s gear up okay the Sun is behind a cloud right now so how does this look in the shade although with the oh that’s nice though you see the little church steeple out there ah alright let’s get on the bike I’m all geared up this is on that’s on everything’s on bikes on let’s get going let’s check out the turning radius showy yeah let’s see the the the clutch is really it doesn’t start to grab going onto the grass here that’s okay turning radius is not the greatest but for this size machine it’s okay okay let’s talk about the three pillars of motorcycling the engine chasse an ergonomics first pillar engine its it’s a split bike motor definitely it doesn’t have real-world torque where you want it down low it does have some torque down low but not enough I want more I want that to come on it’s the the peak torque 65 newton metres @ 6000 rpms not 8,000 because i’m at 4 grand right now and that’s that’s more of a normal righty RPM for a motorcycle it does like the lean over i love this this non inverted fork it’s very very good feedback stable everything you can change a line in a corner no problem I’m impressed and I’m impressed with the updated brake to front brake only the front brake not the rear of course so the motor I give you a thumbs up it’s your standard Honda motor the gearbox is also it’s your standard cassette style close-ratio Honda no complaints thumbs up on powertrain now the chassis the suspension is excellent excellent good job Honda good really really good job I love the chassis the front fork what you did with the rear with the preload it’s really good job then now chassis always has two parts to it the suspension and brakes the front brake well two thumbs for a two piston two thumbs up Honda foot brake good feel good everything see this bike really likes to lean and put the rear brake that’s my first thumbs down I’ve ever given on any motorcycle on the brakes the rear brake no it’s not acceptable to deal-breaker maybe there’s a problem with this rear brake I don’t know I haven’t taken a closer look at it and the ergonomics its honda says you can ride this bike seven days a week and do trips I don’t know if I agree with that so much yeah there’s a Super Duke rider hey that’s a 690 and I don’t know okay I’m 50 over 50 years old so I really don’t care for this this tucked riding position anymore but if you’re 20-something this you’ll like this all day long this riding position because your feet are up a little bit you’re bent forward about 15 degrees and and but but I don’t think you’re gonna have any problems scraping pegs now you might get my it a little bit okay I got a keeper at 70 but economically speaking I wouldn’t want to be on this bike longer than four hours there is Springer already into sixth gear at 3,000 rpms oh this is this is nice now what I wouldn’t what I have noticed on this bike is if you ride it like a normal Street person like a normal sane person this bike is great but as soon as you start to push this bike then you feel then it comes short as soon as you start to write it like like a sport bike then you notice its shortcomings right away no problem you see them right away real quickly alright guys I hope you’ve enjoyed the review if you would like to take this bike for a ride I’ll leave the link for Hunico in the description below give them a call set up an appointment show up in your gear and they’ll let you take off on this bike thank you guys at Hunico also overall would I give this bike two thumbs up no if it were a thousand euros less I would give it a thumbs up but the too many competitors out there in this weight class asking for two grand less the MTO 7 the SV 650 the the ninja 650 thing say wait a minute those aren’t your fully faired ok so then your MTO 7 tracer still a thousand euros less than this the other two bikes are two thousand less than this the only way that I would buy this on there if you’re listening cross plane crankshaft this give it a longer stroke so that those torques come on peak torques is not at 8 grand but at like 6 or 5 grand then I love the sound I love the improvement with the sound that you did with the muffler but given us four more ponies at 11,000 rpm just isn’t real world power on the everyday Street you can’t use it give us that power lower and I’m just talking 5 or 10 percent lower I’m talking 20 30 40 percent lower in the RPM range that’s what I’m talking about ok guys as usual I hope you’ve enjoyed the review and as usual ride safe and ride like there’s nothing to prove Cheers

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