2018 Hyundai H350 Review – Behind the Wheel

2018 Hyundai H350 Review – Behind the Wheel

We’ve spoken before about how big some of our reviews have been How many people you can fit inside how much head, elbow and legroom you have How much trunk space you have with the seats folded up or down Our videographer Vincent and my son Antonio have even been game enough to put themselves in the back just to show how much trunk space you do really have None however hold the candle to this mammoth Hyundai’s H350 Now, to help impart just exactly how big Manny the mammoth’s little brother is over here Here are some quick facts. Things you should know just before setting off Number 1, its width from side mirror to side mirror is just shy of 8 ft Let that sink in for a moment but don’t dwell on it too long because the total height of the vehicle including the air conditioning unit at the back is 9’4.5” inches high which is almost the height of a standard basketball ring and number 3, because of its height it’s categorized as a class 2 on the highway which means if you decided to take a quick trip from Metro Manila to say San Fernando, that trip is gonna cost you 422 pesos 1 way But hey! Since the gross vehicle weight is only 4,100kg It means that you don’t need an extra restriction on your Philippines Driver’s License to be able to take this around Hey, a win’s a win Once you’re in the driver seat It’s hard not to be impressed with the amount of visibility that you have up here For starters, the side mirrors steps out a little bit which gives you a little bit of visibility down the side The A pillars aren’t as wide as you’d think well, for the car of this size And finally, the windshield this thing is absolutely massive Ever seen Jurassic World? That scene where everybody’s looking at the Mosasaurus through a big pane of glass? Yeah! Other features include daytime running lights Driver side airbag, a pretty cool mid-door retracting step and rear grab rails to aid passengers upon entry and exit Let’s face facts, if you get yourself one of these more often than not you’re gonna be riding in it rather than driving it right? The standard seating configuration is, well, like a small plane heading for Boracay with an air conditioning strong enough to rival even the heat on Main Beach you’ve got 12 seats here in the back, 2 upfront You’ve got window seats, you’ve got aisle seats you’ve got seats that can even recline that much Yet still have enough room for the passenger in the back to be extremely comfortable Plus you got overhead compartments And talking about the interior space that ceiling is 6ft 4 Inches high which means that even the PBA’s pundit Dominic Uy could stand straight up to this cabin and not have to bend his head and that’s a pretty big dude Last but not the least, rear doors that open wide enough that you could just about squeeze a Hyundai Eon through You’d think that this 2.5L 6-speed manual transmission Euro 5 Diesel Engine would be a bit underpowered for a car of this size supposed to carry that many passengers But you’d be wrong See, I actually put 6 passengers in here and loaded the cargo with enough weight to compensate for those missing passengers Now granted it’s not as if I went to Baguio or anything like that But when I did go around I didn’t feel like I was left wanting for more power. It’s pretty good You’re equipped with only the very basics of being able to manipulate your driving position and the steering wheel can well it can only tilt However I have found that driving it in the city Its actually very easy and very maneuverable One thing though I do have to mention is that when you first take it out, when you see power line and trees You might find yourself bobbing for apple so to speak and crouching down to avoid them because you’re not used to the sheer size hoping that the van shrinks with you as well But like all things, that feeling will fade The antenna and horn are forgivable but they are a bit on the tiny side Now with the antenna, I don’t necessarily mean that need to have one of those boomerang antennas that you could find on the limousines of that past, no, nothing that big or maybe perhaps a satellite dish, the van is big enough No no, just something a little bit more rigid and the horn well that’s something else that needs a little help You’d expect something of this size to have a horn that says something more along the lines of “Coming through” not something that is trying to be invisible while passing through in front of the television going “Excuse me po” I know, I’m pretty, you know guilty of doing such things but you know just something a little beefier Kidding aside however, it’s sadly is not equipped with a rear camera and that in a car this big should be a standard The commercial applications are obviously there Used as a delivery vehicle in Europe why then as a passenger vehicle in the Philippines? 2 possible answers Number 1 – family. As Filipinos we’re known to have our families grow bigger and bigger If not our immediate family then you must admit that our extended family grows exponentially The second might be, traffic? Last year alone, Metro Manila lost 3 Billion Pesos in traffic on a daily basis That’s billion with a B converting this to a mobile office could possibly save you an unnumbered amount time and energy and money At P2,728,000 the H350 gives the buying public a, an option and options are always good

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  1. I think this guy is my favourite car reviewer in Philippines. Good job Sir. 😁
    You could be the Jeremy Clarkson of the Philippines

  2. I really like the ac location on the back…….why cant toyota glx immitate where the ac locations are with this car……

  3. 170hp is under power esp if you put 14 passengers in it, in a flat highway or road yes it is doable, but put a hill on it and you be struggling to go forward, lets use Baguio as an example, this H350 will have a hard time climbing with 14 passengers inside and don't forget to turn off the air conditioner while climbing so the car won't over heat, but for a small family of 6 this is a perfect vacation vehicle, I bough one 2018 model and it was very spacious for 6 of us, so far I put around 19,000 km on it and still running strong like brand new.

  4. We are planning to buy this and convert it into a campervan and travel around Philippines. But is a campervan allowed in our country??

  5. Why not measure it in meters? Amerkano ka ba? Alam mo naman na lahat ng sasakyan dito sa Pilipinas meters and millimeters ang sukatan eh, ang hirap tuloy magcompare sa mga ibang malalaking van.

  6. It's a normal van, not big. Same as a Mercedes (Foton) sprinter and Renault master or Citroen Jumper L3H3 So normal car. BUT Because the Philippines did buy the last 40 years the left over from Japan, China. This Normal car looks big. O and we are at EURO 6 Temp.. I see at your channel, "new cars" but with euro 4? E4 is 2005 – 2009 So again old smelly cars. And The Philippines is already so terrible dirty to much Pollutions.

  7. A little bit late, pero nice review by the way. Darating na yung counter part from Ford, kaya for sure abangan ko dito Sir ang Review mo..πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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